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rocky arrested

Granny reports that there have been more arrests.

Damn, we’re due to head off to Young Labours summer school in Otaki shortly.

Be interesting to see if she will accept the restricted bail conditions preventing her from going within 500 metres of the tennis court. Especially as I’m not sure if that would cover the area where she lives with my sister. If not she will be in the cells over the weekend.

Update: They dropped the bail condition. Otaki here we come.

Good photo though.

41 comments on “Good photo….”

  1. BLiP 1

    Remind me – why are they called pigs?

  2. Nick 2

    I guess it’s Rees v R all over again!

  3. prism 3

    Seems getting arrested can be hard on the toes of your shoes. There seems to be a double line of rubber behind rocky and her handsome escorts which could very well herald the ruin of her nikes.

  4. Adolf Fiinkensein 4

    Surprised you lot haven’t been all over this story:-

  5. jules 5

    wasnt this person and that other young guy john into animal rights ,why cause hop all the time ..personally im committed to only one cause ..most on the left dont careabout animals anyway

    • John 5.1

      I can’t speak for Rochelle but I see the oppression of people, animals and the environment as interlinked. Whilst I focus on organising around a few issues I support a wide range of movements and help out where I can. If you choose to focus your energy on one thing then good on ya.

      I agree about most of the left ignoring Animal Rights – more vegan barbecues at the left wing events I go to would be great šŸ™‚

  6. My word the police are stupid. If there is one person in New Zealand that I would avoid arresting if at all possible if I were a policeman, it is Rochelle.

    • Nick 6.1

      Jarbury, I think the police have dealt with tougher, meaner persons than her. But she will undoubtedly keep them busy for a couple of years.

      • jarbury 6.1.1

        Oh certainly, but I would say their chances of a conviction would be about 0.0000000000000001%. Much lower than average I would guess.

  7. John 7

    Six megaphones in three days! Damn cops.

    Rochelle is out and in good spirits, I’m sure we will be hearing from her soon.

    Captcha “trees” hehe – apparently they had three officers guarding the trees near the protest today….

  8. DavidW 8

    Aw hell its not tha difficult to get arrested, the real trick is to ham it up at the exact moment that the photographer gets you in shot. Looks like the silly bint in this photo has been taking lessons from Sue Bradford.

    Thank God that she is not in a position of influence and responsibility in the community!

    captcha – “criticism” HAH

  9. Jewish Kiwi 9

    Yes, a photo to show the grandchildren.

    “Why were the police dragging you off, grandma? Were you fighting for sexual equality or against deaths in police custody or something?”

    “No, honey. We were harranging a tennis player. The silly cow embodied all that is wrong in the middle east”

  10. Tim Ellis 10

    I see the protestors got what they wanted, which was more media exposure for their stupid harassment of a young woman playing tennis.

  11. Rex Widerstrom 11

    …Young Labours summer school…

    They have a summer school? Damn, why does the comedy gold always occur on the days when I don’t have time for a really good mocking? šŸ˜›

    It’s not a bad a photo, but I did think for some time that the copper on the left was trying to make some sort of statement with a particularly large groin protector till I realised it was probably rocky’s handbag.

    • gitmo 11.1

      That megaphone could do some sonic spermatozoal damage as well methinks ?

    • Jenny 11.2

      This photo is a definite contender for an old time, add a caption, competition.

      It does seem to look like the cop on the left has found an unusual use for loudhailers.

  12. al 12

    I bet you guys thinks you’re tough, more Rent A Mob, whats next week on the protest list.

  13. Neil 13

    it’s an informative photo – it shows most of the protesters by the banner not getting arrested and one with a megaphone getting arrested.

    I’m guessing there’s a causal relation there.

    But I think it’s a fruitless debate, the activist commnity have boundless self-importance and unlimited self-justfication for their actions and seem to pride themselves on prefering to annoy people rather than offer any constructive support for the Palestinian cause.

    And as some one said in another thread a noisy protest with megaphones outside the Japanese embassy was completely ignored by the Police. Hardly evidence of a Police state.

  14. zugzug 14

    what strikes me most about the herald article is the fact it originally said “pro-palestine” protesters. as if protestingagainst israel made you pro palestine by default… not a zero sum game granny…

    i see the article has now been change to “anti-israel” with a whole bunch of erroneous semi colons thrown in.

  15. infused 15

    She single? Could be keen… šŸ˜€

  16. infused 16

    And how can that guy on the right see?

  17. grumpy 17

    Otaki? Is that near Levin?

  18. scratchmeow 18

    Good thing the bail condition is dropped. it is an unreasonable restraint on the freedom of movement right guaranteed by the NZBORA.

  19. Perhaps if enough self-important youngsters with megaphones are arrested, the tennis player will cave before the reasoned arguments of their banner and go free Palestine herself. Tennis players can do anything.

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