Fear and loathing in Mt Roskill

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What is it about National? In a general election at a National level their propaganda is superb but give them a by election and rely on one of their minions and their PR sucks.

Just think of all the by elections over the past 8 years. There was Mt Albert where in a moment of insanity Melissa Lee said that a new motorway would mean that criminals from South Auckland would be able to visit Mt Albert. There was a problem in that the new motorway would mean that people travelling from South Auckland would bypass Mt Albert but details, details …

The by election resulted in a convincing win to David Shearer even though at the time Labour was polling poorly.

This month we have had the Mt Roskill equivalent. On Wednesday night there was a debate between Michael Wood, Labour’s candidate and Parmjeet Parmar the National candidate.

It appears that the meeting descended into chaos. Parmar’s husband and others seated at the front chose to needle Woods about his wife Julie Fairley. She is a member of the Puketapapa Local Board and the former chair and a wonderful person. You just have to witness the work she has done in the area to realise that she is an outstanding talent.

And she was not even there.  To attack the spouse of a candidate at a public meeting is appalling.

Michael Wood responded. As he should. All strength to him. Argue the merits and the policies but please leave family members out.

And there are so many important issues to discuss. Issues such as childhood poverty and the homeless crisis and the disintegration of the social infrastructure.  Insulting a candidate’s wife instead shows how morally bankrupt the local National Party is.

The right claim that Wood abused and manhandled Parmjeet’s husband Ravinder Parmar after the meeting.  Wood denies the manhandling but agrees that he addressed Ravinder in a very direct way.  And Richard Harman, who was at the meeting, agrees.

The Herald have chosen to make the manhandling allegation.  Shame they did not have any reporter at the meeting.  And I look forward to the retraction as the video shows that the the claim was, shall we say, inaccurate.

And in an interesting development the Police have confirmed that they had to escort Mr Parmar from the meeting.

The right’s handling of the issue is pathetic. Imagine insulting a candidate’s wife and then complaining when the candidate responds in no uncertain words.  And running a line that there was an assault when the video clearly shows there was not.

I have known Michael Wood for many years and a more gentle ethical person you could not hope to meet. To rile him up takes a great deal.  To then try and use this for political advantage is morally bankrupt.

National is trying to say that because Wood became upset he is not ready for Parliament. Obviously we do not need human beings in Parliament, only soulless automatons who do not respond if their loved ones are attacked without cause.

Time for National to forget the negative campaigning and talk to the good people of Mount Roskill about the issues that really matter.

68 comments on “Fear and loathing in Mt Roskill”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    When the National Party pours poison in the well, you can ask them politely to stop, which doesn’t work, or you can stop them. Good on Michael Wood for using the minimal force that he did.

    • mosa 1.1

      Gerry Brownlee did not use minimal force when he pushed that protester down the stairs at an election meeting some years back.

      That was reported as”” Brownlee takes charge and Brownlee” sorts out troublemaker”.

      One rule for the National party and something quite different for everyone else.

      But then they have always had an excuse for taking the law in to their own hands.

      Even if there is a retraction the damage has been done and these deplorable people know it.

      The 2017 campaign will be a doozy.

    • Red Hand 1.2

      He could have waited and delivered a stronger, more intimate message.

  2. ImprudentlyWritten 2

    Regarding the police, the most recent Newshub article has walked back on that.

    Police told Newshub an Indian man was escorted out of the building afterwards, but it wasn’t Mr Parmar.


    [Thanks. Post updated – MS]

  3. Richard Rawshark 3

    No, you know what, i’m past that.

    They have attacked denigrated and made up lies, used dirty politics since ..god knows, it’s been going on so long. I watch Parliamentary TV, you all say nothing(mp’s) trying to take the high road, and they just get worse..

    They got away with DP, turned it around and are so fucking cocky they think they with their media patsy wankers can carry on and do anything.

