Good luck Julie Anne Genter

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Talk about walking the walk. Julie Anne Genter outdid Jacinda Ardern’s trip to hospital in her private car by riding to hospital to be induced on her bike.

From Radio New Zealand:

The Minister for Women and Associate Minister for both Health and Transport announced her news on social media.

She shared a photo of herself cycling to the Auckland City Hospital, where she is going into induced labour.

Ms Genter and her partner Peter Nunns cycled to the hospital because there wasn’t enough room in the car for the support crew, she said.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said it was very ‘on-brand’ for Ms Genter to have chosen to ride her bike.

“I’m proud to be living in a country where two members of the country’s executive are able to have children as part of their job,” he said.

All the best to Julie Anne and her whanau.

44 comments on “Good luck Julie Anne Genter”

  1. alwyn 1

    “wasn’t enough room in the car for the support crew”.
    What on earth is a “support crew”?

    • arkie 1.1

      Support means ‘to give assistance to’. Crew refers to a group of people to provide ‘support’.
      A foreign concept to you it seems.

    • roy cartland 1.2

      Sometimes people like to have their family and whanau – or “crew” – around to help, encourage and assist – or “support” – them while they give birth.

  2. Jum 2

    ‘ to be induced on her bike.’ Ha ha ha
    The visuals were too much!

  3. Jum 3

    P.S All the best, Julie Anne Genter.

  4. Robert Guyton 4

    It’s wonderful in so many ways: where else in the world, if anywhere or if ever, has a MP done this? Jacinda brought a level of attention to NZ by giving birth “in office”, so to speak, and now one of her MP’s has taken the story a step, or revolution, further. It leaves previous PMs and MPs looking very conventional; not that there’s anything wrong with that; Jacinda and Julie Anne have simply moved the story forward in a way that’s encouraging and heart-warming. I did wonder if, in the back of Julie Anne’s mind there was the thought that by the time she reached the hospital, she might not need to be induced at all! Fast rides on motorcycles over bumpy roads, meals of hot chilli and many other alternative induction methods have been tried since forever 🙂

    • alwyn 4.1

      ” where else in the world, if anywhere or if ever, has a MP done this”
      I am sad to see that you appear to have forgotten the first of the line.
      Read up on Whetu Tirakatene-Sullivan who had her children nearly 50 years ago.
      The first was as an MP. The second time she was a Minister.
      That was in the days when there was no consideration given to a woman MP with children but she was back at her desk within a fortnight.
      She was the Member with the biggest electorate in the country all the time she was in Parliament.
      A wonderful example of someone who did everything, and a wonderful person.
      Compared to her JAG has things very easy.

      • Robert Guyton 4.1.1

        Oh, thanks, alwyn, I didn’t know about Whetu: good on her! She didn’t bike to the hospital though 🙂
        I admire Julie Anne’s action; some history was made and it involved a Green and a bicycle and I hope, a baby. Jacinda too, has made history; if she wasn’t the first, she was the first here: a PM giving birth then deftly taking up the reins with barely a pause to bask in the delights of time-off.

  5. Jum 5

    Having got over the frivolity, for a moment – maybe, finally, the days of Parliament actually having to look babies in the eye and mothers that see society as being a whole being, not just a market being, (ruth richardson being that spectre) we can adopt something akin to egalitarian thinking – people over profit – i.e. people not being sacrificed or driven into poverty by profit-driven creatures somehow socio/psychopathically divorced from real life. Then, that could lead to people-focused policies advantaging All New Zealanders.

    It’s also pleasing to see Helen Clark still has the back of women and their dreams. ie. you don’t have to give birth to recognise the worth of an equal society, that isn’t tearing itself apart, to the benefit of the greedy.

  6. SaveNZ 6

    Good luck to Julie Anne Genter and family. First child is a beautiful and exhausting time! Hope all goes well with birth with Mum and baby, as a bit of a worry we have not heard anything yet if she was induced.

  7. marty mars 7

    Sending good birthing vibes and blessings to you, your child, your whānau, friends and supporters.

    Kia kaha!

  8. Blazer 8

    Cycling to Auckland Hospital in Auckland traffic seems like a very dumb and dangerous form of…grandstanding.

    • indiana 8.1

      ….appears it was a lithium battery powered bike as well. Where do you get lithium from? Oh yeah, mines.

    • Cinny 8.2

      Not at all, it makes perfect sense and in fact is very clever of her.

      Don’t they have cycle ways in Auckland now?

      How to bring on labor….gentle exercise is a very effective way. Such as cycling.

      How to sped up labor – gentle exercise…because let’s face it, one wants the baby to come out as quick as possible, the worst thing one can do sit or lay around. Especially relevant with ones first birth, after which ones body knows what to do.

      Another benefit for her biking to hospital….she gets to clear her head so she can focus, giving birth is one of the most traumatic experiences a woman’s body will ever go through. It’s hard work. A bit of alone time to focus before it happens, is a huge help

      I wonder if baby has arrived? Any word?

