Espiner scathing of National

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And still the criticism of National pours forth.

I’m tempted to post this whole piece by Colin Espiner entitled “There is a tide…”, there are some great lines in it.

Essentially he points out that while the government’s riding high after successfully rolling out one of the most complex and significant pieces of policy of the last eight years, National can’t even get the basics right, and looks deceptive to boot.

And so the dam has burst. After months of shoring up its policy and its ideas from public hearing, National’s dyke has sprung a leak…

Last week we learned more about what National plans to do if it becomes the Government next year than in all the rest of the months of this year put together…

National now has a problem. Lately it has looked like a Centre-Right party pretending to be a centrist one. In so doing, it has become almost afraid to say what it really thinks, because it is worried voters won’t like it…

John Key is on record as saying he has no interest in leading a one-term government. There is no surer way of doing so than deceiving the public. It’s time National held a conversation with the country and explained its ideas…

2 comments on “Espiner scathing of National”

  1. Robert Owen 1

    roll on the next poll

  2. ak 2

    Amen. Isn’t there a lovely whiff of spring in the air – the birds are singing, lambs frolicking… go on spoil yourselves, take some time off and read the reams of anti-tory comments on the Herald site. Thank God for kiwis’ long memories and their basic common sense in finally seeing through these selfish pessimistic tory morons.

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