Good company?

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19 comments on “Good company?”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    What BMWs?

    Shouldn’t that be: I did not have a comfortable and relaxed relationship with those BMWs

  2. Mac1 2

    What vibrating seat features? I don’t sit in the front. I’m a back seat man!

  3. All Key needs is an illicit sexual relationship and he can tick all four of those boxes.
    Time will tell I guess…

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      MP’s travel allowance used for a tête-à-tête with Liz Hurley?

      Yeah he should be so lucky – “There are some things money can’t buy” :mrgreen:

    • Akldnut 3.2

      Might not have to wait too long – Gone by Christmas I say

      Captcha: gone

  4. bobo 4

    Looks like there all saying “he did it”, and key points at himself “yeah he did it” !

  5. If I could have a rolls I would

  6. Tel 6

    “those vibrating seats gave me the shits, anyone got a wet wipe?” :mrgreen:

  7. M 7

    “Hey, that guy was much worse than me, he had the Dems burgled, I’m just ransacking the country.”

  8. bait and switch 8

    He could always retire in China from his kickbacks and his cut in the asset sales deals…

    After five days promoting New Zealand’s political and commercial interests at the highest levels in China, it was hardly surprising that John Key was revelling in his pas de deux with what he called the world’s “biggest capitalists”.

    “The Chinese were very intrigued with our new Prime Minister and his financial background,” says Solid Energy’s Don Elder, the sole Kiwi businessman to attend the Forum. (Which SOE is for Sale again….)

    China’s drive to buy controlling stakes in resource-rich companies has sparked controversy, particularly in Australia and the United States.

    But Key says he made the point that China was hugely under-represented as an investor in New Zealand…

    Key acknowledges popular opposition to China’s Government-directed international buying sprees. But he says if Chinese investment is directed into _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (name of public asset for sale)

    Funny how gone by lunchtime Key’s public support for his brightest idea since mining national parks is 30%….

    • Draco T Bastard 8.1

      (Which SOE is for Sale again….)

      You’re talking NACT here so, all of them, including parliament.

  9. Armchair Critic 9

    What on earth is it with white men in black suits?

    • Blondie 9.1

      They all look so angry….. like mean dads telling off their kids.

      Anti-spam word – Dump. Well, yes, they do give me the shits.

  10. Neoleftie 10

    Direct foreign investment that creates growth both in the M3 money supply, balance our terms of trade, investment that expands the economy, creates real output and jobs at various job skill strati, from any country must be seen as positive. BUT create a situation where a good proportion of generated profit stays on shore.

  11. millsy 11

    You shouldnt really compare Key with Nixon. At least RMN had some Keynsian thought swimming round in him, and was prepared to use it.

    He actually proposed a form of universal health care, and a UBI for the poor.

  12. KJT 12

    The other three were far more honest than Key. Bit insulting to them.
    Key should be up with others that have burgled whole countries and run. Like certain residents of France.

    Suharto, Pinochet , Marcos. spring to mind. Also installed by US interests to assist in robbing their own countries.

  13. Jenny 13

    Vote Key – Get English

  14. higherstandard 14

    arse bum poo gobshite !!

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