Gillard slamdunks Rudd

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Official result has 71 for Gillard and 31 for Rudd in the leadership ballot. Not a base for a comeback for Rudd. He must now be asking why he did it – he won’t be very popular. A few others will also be wondering why they backed him.

23 comments on “Gillard slamdunks Rudd”

  1. Mighty Kites 1

    Because a Gillard-led ALP is facing electoral oblivion next year…

    • alex 1.1

      Not if Rudd really gets in behind a Gillard led government. The thing that the ALP need more than anything now is for Kevin to swallow his pride and work both on camera and behind the scenes for Gillard. They need unity more than anything, as many Australians are rightly quite wary of Abbott, but who would want to vote for a party divided?

  2. The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 2

    He must now be asking why he did it – he won’t be very popular.

    Not with his caucus colleagues. But with the Australian people he is. I guess which you view as more important depends on where your loyalties lie.

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    73:29? Can the man and his mates not count. You never ever start a fight like this until you are damn sure you can finish it, and this does not look the case according to this report. By a country mile.

    • ianmac 3.1

      Hate to say it but maybe the long game will appear should the Labor Party sink seriously in the polls before next year’s Election. Then maybe Rudd will reappear as the only alternative (he will say) and those who have supported the PM will have to rethink or lose their seats as Government.
      It is just the only thing I could think of as a clever plan by the ruddy man.

      • Colonial Viper 3.1.1

        But why resign your Ministerial position and be on the backbenches for months? Unless of course all that international travel was getting in the way of organising back home…

        • tc

          Rudd’s just had a heart op and isn’t the most relaxed of dudes (went through staff like bennett goes through burgers whilst PM) so maybe time for a rest and recover on the back benches with an “F YOU ALL” as a parting shot.

          His ego would be saying this foreign minister position is a consolation prize so chuck it in, kick back and wait for them to come to you, not that they deserve you.

          They never should have dumped him in the first place, at least you knew where he was as PM and all things considered he’d have had Abbott in pieces by now whereas Gillard’s not cutting it.

      • prism 3.1.2

        @ ianmac By George I think you’ve got it.

  4. Treetop 4

    Well attention seeking Rudd has now had a few minutes of attention.

    Will he resign?

  5. Rudd and other Gillard opposers will be de-selected.

  6. infused 6

    Because shes a bloody mess.

  7. QoT 7

    Because Kevin Rudd seems to think that if he can’t lead Labor, no one can! I recommend the comments on this post at Hoyden About Town for a refreshing change from the current narrative (i.e. Kevin Rudd is really Labor’s Messiah and will save them from that horrid woman, who does she think she is living in sin and being a woman and all.)

  8. the sprout 8

    Seems like kevin’s ego and inability to let go got the better of him.

    I hope he now does the right thing, ie. fucks off and leaves julia to get on with the job. Somehow i doubt it though.

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      Julia has been struggling with the job however. The ALP appear to be in no better a position with her electorally than they would have been with Rudd.

      • QoT 8.1.1

        Oh, I’m absolutely certain that Kevin Rudd would’ve done better than Gillard, what with Rupert Murdoch not being able to consistently spell out “people with vaginas can’t lead” in almost every major media outlet in Australia.

        • prism

          Make no mistake: Murdoch’s press is waging class war on behalf of the extremely rich, and it’s being done in the name of a phoney popularism

          I picked this out from QoT’s link on Gillard. I think this statement sums up the problem for all democracies today. The power and self-focus of the wealthy is decimating the shining ideas of progress and egalitarianism and pride in one’s country and it’s achievements for all.
          Each National government undoes some of the humane and forward-thinking measures fought for over decades and the result is a miserable life, with little time for ‘family values’ that the right crow about.

          We have a meritocracy with a bit of aristocracy. But these people tend to be smug and narrow-focusssed – on advancing their ideas. Which are not very affected by serious studies by informed people. W B Sutch in his 1971 book “The Responsible Society in New Zealand starts –

          The most important economic asset of any country should be its people. Nevertheless most publicists, while giving formal lip service to this statement, usually end up advocating an economic, social, or educational policy which does not stress the primacy of people.

      • Richard Christie 8.1.2

        Julia hasn’t been totally struggling with the job, many concede that she’s stacked up a good record in regard to legislative accomplishment. Her failure has been to communicate her achievements to the public, overcome the image of usurper and take the public along with her.

  9. Blue 9

    Kevin Rudd seems to be the Aussie equivalent of Chris Carter – a delusional egomaniac with a persecution complex who puts his own interests above the best interests of the party.

    He won’t go of his own accord because he’s too selfish for that. He will have to be pushed, in another messy, nasty bloodbath that will damage the party further.

    If he is allowed to stay he will cause more trouble.

  10. jaymam 10

    Polls show that Rudd has twice the support of Gillard, who is completely inept and has stuffed her party for a long time.

  11. SHG 11

    He must now be asking why he did it

    Those of us who have observed him at close range for a while have an answer, even if he doesn’t:

    He is insane.

    OK, maybe not hearing-voices flinging-faeces thinks-he’s-Napoleon insane. Perhaps a more delicate way of putting it would be to say that Rudd has deep psychological and emotional issues that make him pathologically incapable of relating to other people in a normal healthy way.

    He is angry. Not just angry – we’re talking steam-from-the-ears screaming rage. He is resentful. He is paranoid. He never forgives and never forgets. He is superficial and charming and manipulative and sociopathic in his treatment of others. People are means, not ends, to Kevin Rudd and the only end that counts is Kevin Rudd making every fucker who has ever slighted him sorry he or she was ever born.

    Kevin Rudd is exactly the person that people have in mind when they say that to succeed as the CEO of a large corporation you have to be a psychopath. Rudd may have chosen politics rather than business, but that’s him to a T.

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