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Goff on Breakfast

Written By: - Date published: 10:25 am, June 1st, 2011 - 41 comments
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We give Phil Goff a lot of hassles, so I thought I should show an example of him getting it right. Goff takes control of the interview away from the Petra’s attack lines and nicely turns it to Labour’s lines. It’s about connecting voters with Labour’s positions. For example, people don’t want asset sales, so Goff saying voting Labour is the way to save them is vital.

41 comments on “Goff on Breakfast ”

  1. ianmac 1

    Yep Eddie. Petra was unable to deflect Phil. Excellent job Phil.

  2. todd 2

    Petras a lightweight,never would expect her to ask the hard questions of any poly.But wait for Goff to start with the no assets sale on the election,he will be made to look silly when is is reminded about 87.One thing I noticed he did tell Petra was that a leopard can not change its spots,may come back to haunt him.

    [lprent: We already have a ‘todd’ handle currently active here. It would pay you to change to a different handle to distinguish yourself – otherwise the confusion gets irritating for all parties – especially irritated moderators.

    These things happen when you don’t comment here for six months :twisted:. You could always use the handle you were using in 2008, or capitalize to Todd the way you did last year. ]

    • Armchair Critic 2.1

      …he will be made to look silly when is is reminded about 87..
      Unless his memory can stretch back to 2008, when he was in a more senior position than 1987 and part of a government that was buying assets back. To be perfectly clear, Labour’s track record most recently is of creating or buying back assets. National haven’t done that sort of thing since the late 1970s and early 980s.
      …a leopard can not change its spots…
      There are two conclusions, then. The first is that Phil Goff has not changed. Problem is, as I pointed out above, apparently he has. Which leaves the second conclusion – Phil Goff is not a leopard. Whereas the National Party has someone who most definitely is a leopard – Paula Bennett

    • Blighty 2.2

      actually, Petra says “a dog can’t change its spots”

      to be fair, she probably has to get up at 4am.

  3. Shane Gallagher 3

    Yeah – that was competent – but he is still buying into the mantra that there are jobs out there for people to get if only they had the proper motivation (this time the increase in minimum wage). But as has been pointed out many times here that there are no jobs.

    • Chess Player 3.1

      There is plenty of work out there, but many people just sit there waiting for others to lay it all out in front of them.
      I was particularly impressed with the folks that came to out street recently and door-knocked asking if anyone had trees or hedges needing cutting.
      They did work for 3 houses that I saw – a gang of guys and girls that launched into it and got the jobs done and got paid all within a couple of hours.
      They would never have had that work if they had waited for WINZ to find it for them…
      I reckon most of those folks will go far….

      • R 3.1.1

        ‘I reckon most of those folks will go far….’

        Umm, maybe if you live in an area that’s comfortable answering doors to strangers. A woman I know has had the same people knocking on her door two nights in a row after dark, trying to ‘sell paintings’. Scoping for burglary? According to the anti-beneficiary-lot ‘getting off their arse and trying to find work’? Either way it doesn’t affect any stats until something’s recorded. In her case, probably a burglary. In their case, probably nothing.

        The noble folk ‘working’ in your neighbourhood are unlikely to be affecting the govt’s statistics on employment OR ‘welfare’: who taxed them and who paid the IRD? Who kept the records? Did they give your neighbours a GST number and an invoice? Were WINZ informed? Was their benefit affected? They’re volunteering if they’re not paid, and if they’re paid for their labour they’re ‘cheating the taxpayer’.

        Unless I’m wrong, the only difference between these noble community workers and the gangs selling P in your neighbourhood (or the handymen helping out ‘under the table’) is that you’re okay with it.

        Just because a system works for you doesn’t mean it’s a good system.

  4. todd 4

    Good to see Phil being a bit more assertive on the attack.

    How is somebody else able to use the name todd in this forum?

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      Names are tied to email addresses. There’s nothing stopping someone from using whatever name they want with whatever email address they want, unless the moderators/Lynn step in to ‘discourage’ the practice.

  5. Petra looked like she was sucking on a lemon.  Phil completely destroyed her with his relaxed but direct approach.

    More like this please Phil.

  6. todd 6

    How is somebody else able to use the name todd in this forum?

    Yeah thats what I thought,where did you come from?.