    If there is many more like me out there, i’m ready to make the US riots look like a Sunday school outing, when my NANA gets drugged up on sedatives,. and the dementia unit medicates her for diabetes and she doesn’t have it., .you can fucking well bet i’m way past peaceful kumbaya songs, with john Key and hios completely fucked up gummint.

    Every day I drive past the National party office in Tokoroa, lucky for her it’s NEVER open.


    Growl me, tell me to swim in my calm pool. But hey that’s more of a piece so you may just get the idea how angry with built up frustration, the average person suffering is really getting.

    This country will go off soon in a big way, and no one will see it coming because they are all too busy looking at the value of their god damned real estate.

    While the homeless get crushed in a recycling truck or found dead in parks.

    Do the real MP’s here NOT get it?

    [lprent: I certainly won’t tell you to swim in the calm pool, I’m more direct than that. Banned for 3 weeks. You do NOT use this site to advocate actions that are unlawful. BTW: I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt simply because you have been trying pretty hard not to get banned recently. ]

    • Molly 3.1

      “But hey that’s more of a piece so you may just get the idea how angry with built up frustration”

      I understand your anger Richard. For all I know, It may be necessary for you to keep going, but for your own sake – find a better way to manifest your frustration.

      When I read your threats of violence towards others, I can’t read anymore even if I agree with your source of anger.

      Please don’t allow that anger to change you so that become that which you despise.

      Find those in your life that deal with hardship with fortitude and grace, and be around others like that. Take care of your Nana, take care of yourself. Kia kaha, Richard.

  4. halfcrown 4

    ” And I look forward to the retraction as the video shows that the the claim was, shall we say, inaccurate.”

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that pathetic excuse for shithouse paper to apologise, we are STILL waiting for an apology for the lies they wrote about David Cunliffe.

  5. Rob 5

    and the sound of bully boy tactics by Jamie Lee and spouse writing to people to get his wife onto a board in Auckland council and then spitting the dummy and quits and then takes out an add in a newspaper to attack the person that got the job. just goes to show the right feel entitled not anybody else.just filthy waste of skin the lot of them.

    • Irascible 5.1

      The political suicide note being written for the National party front organisation in Howick is the action of individuals who have over-reached themselves. The revelations from Collings, Bungard, (ex Board member) Udy, and Donald that much of the toxicity has been the result of constant interference in the activities and decision making by JLR appear to indicate where the blame lies.

  6. greywarshark 6

    National is trying to say that because Wood became upset he is not ready for Parliament. Obviously we do not need human beings in Parliament, only soulless automatons who do not respond if their loved ones are attacked without cause.

    Anyone ever listened to Parliament and all the rational discussion and explanation coming from National? They are upset whenever a searching question is asked.
    Obviously they are not ready for Parliament themselves. And haven’t been for decades. National cannot and will not do their job responsibly and transparently when in government. Sly game playing, manipulation and corruption they can do. I have heard that the Indian government is quite corrupt. Is that true?

    • locus 6.1

      What’s the Indian government got to do with this? Am I wrong in reading racism into your comment?

      • greywarshark 6.1.1

        Hah I knew that I would it was likely I would get a kneejerk reaction like yours. Actually you are the racist one, seeing racism in my query about corruption in Indian politics. Why don’t you do some research on google about it and get informed. Follow up the query instead of your pathetic attempt to deflect analysis and understanding.

        • locus

          I know there is corruption in Indian politics. The person this post is referring to is in NZ politics. There is corruption in NZ politics too, so why didn’t you refer to that?

          Why did you choose to mention corruption in the Indian government?

          And please explain why you think it’think it’s okay to say I’m racist? I find that a particularly offensive and personal statement

          • greywarshark

            Sorry you are so sensitive. I am very sensitive too and question why you should find fault with my comment. Your approach is offensive to me.

    • Bob 6.2

      All Govt is Corrupt in a manner of Speaking, it’s called Nepitism, it’s unfortunate that today we are manipulated by media in such a way.
      Increase the Education budget please!!
      That’s where it all begins in my mind anyway.
      Knowledge is power, it’s just the Greedy who have decided to turn it into money!
      Bring back John Lennon !!!!