      • veutoviper 8.2.1

        Exactly, Cinny. And it was Sunday morning and a fairly short distance mainly downhill.

        Actually I am getting quite worried as it is now over 48 hours and no news. I really hope all is OK – especially after their previous two losses.

        Blazer and Indiana’s comments really get me as in such circumstances, they are just so unnecessary and verging on nasty.

        • Cinny

          Yes it has been a very long time VV,

          Maybe she was going to be induced, but then the biking brought on labor, so she decided to see it out, labor can go on for days sometimes.

          Sending good vibes, strength and courage her way.

        • Blazer

          What could go wrong…a heavily pregnant woman riding a bike in Auckland!

          ‘It was mainly downhill ‘!

          • Cinny


            It’s her body for goodness sake.
            She knows what works best for her, as does her midwife, not you.

            • Blazer

              Cinny I have my opinion.I think it is a valid one.

              You have yours..’Not at all, it makes perfect sense and in fact is very clever of her.’
              You are not her midwife either.

              • Cinny

                blazer, riddle me this….have you given birth before?

                Also I see many offshore news organisations are praising her move. I don’t see any midwives up in arms.

                • Blazer

                  No I have not.I am a male,so hardly surprising.

                  I hope the birth goes well and she and her baby are all good.

                  No political capital needs to be made on these occassions imo.

                  I will assume you have given birth…if so..did you ride a bike to the hospital to induce labour?

                  • Cinny

                    Ok then, that puts it into perspective lolz.

                    Yes have given birth twice, would have loved to have lived close to a hospital to either bike or walk. First time I ended up being induced. Car rides when one is full term pregnant are hell.

                    Yes I did exercise to bring on baby the second time, wish I had known about it the first time. Made a massive difference for me. No induction needed.

                    Julie-Anne is walking the talk, by biking. Her midwife would have known. And her man was biking with her.

                    But it’s very sweet of you to be concerned.

        • indiana

          “Blazer and Indiana’s comments really get me as in such circumstances, they are just so unnecessary and verging on nasty.”

          So, if I get this right, virtue signalling is more important than personal safety.

          • marty mars

            Piss off arsehole

          • Cinny

            Nah indiana, you trolling this thread pretending to be all concerned about Julie-Anne with your false virtue is the real fail.

            How about you send her some flowers and a little card saying how thrilled you are that she made it to the hospital?

            Don’t forget to explain that even though you probably wouldn’t have had the courage yourself to bike in the same situation, you admire her bravery.

    • Robert Guyton 8.3

      Appreciate your concern, Blazer; misplaced, I reckon, but perhaps well intentioned. Cynical though, and is that appropriate, considering the topic? I don’t think so, but hey, takes all sorts.

      • Blazer 8.3.1

        We don’t need to tip toe around reality Robert.

        I call it grandstanding and quite foolish in the circumstances.

        • Robert Guyton

          I know what you call it, Blazer; you unnecessarily shared your views on a post wishing Julie Anne luck for the birth of her baby. I don’t share your opinion on the matter, nor do I believe you meant well by expressing your reservations; you’re perfectly able to do so, but noone has to respect your view on the issue. I’m one who doesn’t. Wonderful, wasn’t it, that they all arrived at the hospital unharmed!
          Nice optics too.

          • Blazer

            People have babies everyday Robert…no bugles ,no drums.

            • veutoviper

              JAG had lost two previously, for god’s sake. As someone who did the same, I really take offence at your remarks, Blazer. Go back to YourNZ.

              • Blazer

                Breathtaking arrogance seems to be a feature of some of these Greens .

                Maybe would be a good fit for National.

                There is absolutely nothing offensive about my remarks.

            • marty mars

              Lol what a sad little twerp.

        • Stuart Munro

          Rely on a troll to try to put a negative construction on a happy event.

          Best wishes to JAG and let karma repay the ill-wishers.

          • Blazer

            Aw gawd its the popup…prat ,the flautist.

            • Stuart Munro

              Most trolls manage to somehow find enough decency not to go after JAG for having a baby. You’re an outlier even among your repulsive brethren.

              • Blazer

                Like to have the last word do you.

                Comprehension and context are clearly not part of your sad,self righteous,implacable…repertoire.

                • Stuart Munro

                  Someone needs to put tragic pieces of subhuman trash like you in your place, Blazer.

                  That place is not here.

                  • Blazer

                    Like to see you say that to my face tough guy.

                    You are a pathetic supparating sore on the face of humanity.

  9. Jum 9

    Actually, Te Reo Putake, it is interesting to see the festering ugliness behind the face of the national/act support base. Especially when blazer ignored the fact of Julie Anne Genter’s history, from Veutoviper back at, with his 3.30pm and later replies.

    Julie is a toughie and will experience more sunshine on her face than shadow, judging by the non-political comments of congratulations and well-wishes.

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