Government will not support victims of domestic violence

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Green MP Jan Logie has a private member’s bill due for its first reading in the next couple of weeks.

The intent of the bill, called the Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Bill, is to give victims of domestic abuse 10 days of paid leave to help them improve their situation.

The bill has received widespread support from some unusual sources.  For instance Business New Zealand supports the bill being sent to select committee.  From Radio New Zealand:

Business New Zealand said it was keen to see the bill pass its first reading because it would be useful to hear from small businesses about how they’d cope with the new obligations during the Select Committee process.

“It’s important to hear the views of victims but also smaller businesses who would have to manage it, and how they would be able to manage it, if at all,” its chief executive Kirk Hope said.


And ANZ also supports the intent of the law.

ANZ, which started offering special leave to staff members affected by domestic abuse 18 months ago, said the benefits outweighed the cost of such a programme.

“It’s counterintuitiative but it costs very little. The cost of losing someone to sick leave, turnover or unexplained absences, lower performance and disengagement… all of those add up. Providing paid special leave is not as expensive as you might think,” ANZ senior HR manager Gina McJarrow said.

Just what any good employer should do.  Help their staff through a difficult time.

It is sad that such provisions need to be made compulsory.  But there are far too many bad employers out there and compulsion is necessary some times to get businesses to do what they should be doing.

But the Government says it will not support the bill.  Again from Radio New Zealand:

Minister for Workplace Relations Michael Woodhouse said while the government was sympathetic to the aims of the bill, the extra leave would have significant costs attached to it.

In a statement, Mr Woodhouse said the bill sought to remedy something that was ‘already addressed by existing provisions within current Employment and Health and Safety legislation’.

“Many employers already go above and beyond the statutory minimum employment standards as set out in legislation. For example, The Warehouse Group and the GCSB already offer all staff who are victims of domestic violence up to 10 days additional leave per year.”

So the Government will not support the bill because it will cause significant extra costs and domestic violence is already addressed by existing legislation and employers do it anyway.  Confused?

Peter Dunne will not disclose his position until the day of the vote.  I suspect the Maori Party will be sympathetic.

It could be touch and go for the Bill to get through.  It may go the same way as Sue Moroney’s Paid Parental Leave bill however and face a Government veto.

But at least it will present another opportunity to highlight the difference between the left and the right.  On one side is genuine compassion for the victims of domestic violence.  On the other is a penny pinching indifference to those among us who need help.

19 comments on “Government will not support victims of domestic violence”

  1. Shocking bastards

    More support needed, so much support needed and the gnats drop the ball again. Meanwhile the cost to every victim increases.

    • reason 1.1

      +100 marty mars ….. last election nationals ex-leader ‘Johhny made-off’ twisted the words ( and was helped by the media ), while he engaged a a dirty attack on David Cunliffe ….. who spoke out about NZs shameful domestic violence rates ….

      They also subverted and shit-canned most of the Alcohol Law Review recommendations ………….. which were designed with the aim of lowering Alcohol Abuse ……. and the number of victims stemming from others Alcohol abuse….. Like children or partners

      New zealand did not get to lead the statistics for domestic violence in the developed world ………….. without knowing and informed decisions by the Government.

      Dirty Politicians not giving a stuff ………….

  2. Keith 2

    This subject is a very complex one that needs a lot more work around it from parliament than just 10 day leave provisions. Parliament should be looking very hard at domestic violence but when they occasionally do it never seem to do much more than window dressing. Police Safety Orders were one such recent initiative.

    Unfortunately there are many families where domestic violence is a 24/7 issue and that for reasons that are almost inexplicable to the uninformed will not do anything to improve their situations. And although I loathe this government to the very last thread of their overpriced spiv suits, leave provisions to assist in sorting out this problem are in no way going to fix anything.

    Leave just may assist, just might, if the underlying matter was a one off as the uninformed seem to think they are and the affected person/s decided, as we all logically think, to up sticks and move away and end the chapter of their lives. But that rarely happens and taking time off work is not a factor in many cases. Many are unemployed or full time parents.