  7. Michael 7

    [lprent: For being a misogynist fuckwit and advocating an unlawful act, banned for 6 weeks. ]

  8. Gangnam Style 8

    “In a general election at a National level their propaganda is superb but give them a by election and rely on one of their minions and their PR sucks.” – During the last couple general elections the National Ministers basically have gagging orders, no one can find them! & no wonder.

  9. james 9

    Actually – Im with the majority of you guys on this.

    There were some people who clearly said that they were there and say the “man handling”.

    Well – its bullshit – the video clearly shows that.

    They should be made to be held to account for this.

    Their is politics – and there is ***king around with a persons name, reputation and his livelihood.

    Not blimmin on. And if they are National people – so be it.

    • mickysavage 9.1

      And if they are National people then National should apologise.

      Honest if Michael Wood was this worked up by what happened then it was pretty extreme. Engaging in this level of bad behaviour and then trying to make political advantage from it sucks at so many levels.

      • james 9.1.1

        I 1/2 agre – if they were National party officials etc – they should applogise (the party that is).

        If they are just members – then no. The party cannot be held to account for all its members – sadly (on all sides) there are idiots.

  10. Observer Tokoroa 10

    . Are some [people] so depraved that they attack a man’s wife at a political meeting ?

    Yes, they may have been told by the National Party Caucus and The Maori Party to do it.

    But […] all residents in New Zealand should know that civilised people do not degrade a wife and mother .

    [Making insinuations about specific ethnicities not being “civilised” is not conducive to good discussion. – Stephanie]

    • James 10.1

      *may have been told*. Really ? I doubt that a lot. That’s just your bias showing. What was said would have been all them – and they should own it.

    • Observer Tokoroa 10.2

      . Hi James

      . As a supporter of the National Party you would be aware that the PM has a secret group set up to rubbish and destroy opponents. It has been very effective but grossly wrong.

      I am not going to mention names or ethnicities because Stephanie does not want specifics.

      It is part of the PMs and his supporters legacy.

      . Regards OT

      • Bob 10.2.1

        Mostly all young Gnats, with well heeled parents.
        They hold no mercy when abusing others who disagree, I’ve been called a Communist on many occasions.
        Really this younger generation need to learn to communicate properly & not use bullying tactics or passive aggressive behaviour as it suits them.
        They have no Compassion.
        I pity the children that these people produce in years to come.
        Maybe “Agent Orange” will have done it all for us by then

        I wonder if they have or have ever had the patience to listen to Leonard Cohen?

  11. Gerald 11

    No surprise at the tactics of National, Trump would have modeled his campaign on their tacticts. Only difference being that Trump is more honest.

  12. BM 12

    What was the actual insult that got Woods so bent out of shape.?

    From what I read here, mentioning that his partner is on the local board isn’t really worth losing control over.


    If there isn’t more to this, then the only conclusion I can come up with is that Woods has anger issues and doesn’t have the personal control to be in politics.

    • Muttonbird 12.1

      It’s Wood.

    • Sacha 12.2

      That’s exactly what Parmar and her thuggish associates want you to think – she said so herself. Disgusting.

      • BM 12.2.1

        What was disgusting?

        • Sacha

          The behaviour and the smear. Desperate stuff.

          • BM

            Can you elaborate on what the smear was?.

            Shouting out your wife is on the Board doesn’t seem particularly offensive to me.

            • Sacha

              The smear is claiming Wood has anger issues. The insult has not been repeated, but it’s not likely to be ‘hey, your wife chairs the council’s local board for the area’ is it?

              Anonymous Nat fanbois on TradeMe using coordinated party lines like ‘Angry Andy’ is not evidence of anything. Maybe they were written by the liar who claimed Wood had grabbed that poor Mr Parmar from behind and bodily spun his innocent hard-working self around to face a torrent of abuse?

              Oh, there’s a tape, you say ..?

