Free money from climate change deniers

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I don’t know why I find this minor story so funny, but I do:

Climate Change Contrarians Lose Big Betting Against Global Warming

Layzej writes: Two members of the Global Warming Policy Foundation academic advisory board have each lost [roughly $1,320 (1,000 British Pound)] betting that 2015 would not be warmer than 2008. The Guardian reports: “Between 2008 and 2015 there would be more than 0.1C of human-caused global warming, so for 2015 to be cooler would have required a huge La Nina event, or big volcanic eruption, or perhaps the contrarians were banking on human-caused global warming being wrong. Whatever their reasoning, it was a foolish bet to make. 2015 was a record-breaking hot year, about 0.32C hotter than 2008. It wasn’t even close.” The winner of the bet, economist Chris Hope, also discussed the possibility of implementing climate betting markets, and noted: “they could offer a financial incentive for people who disagree about the likelihood of climate change to carefully assess the risks, instead of just shouting their disagreement across the void. If we do nothing, all the signs are that dangerous climate change is one of the safest bets around.”

5 comments on “Free money from climate change deniers”

  1. McFlock 2

    Should’ve bet more lol

  2. r0b 3

    Must admit that my giggle has a slightly hysterical tinge to it.

  3. Lloyd 4

    Someone want to run a temperature bet with Rodney Hyde?

  4. Colonial Viper 5

    0.32 deg C warming in 7 years.

    Do the math people. Thats approaching the steepest slope on the chart I put up.

    Giggle at the bet, but 14 more years of this and the world will be at 2 deg C warming.

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