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For the Minister of Silly Ideas

Written By: - Date published: 3:10 pm, August 26th, 2011 - 7 comments
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Ok, now we have you in looking at this silly idea. Well it makes Wellywood look pretty darn pathetic and I’m sure that a combination of Peter Jackson and Warner brothers could help John Key drop his pants looking for the spare change to get the idea started. Just look at what happened with the Hobbit! Not to mention those other highly effective ideas like the cycleway, youth benefit cards, and so many more…

Waste of money? Of course not – they were all highly effective ideas. A return on investment is not really relevant if you have highly effective ideas and you’re the Minister of Silly Ideas!

But why this industry? Well it is a natural for the Minister – he likes catwalks – see the picture..

Actually I just wanted to put the cute cat movies up on a political blog…

hat-tip: Meg Bates

7 comments on “For the Minister of Silly Ideas”

  1. HC 1

    Reminds me of the song by “Right said Fred”: “I’m so sexy ….”. Just another wannabe, like the rest of his hand-picked cabinet.

  2. Dr Terry Creagh 2

    He is indeed Minister of Silly Ideas (though dangerous ones). He equals Muldoon as “Minister of Everything” (a benign dictator” to put it mildly) and he has bankrupted the country in common decency. Key missed a vocation in acting (of a kind).

  3. randal 3

    never let accountants make investment decisions. for a start they are anal personalities and second they dont know hat other people want. They can only assume it and they are always wrong.

  4. And when you start making your own promotional videos to get on Letterman you should know you have
    a) Lost the plot
    b) Gone power mad
    As Billy Connolly once said

    You know dictators have gone mad when they start designing their own uniforms

    I put making your own promotional videos in that same basket.

  5. Afewknowthetruth 5

    John Key would be perfect as head of a Ministry of Silly Walks.

    And he could play the lead in a ressurrection of the ‘that parrot isn’t dead, it’s sleeping’ skit, only it could be updated to ‘that economy isn’t dead, it’s sleeping’.

  6. czar 6

    In fairness – the ministry of silly ideas is something spawned by the Labour Government led by David Lange. Muldoon didnt design that particular title or deserve it – we were all stupid enough to believe what Douglas and Lange and his co conspirators sold us … which was a pup – and we are still living with it to this day. And i do support Labour

  7. burt 7


    You note that John Key has been trying to bankrupt the country in the context of Muldoon but you fail to mention that after Mulddon the best efforts were Labour heading into 1990 and Labour again heading into 2008.

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