    • r0b 6.1

      Casual users can have the same name. Logged in user names are unique (as far as I know).

      Unique identity is represented by the gravatar (little picture to the left of the name) which is keyed to your email.

      But there is a convention not to duplicate the names of well established users here.

  7. TightyRighty 7

    You give Phil Goff a lot of hassles? sure, right you do. That’s like Phil claiming he doesn’t believe in asset sales and does believe Labour has a chance. it’s patently untrue.

    You Eddie, with the exception of micky(i try to reconcile the history and beliefs of what the Labour party was founded on with my urban liberal eliteness but just can’t do it)savage, are perhaps Phil’s biggest cheerleader. even if it’s only because he is the dear leader of your chosen team.

    Classic deflection, try and make it seem you normally bring goff down, so that when you can big him up it makes it seem better than it really is. straight out of the crosby textor / wobh play book. great to see that you pay attention to something thats working. the only problem is you’ve just pointed out how inadequate poor Phil normally is.

    • Pfft.
      TR you should try reality sometimes.  It is an interesting place.
      Eddie a cheerleader?  Have a read of this.
      And I have been called a lot of things but never an “urban liberal elite”.  I presume it was meant to be an insult?

    • bbfloyd 7.2

      well done T.r……..you’ve managed to string together lots of phrases that you’ve read on this site, and strung them all together well enough to expose yourself as a moron. classic case of overeducated mediocrity.

      for a parrot, you do well..

      • TightyRighty 7.2.1


        • bbfloyd

          i rest my case….

        • Deadly_NZ

          Well TR if we are really lucky, and you are really lucky, you will work for the govt and are sitting there spouting propaganda with one hand on arse and praying to shonky to spare your worthless arse.. Well one can hope

  8. LOL!!!!!!!
    petra the hard hitting interviewer, I mean really, no matter what political party you belong too, you could be Key, Goff, Brash, Hone, if you cant totally wipe the floor with Petra your in trouble, heck he would of gotten a harder interviewer from Thingy.

    • todd 8.1

      I think what you’re confusing here Brett is there’s presently no fabricated or factual controversy to utilize in asking “the hard questions.” Labour has done well lately to avoid scandal. Along with a moderate campaign, this should ensure that they gain support. Contrast that to a number of scandals National is currently avoiding by not even showing up to interviews:

      Grey Wolf has been shown to be dishonest and has had their resource consents declined. Acting Minister of Energy and Resources Hekia Parata must have had foreknowledge of the companies deviousness prior to encouraging them to explore New Zealand’s mineral wealth.

      The Kiwisaver cuts come in before the next election breaking John Key’s promise and further discrediting National.

      Nick Smith has announced the privatisation of ACC, something National said they would not undertake. This is also despite a study showing no public benefit to the sale.

      National will undertake a campaign based around beneficiary bashing. They are set to implement destructive reforms that have been proven to be ineffective at resolving the issues surrounding the welfare system.

      There are hundreds of thousands of new unemployed under National when they promised to create 170,000 jobs in the 2008 Budget. National again used the same promise in the 2011 budget without any plan to actually create more jobs.

      National has managed to get the country 17 billion dollars in debt in a single term as Government.

      Those made unemployed in the Christchurch earthquake have just lost their emergency support. Apart from the unemployed benefit, there is little support for the people affected by one of New Zealand’s worst disaster’s ever.

      White collar crime within New Zealand has grown to an all time high.

      Woman’s refuges are getting prepared to close because of a lack of adequate funding.

      Demand for food parcels is at an all time high.

      The cost of living has increased dramatically under National.

      National’s announcement that they will privatise our SOEs has driven the dollar up hurting our extensive export sector.

      More Kiwi’s are leaving for better prospects overseas under National.

      Paula Bennet has been found to have given her friends Governmental business without a tender process.

      National Ministers have been found to be getting huge corporate bribes from Westpac.


      • Deadly_NZ 8.1.1

        And still Goff is silent. it makes you want to swear. If he don’t want to win this election then he should stand aside and let someone else have a go.

        • jackal

          Did you bother to have a look at the video at the top of this page Deadly_NZ?

