Failure by the numbers 2

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Number of recorded offences in the 2008 calander year: 431,383
Number of recorded offences in the 2009 calander year: 451,405

Number of unsolved crimes in Judith Collin’s first year as minister: 235,787, up 5,000

Number of cars crushed: 0

17 comments on “Failure by the numbers 2”

  1. That is cruel. Since when has rhetoric matched reality?

  2. zimmer 2

    No doubt the increase was by Labour voters who are protesting at the election of a National Govt.

  3. Herodotus 3

    So under Nat resolved crime increased from 52.5% to 52.2%, there is some great improvement occurring from a govt that listens !!!
    Nice to see that you have a toss of a coin to see if an offense can get resolved.
    One question Marty what does “resolved” actually mean, say lasts week case in Chch a disqualified driver, runs, crashes etc, how many “recorded offenses” are recorded?
    Also do not some crimes have 100% resolved e.g. D.I.C. there are no unresolved cases? So all we need to do is increase Drunk Drivers and we increase this stat, a conspiracy case decrease blood alchole level and ping increasing nos. Makes a govt look great as the resolution % increase, so does the recorded offences.

    • Sam 3.1

      Off the internet and back to school with you young one, you clearly need to pay more attention in english – reading comprehension is clearly not your strong point.

      Go on, off you go. Here’s $5 for lunch.

      • Herodotus 3.1.1

        Sam I think you miss the point, the “headline failure by the numbers” can be read as with these numbers things are on the improve. Just because someone else can spin the same numbers and prove the other side of the case no need to display signs of nastiness.
        And as I asked and no one has replied what is defined as resolved or just to humour Sam unresolved?
        Perhaps you should keep this kind offer of $5 and spend it wisely.
        I was on the recieving end of 3 burglaries within a 10 day period, as was the 3 neighbouring houses. Police visited 3 times to all of us yet out of the 11 events (One house was only burgled 2) there were only 4 police reports, until we all complained then were told that these seperate cases were consolidated. p.s. The police caught those responsible and were convicted of 3 charges. So do these and another 20 “events” (within the nieghbourhood on the same 3 days) that were believed committed by this group count as 3 (convictions) or the greater number as police belive they have caught the perpetrators. Statists are so easily manipulated to justify an agruement. Then when you dig deeper the apples are being compared to the pears.

        • Rex Widerstrom

          Just because someone else can spin the same numbers and prove the other side of the case

          Leaving aside that no one’s spin proves anything, you’re right about these figures being able to be read any way you want.

          When I first saw them I thought the point of the post wasn’t going to be just Collins’ failure but the fact that these figures can be used to say:

          “We* toughened bail. We toughened parole. We leaned on the judiciary for longer sentences, and to a great extent got our way. We sent the Chief Justice to Coventry when she dared suggest we were wrong. We introduced ‘three strikes’. We increased police numbers…

          And you lawless bastards are still indulging in a crime wave!!!

          Therefore with sorrow more than anger, we have no choice but to announce the introduction of hanging / mind control chips / roadside executions of speeding drivers / shoot-on-sight orders for anyone poor or brown / rattan caning of litterbugs / whatever half-assed hare-brained idea Garth McVicar told us at his conference last week”.

          [* “We” being politicians, not National or Labour, one having merely taken up where the other left off].

  4. exbrethren 4

    This is a totally unfair article. You are not judging Judith by the targets she has set for herself as a minister.

    The number of times she has grabbed the headlines with substanceless policies is countless, for a self-serving publicist this is a complete success.

  5. BLiP 5

    Where are the headlines about the crime swamping our nation?

    • bbfloyd 5.1

      blip…they are buried within the herald archives so deep they will never see the light of day. they can’t afford us to know the extent of their duplicity with the national party.

      god help them if the voting public were able to make INFORMED decisions.

  6. tc 6

    Plenty of extra kgs onboard via bellamys and general troughing, several trips overseas with partner at taxpayers expense (rubbing the PM’s nose in his ineffective guidelines also) and as mentioned plenty of ‘grabbing the headlines with substanceless policies ‘ and still ahead of Basher Bennett in the ‘most likely to breath fire and eat children’ polls.

    An unqualified success in Jude’s self serving world.

  7. jbanks 7

    Someone needs to have a wee word with this MARTY G FUNK ERA chap about the difference between correlation and causation.

  8. smhead 8

    Good to see people bothering to report crime now. The car crushing legislation wasn’t passed until October 2009, so not a surprise that no cars were crushed in 2009. Oh and labour supported that legislation.

  9. Bored 9

    Number of cars crushed: 0. Then why does she not just get out there and sit on a few?

    • smhead 9.1

      classy, real classy. Don’t think collins is heavier than king.

      • Bored 9.1.1

        Its the positive affirmative action that counts, not the weight, little Heather would have jumped up and down and stamped her little feet. Wodders would have danced all over the bonnet and roof….a protestor in Chch showed Jonkey how it was done but he does not appear to have passed the hint onto Crusher.

  10. Loota 10

    As the Govt’s poverty increasing programmes take effect, you can expect all these crime numbers to continue going the wrong way.

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