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A trusted source tells us that following their most recent failed EFA protest, Cameron Slater (Whaleoil) and National Party blogger David Farrar might be considering buying TV time as part of their civil disobedience campaign.

The production company has evidently worked hard to stay true to the Free Speech Coalition’s messages – the ad’s content has apparently been taken directly from websites associated with the Coalition.

You can view their leaked draft advertisement below.

12 comments on “Free Speech Coalition TV spot”

  1. I see they are both very quiet about the march on Saturday. D’y think the nats told them to keep a lid on it?

    cap: “spinning not” – perhaps the one time that could be true of Farrar.

  2. Higherstandard 2

    What no C Montgomery Burns in the vid.

    Still it is better than Robs dancing cossacks

  3. Yeah, but Daveyslater were never known for their subtlety…

  4. Higherstandard 4

    True RS very true

  5. ghostwhowalks 5

    Dancing cossacks, I missed that show at the Aotea centre.
    But thats very 70s.
    Now the demons are boiler suited lesbians who want steal your children and raise them as their own

  6. deemac 6

    commercial radio news was giving free advertising to the demo on Saturday morning, including when and where to assemble – ah, what it is to have powerful (and rich) friends…

    (captcha: team impossible)

  7. Satan 7

    Don’t worry deemac – I’ve got a special room put aside for Mr. Boscowan – he’ll be bunking with Mugabe for eternity. I’ve got a strange feeling they’ll get on though…

  8. Steve Pierson 8

    Satan, are you dad?

  9. sounds like DPF’s speech therapy is going quite well.

  10. Satan 10

    Steve, only if by “dad” you mean the father of all sin. Mwhahaha…

  11. andy 11

    Ads were playing on radio live till one hour before the march. Have to say, photo in the herald made it look sad again. I suppose they had to compete with Jazz at the rotunda…

    Will whale respond in kind?

  12. Robinsod

    I see they are both very quiet about the march on Saturday. D’y think the nats told them to keep a lid on it?

    With the numbers they get turning up they probably have every one on a list already and just send a quick email around, that way they dont risk more people turning out to oppose them rather than with them!

    (edit, oh dear.. captcha: 10 Predicted)

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