            • Chuck

              No idea what was said at the Mt Roskill meeting, however this is one of the reasons bad blood exists between the families…

              – National’s List MP Parmjeet Parmar accused Mr Wood’s partner Julie Fairey of trying to ban Ms Parmar from citizenship ceremonies.

              – Ms Fairey, the chair of the Puketapapa board, claimed only electorate MPs could attend as part of the official party not locally based List MPs.

              – Ms Fairey retracted after she was told the ceremonies were public and anybody could attend.

              Seems Ms Fairey was being pretty nasty on that occasion.

              • Sacha

                How do you get ‘nasty’ from that? Badly-informed perhaps. Wrong, certainly.

              • BM

                That’s a bit rank, poor form by Fairey, you would have thought she’d check first before trying to ban someone.

              • Cinny

                Chuck are you saying Parmar is on a revenge attack wanting to bring down Wood because she initially was asked not to attend an event to help grandstand her political career by Woods wife???

                • Chuck

                  They are both involved in a by election, Ms Fairy and Mr Wood seem to have fired the first missile in trying to ban Dr Parmar from attending citizenship ceremonies.

                  You do know that Michael Wood was also on the Puketapapa community board (and was attending the ceremonies), Ms Fairy by trying to ban Dr Parmar from attending the same ceremonies could be construed as giving her husband a helping hand.

                  The only grandstanding was Ms Fairy…and she was found out.

                  “Ms Fairey, the chair of the Puketapapa board, claimed only electorate MPs could attend as part of the official party not locally based List MPs.”

                  “That effectively meant only Labour MPs could attend”


              • dukeofurl

                Anybody can attend and sit with the audience. She wanted to be ‘on the stage’ with the officials which is where the line was drawn.
                Its like Key said about the OIA, when it suits our purposes we dont give our opponents any advantage. ( which is actually illegal- but he gets a free pass)

                • Sacha

                  And I recall reading at the time that was precisely the advice the local board chair received from council staff. Maybe the relevant regulations had not been updated for MMP, so only mention electorate MPs?

                  • Chuck

                    “Maybe the relevant regulations had not been updated for MMP, so only mention electorate MPs?”

                    NZ voted to replace FPP with MMP back in 1993. I am sure since then we have had list MP’s attending citizenship ceremonies as part of the official party.

                • Chuck

                  “Anybody can attend and sit with the audience”

                  Yes that’s my understanding as well.

                  “Its like Key said about the OIA, when it suits our purposes we dont give our opponents any advantage.”

                  Which says Ms Fairey is front and centre in the bi election for Mt Roskill, helping her husband anyway she can. So she is not a innocent bystander in this saga.

                  • Cinny

                    Turns out the husband of Parmar is no innocent either, turns out he is an OUT RIGHT LIAR, can’t see how that would be helpful.

                    As for Wood and his wife, it appear that neither of them told any lies. And wanting to be on stage for the citizenship ceremony when one is not part of any board that is involved in the event is typical politician grandstanding, Nick Smith does it around nelson all the time. Wood was also on the board you say… well he had every right to be on the stage as did his wife, that’s not grandstanding.

                    But at the Mt Roskill debate Parmars husband, as well as the Nat that stood in the middle of it, and the ‘witnesses’ giving accounts of a headlock etc all of them are LIARS. LIARS are the blue team in Mt Roskill.

                    Nothing worse than a LIAR, lies perpetuated by an unreliable media whom should have done a better job of investigating before reporting on it.

              • Gabby

                So you agree that Parmjeet Parmar has a bit of a history of fibbing?

    • BM 12.3

      That link above doesn’t work

      I was at the Mt Roskill debate. Michael Wood has a short fuse & a very foul mouth. What was said by one of the men about Wood’s wife, is fact.
      Someone called out, “your wife is on the Board”, meaning the Mt Roskill Board. This is what Wood objected to.


      • Cinny 12.3.1

        Have to log into Trade Me to read your link BM. I don’t use the Trade Me.