          • Deadly_NZ

            Yes I watched it not too bad, a bit light weight as usual. But if he could not run rings around petra bagust the scourge of bad fats and salts in our food playing at being a political interviewer, then he should not even be in politics, I rest my case. Personally I would rather hear what plans solid and costed policies on how to drag our economy out of the hole that the incompetants that have been in charge of the public purse have put it into. Yes I know NO asset sales, got it in one. Now back to the economy, it’s screwed there are no jobs, the jobless figure is at the highest level for what 10 years. And its going to get higher. You have Pudding Bennet creating a whole second class of citizen. Mainly those who can not get a job or are on a benefit, they need help, not persecution. Or maybe the NACTS want private prisons to house said second class citizen when they break a draconion law (3 strikes) because they are hungry and have no money. I have a vision of NZ 10 years from now after 9 years of a nat govt, and I dont want to be here in NZ if it comes true.

      • g says 8.1.2

        loss of the right to silence
        tried in absentia
        double dipton’s bmw seat warmer

  9. Terry 9

    I think our harping on about “asset sales” might be causing us to overlook other scary things the Tories are sayng every day. This cannot be a “one issue election”, there are many matters to be hotly contested and we must keep up with the play. We know already that asset sales are unpopular and can sometimes give it a rest.

    • Deadly_NZ 9.1

      Well if he cant multi task then Goff should not be in the position of power that he is in. And yes I have voted Labour all my life but this year…. well

  10. bbfloyd 10

    Of course petra has tried to ask key the hard questions, hasn’t she? You’ve seen her do that havn’t you?

    Just another shallow syncophant dreaming about her future as a consultant, or possibly a spot on the national party list.. Maybe she’s got a spot reserved with paul holmes’ media consultancy…You know,, the one that works for the national party.

  11. deemac 11

    meanwhile Blinglish was skewered yet again by Mary Wilson on Checkpoint on Radio NZ – he really has no answer as to how everyone is going to be better off eventually.

    • Draco T Bastard 11.1

      That’s probably because his plans only account for him and his mates being better off.

  12. McFlock 12

    Actually, yeah – that was a pretty good run by Goff. It did rely, unfortunately, on Petra’s weakness that she was too polite to interrupt him when he blew her attack questions out of the water.

    The standard NZ routine is to ask an attack question, and if the subject starts dealing with it competently then the interviewer interrupts and says “answer the question”, in some cases almost yelling their subject down. Good for soviet interrogators, bad for actually exploring issues in a meaningful way.

    • Draco T Bastard 12.1

      I really wouldn’t call being polite a weakness. In fact, in an interviewer I’d call it a strength as it means that s/he would be able to get better and more information out of the interviewee.

      Of course, that wouldn’t help the RWNJ line that the left have nothing to say/offer.

  13. randal 13

    Wha happen bro. did the hair and teeth lose its sparkle. memo to Phil. ditch the focus groups and start listening to the grass roots. (and dont tell the trees cause the trees dont need to know).

  14. jackal 14

    I’ve taken the liberty of changing my profile so there is no further confusion. Todd is welcome to use that name as his handle.

  15. deservingpoor 15

    Not a bad job by Goff. 2 points stand out for me. Political interviews in NZ media consist solely of the interviewer reading off a series of Nact bumper sticker slogans, there is no attempt to really engage with an issue. Petra may be a lightweight but I’ve not really seen too much different from other interviewers.
    Second point. Goff still seems to be countering Helen’s bully image by being smiley and reasonable. I actually want my opposition leader to be pissed off about things, like David Cunliffe when he’s on a roll.

    • Draco T Bastard 15.1

      Second point. Goff still seems to be countering Helen’s bully image by being smiley and reasonable.

      And it doesn’t help when the smile seems glued on.

  16. randal 16

    Yeah go Phil. the right want to manage your very own personality so there is nothing left. they think they can tell you how to BE. look how the numnuls tried to emasculate Obama and he blew them away in the end by being his own man and not a creature responding to straitjackets that they thought they could impose on him.
    they worse than the tight underpants pull your socks up brigade from schooldays. oh thats right they are them. they just got bigger but their pathology remains.

  17. Longinius Howard 17

    I saw Petra Bagus once speaking at some thing or other and she burst into tears talking about some thing or other. Be nice to see the leader of the opposition talk to a real journalist or someone with half a brain.

  18. Sam 18

    That was a good interview by Phil, the best I’ve seen in a while. Petra is also a moron.

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