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Feed the Kids

Written By: - Date published: 4:16 pm, March 17th, 2015 - 45 comments
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45 comments on “Feed the Kids ”

  1. fisiani 1

    90% of schoolchildren go wiithout a lunch said Metiria Turei.
    No credibility

    • Hateatea 1.1

      Link to Metiria Turei’s assertion that 90% of all school children have no lunch, please? Thank you 🙂

      • weka 1.1.1

        ooops, just saw your post, link below showing Fisiani is lying.

      • saveNZ 1.1.2

        I hope all the politicians show some sense of humanity and vote this through.

        No child, even if their parents are Sky City gambling, pokie playing, Slater sponsored tobacco smoking, Katherine Rich Coca-cola touting, zero hour contract workers, should go to school without any lunch.

        Yep, could be parents fault, but it is not the child’s fault.

        Could actually be partly societies fault and the companies listed above and the growing trend of not giving workers guaranteed fixed hours are not helping.

        In a country that grows so much food, to have 15% not getting any lunch is not acceptable.

        So hopefully politicians can actually be mature and vote to do something about it.

    • weka 1.2

      telling lies already, fisiani? No credibility.

      “I meant to say that Kidscan says about 23% on average and up to 90% of the kids in the schools it works with need lunch every day – not 90% of kids in all schools.”


      But you’re ok with the 23% average, right?

      • infused 1.2.1

        The fact she fucked up a stat like that speaks volumes. How could you read that out and not go wtf?

        • freedom

          Hey infused, what is 15% of $1.29 ?

        • weka

          She didn’t fuck it up, the original makes sense too (freedom posted below).

          Will he at least commit to his Government working with cross-party agreement to provide food in schools, given that KidsCan says that 23 percent, on average, and up to 90 percent of kids in schools are going without lunch every day?

          Sorry you can’t understand English.

          Feed the Kids

        • weka

          “The fact she fucked up a stat like that speaks volumes.”

          The fact that you think she fucked up/and or didn’t think through what she might mean says volumes. I on the other hand saw a competent MP who knows her stuff and just assumed the 90% was a misspeak or unclarity. You really think Turei believes that 90% of all school children don’t have lunch? What planet are you on?

        • Naturesong

          Given that she has a history of conducting herself with integrity and honesty, I’m prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt.
          This is backed by her clarifying her question when she realised that she had not been clear.

          I meant to say that Kidscan says about 23% on average and up to 90% of the kids in the schools it works with need lunch every day – not 90% of kids in all schools.

          And given that she already stated that 23% is the national average, and that it’s pretty hard for 23% to equal 90%. It looks a lot like she misspoke, or misplaced a comma
          But, if being inarticulate once now means you are unfit for public office, someone better tell the PM. He’s inarticulate most days.

      • fisiani 1.2.2

        Turei made the ridiculous claim then retracted it. She did say that 90% of schoolchildren go without lunch. She joins a list of Green numpties who have no idea about the rate of inflation, the economic growth rate or the employment level. She was laughed at because she could not read statistics.

        • fisiani

          Posting the retraction and ignoring her original claim does not mean I lied. I have told the truth. She is a numpty as will be the next male leader

          • weka

            “She did say that 90% of schoolchildren go without lunch”

            She didn’t say that, read the Hansard. You are lying.

        • felix

          “She did say that 90% of schoolchildren go without lunch.”

          Not in any of the bits you’ve quoted, she didn’t.

        • weka

          Are you saying that the Hansard record is incorrect? Got any evidence of that?

          And are you saying that you truthfull believe that when Turei said whatever she said that she believed that 90% of school kids don’t get lunch. Are you really wanting us to believe you are that stupid?

          Do you know that the Prime Minister of NZ doesn’t know what the rate of GST is?

          • fisiani

            From Hansard
            “Metiria Turei : Will he at least commit to his Government working with cross-party agreement to provide food in schools, given that KidsCan says that 23 percent, on average, and up to 90 percent of kids in schools are going without lunch every day?”

            She is useless.

            • weka

              that’s different than what you said. Also, it makes sense if you think about who Turei is. If you can’t comprehend what she is saying, that says more about you and your need to lie and slur than anything.

            • adam

              Oh look – another Tory arguing disingenuously. Thanks fisiani for proving once again, you are the master of arrogate.