        You know what’s disgusting? The account of events involves a number of lies from the blue team.


        As none of us were there, we did not know what was said, neither does Parmar as she said she was not there either. So we rely on information from others, information that has been untruthful on Friday and pushed by the media. Lies discovered after yesterdays video of what really went on.

        Sorry BM, but how do we know that was said, who is claiming to have heard it, which row were they sitting in, which candidate do they identify with????

        In this instance, Wood has been honest and Parmars team have been a bunch of liars. So unless there is any audio of exactly what the husband said, how can any of us have an opinion?

        Sick of the lies from National, can’t believe a word they say.

        • BM

          Why doesn’t Wood state what got him so bent out of shape?, he got a bit of a free ride there by Duncan Donuts.

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            If that’s a free ride what do you call the unquestioning partisan publication of the National Party’s dirty lies?

          • dukeofurl

            When the national party property developer who lied to the media there was manhandling when the video showed there wasnt, and Woods version was correct.
            Thats not a free ride.

          • Cinny

            Why lie? No lies from Wood, and if he had stated exactly what he said would Parmars lying husband dispute and embellish it, then the media print it without investigation?

          • Gabby

            So he should be obliged to repeat a slander.

      • Gabby 12.3.2

        Is that Graham Collins?

  13. Nick 13

    Bm is pathetic

  14. Anne 14

    Just to temporarily lighten the tone:

    Many years ago I attended a LP conference in the Wellington Town Hall. A delegate who was known to have a passionate desire to become an MP appeared seated on the stage among the caucus and leader during a formal session. There were whispered murmurings to the effect… what’s so and so doing up there? Following a short break, business was resumed but this time there was no sign of the caucus and the ambitious delegate was left sitting largely alone and exposed.

    I have no idea whether the caucus absence was deliberate but it had the desired effect. The delegate was not seen again on the stage for the remainder of the conference.

  15. Scott 15

    It is hard to know what to make from the video. But such that it is, it doesn’t reflect well on either of them.

    • Invisible Axe 15.1

      Standing up for your wife, reflects well in my book. Whereas slagging off someones wife, not so much. And then lying about being ‘manhandled’ afterwards? & it turns out Wood was not lying about it? Yeah take from that what you will.

    • Draco T Bastard 15.2

      I suggest you open your eyes when you watch it.

  16. JustMe 16

    I suggest we all thank Parmjeet Parmar’s husband for showing to New Zealanders what is so obviously wrong with the National Party.
    For them to resort, even at a debate like the recent one, to needle Michael Wood about his wife who wasn’t even at the meeting shows the level of depravity that entire National Party has demeaned itself into.
    And so I thank Mr Parmar for this. His words and his actions reflect negatively back upon the very political party he is a member of.
    If this is how low a political party like Naitonal can demean self to then well done. Keep up doing that and you may as well sign your death warrant.
    Unfortunately such NZ media organisations like the NZ Herald have over time and perhaps through a huge level of bullying become the ‘mouth-pieces of the National government’. I now read the NZ Herald with a much bigger level of cynicism than ever before. Once the NZ Herald had my respect. But because of its lack of voice when it comes to criticising the Key government I now view it as a tabloid for the National Party. It’s journalists claim to write articles but they may as well have been written by John Key and signed off by say Audrey Young.
    The truly funny thing about the Key government is they just don’t like being criticised. It’s something they just cannot handle. And when criticised they resort to denial and blame games. The charade of blaming a previous government has gone well past its ‘Best Before date’. But the Key government wheel this out every so often. I am sure Parmjeet Parmar does this to the point of nausea. But it’s a National Party tactic and something that makes them feel some level of ‘upmanship’ when they are caught in a corner of their own making.

    • Draco T Bastard 16.1

      The truly funny thing about the Key government is they just don’t like being criticised. It’s something they just cannot handle.

      That seems to be part and parcel of conservatives – especially those in powerful positions.

  17. Kate L 17

    Lest we forget the polling in the US. Action please all Labour in Roskill!

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