Going over to the dark side?

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Going into business with Farrar was one thing but has Scoop now cast its lot in with National? How else to explain the ‘Hollow N’ National party logo that now appears when you load the site in Internet Explorer?

19 comments on “Going over to the dark side?”

  1. Vanilla Eis 1

    It doesn’t for me Eddie, maybe you’re spending a bit too much time camping the National Site for policy updates and IE got confused?

  2. sally 2

    What the…? Why are you using Internet Explorer? Why not Chrome, or at the very least, Mozilla?

  3. Hamish 3

    Good on Scoop.

  4. Tane 4

    Hamish, I don’t think Ed’s being serious. It’s tagged humour.

  5. Matthew Pilott 5

    I think the “humour” tag might have to be suspended until the election, or made password only, with the password only given to people from the left, and the few ladies and gentlemen of the right in posession of a GSoH.

  6. lukas 6

    MP- maybe if it was actually half funny it would be worth the humour tag?

    [Question marks are used at the end of questions. ‘Maybe…’ is a statement of possiblity. SP]

  7. lukas 7

    no, not always SP. See the very first comment.

  8. Felix 8

    Yes lukas, the first comment is a very badly constructed sentence.

    Just to be clear, are you saying question marks are not always used at the end of questions?
    Or that “maybe” is not always a statement of possibility?

  9. Its all about Trust 9

    [deleted. Ian, we’re not going to give you free advertising or let you print your articles here in comments. SP]

  10. lprent 10

    Doesn’t for me..
    What is it with the national site – there is a strange half-smiling place in about 5 locations on the first screen. Urrgh

    and captcha : pleas together
    Please get that damn face off the page….. All in unison pleas

  11. randal 11

    oh you poor widdle fings. cant take a bit of humour. in that case you can all piss off and let us have our fun without a whole swarm of bloodsucking gnats descending like vampires onto a free lunch!

  12. Draco T Bastard 12

    Doesn’t do that for me on Firefox so it’s obviously Microsoft pushing the National line.

    /conspiracy theory


  13. Rex Widerstrom 13

    Nah there seems to be a strange IE bug going about (shuddup, I’m on a corporate LAN and have no choice of browser, okay :-P).

    For instance, right now I am on The Standard and IE is displaying the Yahoo! icon in the naigation bar. And If I go to Kiwiblog that curious little icon that looks like a pile of excrement (sorry, DPF, but it does) has been replaced by one I don’t even recognise but is obviously from some site I visited at some point…

    So it’s not a Scoop conspiracy to back the Nats. But here’s a conspiracy for you… The Standard has been bought by Yahoo in a secreat multi-billion dollar deal and the Standardistas are rolling round Scrooge McDuck-style on a big pile of cash chanting “greed is good!!!” even as we speak 😀

  14. lprent 14

    😈 I can neither confirm nor deny….

    Oh well it makes a change from playing with rolls

  15. Rex Widerstrom 15

    Update: shocking evidence of the Yahoo Standard merger 😀

  16. They went into business with Farrar?

    Can you elaborate? I’m interested 🙂 .

  17. Felix 17

    I’m pretty sure it’s actually supposed to be a pile of excrement, Rex.

    (No smilie. No Sir. Not on your nellie.)

  18. Scoop right wing???


    They are our version of rawstory.com, and they are actually quite good, but they are far from being to the right.

  19. Tara 19

    “Going into business with Farrar” .. ? What is this based on ? Or is it baseless slander in a febrile pre-election atmosphere ?

    There are more important things around. When the global slump hits here its likely to be like 1929 for over a decade.

    Dreams of economic revival based on Keys fading charisma and ‘The Hobbit’ (I and II) won’t help.

    Lo siento mucho, Senor del Toro – I’m sure there is an ‘out’ clause somewhere.

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