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Action Station is a digital community of NZ progressives which stands for a fair society, a thriving environment and transparent accountable politics. So it’s no surprise that their members want to clean up politics.

They’re currently running a campaign to get a full-page ad in the NZ Herald next week – an open letter to all political parties telling them we expect better of them.

They need our signatures and our support.

Updated: Currently they have 2,004 signatures! Great work! You can still put your name to the letter here.

And they need $8,000 to buy a full page ad. They have $6,400 $7,420 pledged so far – more than enough for a half-page, but you know how much more impact a full-page ad will have! Please chip in a little here – they have PayPal, credit card and bank account details.

We only have a few days until the election. We need to send a strong signal to all our politicians that the kind of muckraking and deception that’s been revealed in Dirty Politics isn’t how we want our country to be run. So sign up, chip in, and spread the message far and wide!

22 comments on “Get clean politics into the Herald”

  1. Ad 1

    Great initiative. Happy to contribute.

  2. Little Boy Bleu 2

    Headline in today’s Herald. Seriously, even hard-core Nats supporters would have to chuckle out loud at the outright, lying BS, surely?

    John Roughan: Key personifies a new confidence

  3. ianmac 3

    A link earlier in the week got me involved in Action Station. Do something I say.

  4. The Real Matthew 4

    The Herald has been on a 3 year crusade to destabilise the National Party.

    The letters to the editor they continue to run are in volume heavily bias against the government and many of which contain factual errors.

    Then you flick over to the opinion section which has become little more than a two page advertisement for the left. You could count the centre-right contributors on one hand. I’d run out of fingers and toes for the centre-left contributors.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they print the paper on red paper rather than white on election day.

    The Herald could hardly be more bias towards the left if they tried.

    • Lloyd 4.1

      The Real Matthew obviously hasn’t been taking his medication today

    • Sans Cle 4.2

      The letters to the editor are simply disgust from rational people who cannot believe what is being printed. Unfortunately lots of people don’t get to see or hear the backlash against partisan drivel that masquerades as journalism.

    • lprent 4.3

      You should signal when you finish sarcasm like this


    • The Real Matthew – you serious, mate?

      For a person with a pseudonym like yours, you sure aren’t keeping it “real”. Not in this Universe anyway.

      • The Real Matthew 4.4.1

        I’m not sure if we’re reading the same paper Frank.

        But it is nice to contribute to a website where comments that disagree with the writers feelings are not deleted.

        • Little Boy Bleu

          Matthew, can you point out when the Herald ever demanded Key’s resignation over anything, let alone a 10 or 11 year old form letter?

  5. tricle up 5

    We are are controlled by the state and religion and it looks like we can add the forth estate .I am sure the the gods must be rolling around have a good laugh on there meds .

  6. Nearly there…..nearly reached target. Wasn’t too sure about choice of Herald for ad, but I suppose it will be put in a paper where dirty politics is very clearly self-evident.

    At least Whaleoil is the lowest of the low, with a factional disenfranchised set of folk contributing to the blog, but when you begin to notice dirty politics in (what I once considered) a reputable newspaper, it’s really grotesque. Journalism that doesn’t deserve that title. So I now think its a good place to put the ad.
    If you don’t contribute financially, you can still sign the petition.
    Let’s make a stand and get some integrity back into how this country is being run.

  7. Skinny 7

    That’s a bit of a laugh to me. I wouldn’t pay a cent to the morally corrupt NZH. Prefer people getting headlines for free, after all they benefit by readership uptake & advertising revenue. I know the purpose of the advert though.

    But for me you can get the message out for free. Seen it in our local Hearld paper this morning up North after John Key’s visit. Protesters including angry rural folks, laughed when it said they were ‘ex nats’ sick of broken dusty roads and logging trucks. Another group with great big ‘Dirty Politics’ banner. Local LP candidate on a bullhorn bellowing “where are the jobs John Key” sharing front page with the PM.

  8. Scott1 8

    I’m not sure about the inclusion of the Democracy for Christchurch in the list. It seems that is mixing issues.

    The point about academics is also interesting. It probably is on topic but it is easy to read it and wonder if there is some other agenda else behind it that one might not support.

    I’d just have stuck with the other points – but I guess maybe there is something strategic in including those two points.

  9. Treetop 9

    An independent speaker in the house e.g. an ex QC may prove to be a good first step. A couple of days ago Rankin commented on addressing politicians behaviour in the house.

    The medias goal has to be making politicians accountable when they have cossed the line e.g. not followed best practice.

    Graig seems to be particular when it comes to a referendum question. I do not know his view on terms of an inquiry. Key time and time again dodges what the terms of an inquiry need to be.

  10. Scott1 10

    I want to hear more specifics. Otherwise the government will just make the terms of reference very narrow and come to no conclusion at the end.

    So I was very pleased to read the above – yes an independent speaker sounds like a good idea. The appointment of that person would need to be sheltered from political interference. Maybe via the public service or maybe via some legal body.

  11. Only $470 left to raise, people. Get the word out!

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