            • tricledrown

              You are useless as part of the Dirty Tricks brigade from the lusk Crosby text or prime ministers Dirty Politics operation.
              Your half truths (101 propaganda take a half truth half of a sentence make it into a lie and keep repeating it until enough to make more people believe it)
              Pathetic Fisianil.
              You are a brilliant motivator to the left making us more determined to expose your dirty tricks and consolidate support.

        • Murray Rawshark

          FJK has no idea what sort of qualities are needed on the Lawn Order Committee. He made a stupid claim that a certain person was great for the position and has never retracted it.

          Feed the kids. It’s one simple thing we can do to build a better country. There aren’t many things that are so simple.

    • freedom 1.3

      Fisiani lies again

      What Metiria Turei actually said:

      “Metiria Turei : Will he at least commit to his Government working with cross-party agreement to provide food in schools, given that KidsCan says that 23 percent, on average, and up to 90 percent of kids in schools are going without lunch every day?” A statement that has since been corrected – see weka’s comment at 1.2

      You forgot to add Fisiani that your hero said he would take Metiria to a school for a ‘come and see’ challenge… but only if he could select which School they saw

      ” If the member wants to come with me to a school, and I will name the school, and 90 percent of the kids do not have lunch, I personally will buy them lunch for the whole year.”

    • tricledrown 1.4

      Your link fisianil 23% across all schools with up to 90% in “some” low decile schools.
      A liar like your leader fishy business telling moreporkies!

  2. coaster 2

    its not about the fact that she misquoted and made a stuff up of trying to make a point, its about the numerous kids who go without basics through no fault of there own.

    do you work in a school fisi?.

    i dont personally agree with feeding all kids, but schools need a fund they can access to supply food, uniforms, stationary etc to kids whose parents, cant, wont, dont supply these items.

    • Atiawa 2.1

      What is needed more than anything is decent, full-time, well paid jobs and if a country with our wealth and small population can’t provide this basic, of all human rights, then the state needs to ensure a liveable wage is provided to those who for whatever reason are unable to participate in paid full-time employment.

    • Hateatea 2.2

      One of the schools I worked at had that. It was called the Principal’s wallet (and the other staff too),

      Some of it is about what choices people make to spend their income on but much more is about work that is spasmodic, poorly remunerated, insufficient hours offered while the unreliable vehicles that are all they can afford cost too much to run, electricity, rent etc gobble up a disproportionate amount of the household income leaving all too little to feed the whole family, not just the children.

      Whatever we may think of the situation of the parents and the choices they have made along the way, it is about the children. He mokopuna, he taonga. Children are treasures and they are our future.

      Let us see what transpires but, sadly, I don’t have great hopes for a show of humanity from NACT.

    • TheBlackKitten 2.3

      So why don’t we can WFF and replace it with your suggestion?

    • Crashcart 2.4

      Why would you not agree with feeding all kids?

      -Remove the stigma of being the poor kids who have to go up for their free lunch.

      -Remove the chance that any child has to go with out lunch.

      -Remove the pressure from all families to provide lunch in schools.

      -Provide the ability to give well balanced meals to all children at least once a day.

      -Employ people to prepare and distribute these meals every day.

      -Provide a reason for kids who are normally dissaffected to show up at school and hence increase their chance of being engaged.

      Yes there would be a considerable cost involved but I would rather spend money there than on Team NZ or propping up some company that has failed.

  3. millsy 3

    Hey Fisi — did you get free school milk when you were at primary school. You sound like you were old enough to.

    And you would have gotten free dental care at school too. I take it?

    Im guessing John Key would have gotten school milk, as well as Anne Tolley..?

    • tricledrown 3.1

      Fisi was in South Africa he had his servants bring his lunch.
      He has been “bought”in by the National party to disrupt and spread cynicism and undermine the lefts motivation.
      Flayling and failing he should be sacked.
      A paid lackey .

