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What keeps our governmental ‘Dream Team’ of Bill Key and his sidekick Johnny English so busy that they can’t comment on anything to do with their government (like why growth is even lower than forecast at the height of the financial crisis or why debt is growing beyond Treasury expectations); but not too busy, so that if there’s anything about Labour to comment on they’re out of the blocks faster than Usain Bolt?

It’s obviously not a plan for the economy, but maybe it’s working out how to draft releases like the National Infrastructure Plan when there’s absolutely no plan to go into them, and hope nobody notices?

10 comments on “Ever wondered..?”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Simple matter of priorities I suspect – theirs is attacking Labour, not governing NZ for New Zealanders.

  2. Peter 2

    They also forget to comment on 800 extra jobs a week for the next four years ……

  3. Bunji 3

    Hilarious their getting caught out by the NBR announcing…



    (time to open those Roads of National Significance again boys…)

    • marsman 3.1

      Roads of National Party Significance.

      • Craig Glen Eden 3.1.1

        Well when your long term plan is to sell your countries assets to your mates all you have to do is get ready to sell those assets by softening up easily lead Journos with” we are borrowing three hundred million a week” lines and diversion of any actually policy or its effects based in reality.

        Final piece to plan is get some chump, create a positive narrative around him and as long as he is happy playing PM and rubbing shoulders with other nob’s its a ll good.

        Sadly easily lead journo’s are plentiful in Gods own and finding a chump in the National Party was like sparing fish in a barrel.

        Move over Justin Bieber Shonkey’s coming through. Oh shit that will be his next thing Justin’s coming to stay at Johns house!

  4. Starkly put. Well put.

    National’s lack of a plan for the economy is the troubling thing from a NZ Inc perspective. I am looking forward to seeing the full detail of our (Labour’s) plan. It will be good to be campaigning on the strength of a real and full vision for the economy – and will present a strong contrast with National’s borrow and hope ‘strategy’.

    • Sean 4.1

      Looking forward to the Labour policy on this David. We do need an alternative to whatever Bill English thinks he is doing.

    • KJT 4.2

      They do have a plan.

      Continue the transfer of New Zealand’s wealth to themselves and offshore corporates started by Labour/(The first ACT Government) in 1984.

      Anything else they do is just smoke and mirrors designed to distract us for long enough to complete the plan.

      Then they will probably throw the next election, so we can build up the assets again for them to have another go.

      It is dangerous to underestimate them, or the power of the moneyed interests they are puppets for.

  5. Sean 5

    Ever Wondered…?

    Nope, I just assumed it was because they were crap, and wanted to pretend they were back in opposition when all they really needed to do was turn up in a suit and blame everything and anything onto the last government.

    But now mention it you have me wondering, I think it might be because they have a ‘plan’, because there is no way the National party could have screwed the country up so bad by accident. And they are desperate that no one notices ‘the plan’. This is most likely because the plan involves throwing Hobbits into Mount Doom, or driving New Zealanders to Australia. One, or the other, or both.

    • bbfloyd 5.1

      Key’s written a letter outlining their “plan to his (apparent) loyal constituents. I’ve typed it out verbatim on open mike if you want to look. make sure you empty your wastepaper basket first. (easier to clean later).

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