    There are so many roadblocks to dealing with the symptoms of this hideous violence let alone the causes but the number one issue is the security of those who want to walk away but cannot because there is in essence nowhere for them to go. Can you imagine having to deal with WINZ for example telling them you have had to uproot your family to another address and all that aggro and time that will go with that, in the environment Bennett and others have created? Imagine trying to find that other address anyway! Good luck to you.

    And furthermore there is no teeth in law to deal with it if the victims will not speak out because of that fear. These are areas the lawmakers need to look at now and urgently.

    But will they, I doubt it. The slur of being part of domestic violence makes you a loser in the eyes of the winners that is the model of government we have, even though it crosses all income boundaries. And because so very few, if any, who are in a position to assist in Parliament really know what happens in these households and if you don’t know what you don’t know it next to impossible to find a solution!

    • Cinny 2.1

      so very few, if any, who are in a position to assist in Parliament really know what happens in these households and if you don’t know what you don’t know it’s next to impossible to find a solution!

      Nailed it Keith, well said.

      • marty mars 2.1.1

        Domestic violence is rife and they know about it all right but like most they minimise it, ignore it, pretend it is something else -someone else, hide it, and just hope some magic fairys will make it all go away. It is INCREASING and as the pressure in society increases it will increase at a greater rate imo.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      And although I loathe this government to the very last thread of their overpriced spiv suits, leave provisions to assist in sorting out this problem are in no way going to fix anything.

      And just when did you become omniscient?

      I personally think that it will help tremendously simply because it will give people the time and community support that they need to sort things out. And that’s both the victims and the perpetrators.

      • Keith 2.2.1

        Omniscient is a big word that is too big for me.

        But anyway Draco, what community support? This is NZ, 2017!

        And as I said many don’t have paid employment and to be blunt getting away from the home even if they are employed is a paradise compared to being there.

        • Draco T Bastard

          But anyway Draco, what community support?

          Legislation such as this shows those in an abusive situation that they have support from the community and thus give them the strength to leave.

          Of course, more needs to be done.

          And as I said many don’t have paid employment and to be blunt getting away from the home even if they are employed is a paradise compared to being there.

          And so those people who are shouldn’t get any support?

          • Keith

            Few want to know or want to get involved in the swamp of someones toxic relationship but there should be provision and finance from government agencies other than the police to actively get involved in domestic violence. I do not think there is anything out there in the community to do that.

            Our government does not do losers and they see these people as losers and as a result they don’t give a damn what happens. They would never admit it but to them this is because those “types” who do not donate to the National Party make bad choices, and if they just worked harder, got an education and grew their own vegetables (I don’t want to impinge on classic trademark Newstalk ZB mantra, but it says it all) and sorted their shit out it would all go away.

            And no, leave entitlements don’t exist for people who are not employed.

            Anyway this is fiddling while Rome burns. I am sure that this idea was with the best intent but it strongly suggests whoever thought it up thinks addressing vague symptoms is doing something. It is not.

            • Draco T Bastard

              And no, leave entitlements don’t exist for people who are not employed.

              Leave entitlements are for those that need them. The majority of people are employed and relationship abuse doesn’t just happen to those unemployed as you think.

              Really, all I’m seeing from you is bigotry against those unemployed. To put it another way: You’re part of the problem.

              • Keith

                I’ll try and guide you through this gently.

                I’ll try and spell it out real simple, because if you read what I said in the first place you would see what I said. “Many are unemployed or full time parents” (NOT ALL ARE UNEMPLOYED). And full time parenting is a full time unpaid job, it really is. It is not a bigotry on the unemployed, its again, the real world.

                And then I said “even though it crosses all income boundaries” meaning it happens in houses of wealth and of the poor. No Draco, it does, really, you know people with money to burn, people who work, that sort of thing! But it does afflict the lower socio-economic groups more because their lives have so much more pressure namely lack of money.

                And it is so basic but if you don’t have an employer how do you get this leave provision??? Tell me how does this half arse tinkering help those people even a teency tiny bit?