  4. TheBlackKitten 4

    The paper bag in the picture at the top is really quite true. No body, especially a child can learn and concentrate on a hungry tummy so it is extremely imperative that we do something about the ones turning up to school hungry every day. The key is that we do the right thing and ensure that what is put in place actually achieves results.
    I can remember back in 1981 when I was at school there were a couple of girls that used to turn up with no lunch every day in my class and would always ask me for mine as they knew that I had a poor appetite and would generally not eat all of my lunch. Back in 1981 Douglas had not yet been the finance minister and the socialist policies of Muldoon were in full swing but yet, there were kids coming to school with no lunch just as there is today.
    The issue is those on limited incomes in particular benefits will only have enough income to pay for the basic essentials such as food, power & rent. Add a vice as addictive as tobacco (which is dam hard to give up) or alcohol, drugs or gambling to that mixture and you see one of those basic essentials being left out.
    The issue is not as simplistic as not enough income but is rather more complex in that it is limited income (provided to pay for the basics) that is being mis spent on highly addictive and hard to give up vices. I guess the other question we should ask is, is it a good environment for a kid to be growing up in where the ciggies or the booze has more priority over their food?
    You have two choices a) increase the income & have the tax dollar paying for peoples vices + basic economic essentials and leave those people to be destroyed by the effects of those vices & ignore the parental neglect that the kids will be subject to or b) monitor and ensure that limited income is actually spent on what its intention is for.
    Feeding kids in schools is not a real fix but rather a sticking plaster over a wound that needs structures. What happens in the school holidays? What happens if the kid can’t get to school due to illness? What about dinner?
    I would favour more the debit card solution where a card is provided that can only be spent on food instead of cash. You all may be up in arms and talk about peoples rights with this idea but quite frankly, I am more interested in those kids getting some food in their tummy’s than their parents rights. With a card system in place, any children still turning up to school hungry the next step would be to have their home environments investigated to find out why & to ensure that the child was in a caring environment.
    Children’s welfare should matter more than the rights of the parent/s and its about time that we all realised that & put proper solutions in place that will achieve results. As a society, it is our duty to do that!

    • One Anonymous Bloke 4.1

      “Back in Muldoon era”, child poverty was ~14% then and is ~25% now, no matter how many times you say booze and fags.

      If you’re serious you need to “put some measures in place” that will actually address the problem rather than making you feel you’ve done your “duty” of blaming poverty on poor people.

      • TheBlackKitten 4.1.1

        You miss my point. As to if it was one kid or 1 million back in 1981 there were kids still coming to school with no lunch pre Douglas and under socialist policies. Why were those girls turning up to school with no lunch back in 1981? What was the reason.
        Perhaps it is you who needs to look at the problem for what it really is rather than what you want it to be which is to blame the political parties you hate.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          You’re not interested in looking at the problem as it really is. You’re interested in stroking your morally superior vengeance fantasies.

          As for the political parties I hate, it’s hard not to despise people who deny the problem when kids lives are at stake.

          • TheBlackKitten

            Wrong! Mis spending of limited income is an issue. If you were more interested in the children’s welfare rather than following your political ideology you would stop denying that.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              The Lancet is not a political ideology.

            • greywarshark

              Got your claws out kitten. They draw blood and people could nourish themselves by sucking it off their arms. Is that what you are getting at?

        • tricledrown

          TBK because of high levels of unemployment and a long serving National govt.

          • TheBlackKitten

            High levels of unemployment and in your words a long serving National government would contribute to less jobs being available. Less jobs means more benefits and benefits are incomes that provide the basics. So back to my original post re mis spending of income….
            What has contributed to lower wages is the ECA Act which if I remember correctly Labour left almost untouched during their 9 years of government.

  5. Colonial Rawshark 5

    I hope this bill passes. It is unfortunately just cheap sticking plaster stuff of course. But that’s all our political parties seem to be able to deal with.

    It’d only take $0.5B p.a. of additional government spend per annum (give or take) to wipe out child hunger from NZ. And not just provide one meal a day, and only on school days, and only during school terms.

    But no one wants to do it because it isn’t important enough politically.

    • tricledrown 5.1

      Because the lizards of OZ have found away of dividing and conquering the left low voter turnouts mean a few middle class swing voters hold the balance of power so the National Party and Crosby Text or play to those prejudices.
      Like you are doing CR door knocking organizing the non vote to get out is the answer to unsurp this manipulation by the powerful elite.

      • Colonial Rawshark 5.1.1

        Yep. We’re looking at building some big fuck off door knockers so that people hear the important messages loud and clear. Democracy is not about looking to Wellington for MPs to provide the answers.

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