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drawing-hands.jpg Mike Moreu provides insight into the art of turning news events into images  – using as one example his latest piece on asset sales:

“National continues to play it safe as John Key announces that his party has ruled out state asset sales at least for the first term. This may appear to be a u-turn on another traditional National position, but it’s more like a cynical ploy to assuage voters’ concerns over a return to Rogernomics and stay ahead in the polls.”

An election year provides lots of fodder for the political cartoonist. We shall watch their work with interest.

23 comments on “From slippery to send up”

  1. Yes mike – I actually found it funny too. Perhaps you you start your own blog and put it up there.

  2. Monty 3

    It will be an interesting year – I expect (and hope) to hear Clarkula whinging “Diddums – mean cartoonists have not been nice to me – boo hoo”

  3. Poor old John. I watched him on TV3 tonight and he had the look of a man who didn’t want to be there. In fact I have a suspicion that JK would like to pack it all in right now – he’s had a dream run and was going to cakewalk to victory and now he’s realised a little too late what he’s got himself in for.

    I wonder how it feels to be in a party led by a man who’d rather not be there? Monty – care to comment?

  4. Pascal's bookie 5

    Oh ‘sod, leave Monty alone.

    He’s busy “hoping” Clark will start acting like a Tory.

    It always amazes me how the right can dish tired boring insults, for decades after whatever point they might have had lost any relevance.

    And yet even a hint of valid criticism comes their way and it’s all:

    “Ooh, don’t be nasty”

    and “Lawks, what a bigot”

    and ” Oh my, is it hot in here, open the window, I’m feeling feint. someone pass the smelling salts…” Thump.

    All the time they’re playing around with photoshopped porn.

  5. randal 6

    he’s starting to put it on around the chops now so I guess he’s stuffing his feelings of impending defeat down with food.

  6. Monty 7

    It is Clark who is the vile nasty one – but looks like the “diddums” is starting to stick to her – and so appropriate – over at Trademe it seems all and sundry are calling her Diddums Helen, and come the release of Ian Eishart’s “Absolute Power” on Monday it really will be “Diddums Helen” .

    My copy was of course ordered as soon as the launch was publicised. I will enjoy the book – and I can see this being the final nail in the coffin of the desperate and corrupt government.

  7. gobsmacked 8

    Monty can’t be real, he has to be a parody. Nobody could be that dense.

    Clark is “vile and nasty”, and yet Monty’s salivating over the latest effluent from Ian Wishart.

    That is just off the irony scale, it really is.

  8. outofbed 9

    Trademe eh that bastion of intelligent political discourse
    Who would have thunk?

  9. Felix 10

    “he’s starting to put it on around the chops now so I guess he’s stuffing his feelings of impending defeat down with food.”

    Too many dead rats, perhaps?

  10. Matthew Pilott 11

    Is trademe where people go if they are too stupid for the blogs and too inarticulate for talkback?

    I go there for rare vinyl – I sure as hell wouldn’t go there for the intelligent conversation.

    Best TM exchange: “Can I swap this PS3 for a Nintendo Wii?”

    “No. Piss off to”

  11. The “Dead Rat Society” – coming to an audience near you.

  12. he’s starting to put it on around the chops now so I guess he’s stuffing his feelings of impending defeat down with food.

    Yes – he’s also got a lot less hair…

  13. Tane 14

    Yes – he’s also got a lot less hair

    You’re one to talk ‘Sod. Let’s leave John’s personal appearance out of it eh?

  14. I wasn’t dissing his baldness Tane – christ knows I’d be the last to do that. I was just pointing out he’s starting to look worn-out and given there’s probably six or seven months to go, that’s not a good sign for National.

  15. Phil 16

    Just saw Key on Breakfast this morning… has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of umm’s and aah’s recently? Its an improvement

    I suspect that “diddum’s” is going to come back and haunt the PM as the campaign goes on

  16. Yep Phil – I reckon he was getting intensive training during the two weeks he disappeared. You know – after he took a hammering and all.

  17. outofbed 18

    50 mil buys a lot of media training

  18. outofbed 19

    And lets face it the media need training

  19. Occasional Observer 20

    Helen Clark got a huge going-over with media training by Brian Edwards and Judy Callingham, to soften her appearance in 1999, and improve perceptions that she was flinty, and too harsh. It’s no surprise that political leaders get media training; if Key is getting some, you can hardly criticise him for it.

    Clark’s “diddums” comment will come back to haunt her. This is the woman who broke down in tears when Titewhai Harawira personally attacked her, and has variously claimed all sorts of conspiracies from right-wingers to attack her personally. Every line the Labour Party is using to excuse its weird obsession with John Key will bite them on the bum when Ian Wishart’s book comes out.

  20. You know what OO? You almost sounded credible until you mentions Wishart. That just made you look silly.

  21. Phil 22

    Ian Wisheart; The Nick Hagar of Christian Fundamentalism…

    It’s got a nice ring, don’t you think?

    [hey, Phil sorry for misreading your comment on the LCI yesterday. I was feeling stroppier than normal. SP]

  22. randal 23

    wishards book will end up like his toerag mags in the giveaway pile at the family shop…actually they cant even give them away!

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