                Again it is pissing about making good people feel good about themselves achieving nothing when real work needs to be done, right now in the area of domestic violence.

                • Draco T Bastard

                  And it is so basic but if you don’t have an employer how do you get this leave provision?

                  Well, obviously, you don’t.

                  Tell me how does this half arse tinkering help those people even a teency tiny bit?

                  And so you declare, yet again, that people who work shouldn’t get help because it doesn’t help everybody.

                  But it does afflict the lower socio-economic groups more because their lives have so much more pressure namely lack of money.

                  [citation needed]

                  In fact, I read an article a few months back that estimated that abuse may actually happen more in rich families and get hidden more because of the pressure to front a perfect family.

                  As I said, more needs to be done but we shouldn’t wait round for a perfect solution because then we really will do nothing. This is just one step that needs to be taken.

                  • Andrea

                    “This is just one step that needs to be taken.”

                    Based on results from other equality attempts, we then stand still for another half century or so until the next step is taken.

                    It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ but it does have to be more comprehensive. Ten days paid matters not a jot when the perpetrator ensures that the victim gets no money anyway. Or has to account for every sum, every minute.

                    I’m pleased that Ms Logie has included men. Long overdue.

  3. Cinny 3

    You would have to be heartless to not vote for this bill to go ahead

    Imagine this, your abuser drops you off and picks you up from work, dictates what you wear, and threatens you with your life and the lives of others if you tell anyone. Because that is the reality of it for some.
    The beatings are well hidden, bruises and scars can be covered when they are selectively placed.

    This bill offers help and hope to those suffering from the sort of abuse others could not even imagine.

    Kudos Jan and to all those whom support and vote for this bill, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

    To the outgoing government and any who vote against it, you are the type of people who perpetuate and excuse domestic violence, you are the enablers, the gutless, the cowards. You have no place in any parliament, especially in our parliament.

    • Draco T Bastard 3.1

      To the outgoing government and any who vote against it, you are the type of people who perpetuate and excuse domestic violence, you are the enablers, the gutless, the cowards. You have no place in any parliament, especially in our parliament.


  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    Reposted link:
    Domestic violence leave a small cost to employers but priceless to victims

    When Simon Earle decided to make five days’ domestic violence leave available to his 30 employees, he wasn’t concerned about the extra cost to his payroll.

    As it turns out, he had good reason. In more than three years, only one person has used it – for one day – even though it is open to victims and perpetrators.

    Yes, we can just leave it to the employers and some will do it (a very small minority) but we need to have it available for everyone and thus it needs to be compulsory.

  5. adam 5

    From a government who cut support to women’s refuge. Who would expect anything less?

    This lot are lacking in any ideas, except more austerity.

    Now they have even given up, listening to business.

  6. greywarshark 6

    Government won’t support victims of domestic violence.
    Government won’t support victims of violence.
    Government won’t support victims.
    Government won’t support.
    Government won’t……………………………….!
    Govern meant?

    Men as well as women are victims of this government’s violence. How can we socialise men as well as their families to not be violent, when the government actually leads the way to violence and depravity?

    From Idiot Savant
    Judith Collins is to blame for this rape
    When Judith Collins introduced double-bunking into New Zealand prisons, she was warned that it would lead to more rapes. She didn’t care. The news today reports that a prisoner has been raped due to double-bunking – a rape made possible by the policy Collins introduced. I don’t think that it was a desired outcome of the policy, but it was a likely one, and Collins has showed depraved indifference to it. And that makes her criminally culpable. She should be in the dock too.

    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 2/14/2017 03:00:00 PM Links to this post
    Labels: Corrections, Judith Collins, Justice (Just ice in my wine thanks, is her type.)

  7. Korero Pono 7

    What this government does is makes it harder for women to leave, cutting funding across social services, using the benefit system to control and subject women to further abuse at the hands of over zealous public servants, forcing women into poverty, causing further stress and mental health issues. In reality the government is not much different than perpetrators of domestic violence, except their abuse is legislated and deemed acceptable by many.

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