Govt to slash jobs in health and education

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Before the last election John Key promised the public service would be capped, because that’s what Kiwis wanted. That promise is now lying in tatters as jobs in education and health are to be slashed.

3 News reports on State Services Minister Tony Ryall’s announcement on The Nation this morning the government is to cut hundreds more jobs in the public health and education sectors:

The Government has revealed it’s intending to cut several hundred extra jobs from the public sector, on top of the 460 jobs already targeted to go.

Speaking on The Nation this morning, State Services Minister Tony Ryall put the public sector on notice.

“I think we’ll see several hundred more over that 500,” said Mr Ryall. “That’s a reflection of the fact that individual government departments are looking at how best they can organise themselves with no funding increases.”

With mining, privatisation, and now this, Mr Key shouldn’t act surprised if he suffers from the Rudd effect. This government is getting more and more out of touch.

Kiwis didn’t vote for this.

29 comments on “Govt to slash jobs in health and education”

  1. old story – radio did it 6 weeks ago

  2. tsmithfield 2

    “That’s a reflection of the fact that individual government departments are looking at how best they can organise themselves with no funding increases.’

    No funding increases sounds like “capped” to me.

    Anyway, “capped” means something can’t get bigger. It doesn’t mean it can’t get smaller. I am sure that if the gulf oil gusher was capped, there would be no argument about whether it was “capped” or not if the pressure against the cap reduced.

    • Ari 2.1

      ts, John Key referred to attrition reducing the size of the public service, and not funding cuts or firings. He clearly misled us.

      • tsmithfield 2.1.1

        Redistribution of resources is not the same thing as reduction in resources.

        • smokie

          It’s not a redistribution. Read the fucking budget.

        • Margaret

          Redistribution of resourses means giving less service to the taxpayer so the Government makes more, in other words getting the books ready for sale.

          Probably going to float them on the sharemarket to be purchased by John Keys chosen few, thats the only mum and dad investers who will have the extra money in tax breaks to play the market.

          John Key has already given them approval to call anyone who dissaproves “envious”, I’m not envious, I’m bloody mad!

    • handle 2.2

      “Capped” does not mean the same as “already got rid of 1500 public servants before April this year”, does it? What’s another 1000 between friends.

  3. It’s not all bad according to

    “Finance Minister Bill English has previously said the reduction in state sector positions was ongoing. However, there would be an increase in some public sector jobs such as police officers, prison officers, community probation staff and WINZ staff.”

    In spite of the cuts or as a result of?

  4. WOOF 4

    I wanna bite him! 👿

  5. I dreamed a dream 5

    “Mr Key shouldn’t act surprised if he suffers from the Rudd effect.”

    That’s my dream. I hope it comes true though.

  6. ak 6

    Yesireee. Gotta pay for them tax cuts for the rich somehow. Provincial hospital closures on the horizon – and then there’s this that fell off the back of a truck:

    Level: AAA+ immediate: Read + Destroy.


    Registered Risk #0068: Local govt election rout.

    Poll trends indicate a stubborn and widespread resistance to the reform of local government in Auckland, despite the constant and concerted deployment of standard amelioration and opinion-guiding methods. This is the third instance since mid-2006 in which standard operating techniques have failed and indicates a very high/almost certain risk of the ” autonomous opinion’ trend of Standard Priority One Risk #001 as experienced on Mining and Asset Sales. Due to unavoidable timing issues around the 2010 Budget announcement, there exists the consequential medium- high/probable risk of a “brushfire’ effect leading to devastating results in the Local Government elections, in turn leading into the final pre-general election period. Note: These risks, while already elevated, are exacerbated exponentially in the event of widespread “media avoidance’ practices (leafleting, marches, “corner meetings’ etc) in the Auckland area.

    Likelihood: Possible/Almost certain. (To be raised to Definite in event of even moderate “grassroots’ opposition activity.)

    Consequence: Extreme/Catastrophic.

    Risk mitigations (if any):

    (1) Essential to lead Budget announcement opinion as first priority. Redouble inputs into standard procedures and ensure supporting opinion leaders for the Budget announcement by increasing pressure via key advertisers, on-line polls/comments and inside personnel.
    (2) Due to high likelihood and catastrophic factors, pre-scheduled implementation of the following extreme “distract-attract’ measures is also highly recommended:
    (3) Reaffirmation of successful 2004 “one law for all’ message. Opportunity should exist within the framework of the current negotiations with Tuhoe and/or Foreshore and Seabed.
    (4) Reaffirmation of the aim to end Welfare Dependency. Opportunity for a Ministerial statement around the Welfare Working Group/budget adjustments.
    (5) Early release of Credit Card Rort report . Timed to follow (3) and (4) and including Brown data, carries momentum directly into Local Government arena.

    Completion date: 20/06/10

    Success Indicators:
    Measured increase in press/talkback/news support for Budget announcement.
    Continued success in public polls.
    Increased in-fighting among and within opposition parties as measured in press coverage.
    Increased disillusionment with Leader of Opposition including increase in calls for resignation on talkback, blogs etc.
    Increased disillusionment among opposition activists (thus stymieing the high risk of “grassroots’ activity) as measured by comments on left-wing blogs.

    Current status at 25/06/10: On track.

  7. Craig Glen Eden 7

    Just a small but significant point we were promised 400 extra nurses from the National Party last election!

    One more lie from MR Smile and Wave ?

  8. infused 8

    Actually, kiwis did vote for this. A reduction in the public sector.

  9. toldyouso 9

    if you voted for john key you are getting exactly what he promised you … national party does not care about the average new zealander just getting more money in their pockets. thankfully I A) didn’t vote for this (I knew it would happen) and B) no longer reside in New Zealand where I have to watch my beloved country be destroyed in one term by greedy business men.

  10. . This shocking cut back will affect thousands of people .Hospital,waiting list, education and the end of the ‘Public Service’ So what will our Right-Wing press do with gthis latest news.Very little , in fact ghey will most likely come out with some minor sensation to distract the public. They may even tell us its good government.

    • As have said mant times before the Political Right world widew have Crosby/Textor. There is no doubt they are a super PR group.
      They are responsible for burying bad news but enlarging any good news.
      Listen to the Nat MPs they never once mis a chance to tell the great unwashed that theybare now suffering because of Labour. Any interview and even in Parliament. Even people like Boag use the media to blame Labour. Our MPs had better start to harden up and start attacking this lot full time.

      • swimmer 10.1.1

        I hope so, it’s pretty quitet on the Labour front!

      • Well since my above comment I have gone and reread the Herald . Not a word about the cuts.It was on Nation Sat morning but how many people watch Nation?
        It will be interesting to see what the clown has on Q&A.
        The whole of the Media is a disgrace. There is no decent/independent current affairs programme on TV. The Nation may improve but its on Saturday 11am. My main source almost my only source for political information is the Standard,
        With respect , this excellent news outlet its not enough ,The great unwashed out there need a decent daily .Some hope . I dispair !!!
        Having said that the interview with Ryall showed what a cold scary person he is. He seemed quite pleased that he was putting hundreds of decent “hard working Kiwis” ( I hate that phrase adopted by the Nat’s)
        out of work. The rest having to take wage cuts ,This from the most vocal of the “catch up to Aussie gang,”

  11. IF the government wants to reduce jobs it should aim for these areas – winz, police, probation, jails – this would be an indication that all its other policies were on the right track.

  12. sean14 12

    Kiwis didn’t vote for this.

    I think the next election will prove that Kiwis are quite comfortable with it.

    Even if they aren’t, I think John Key will get re-elected anyway. I know the left has to back Phil Goff because he’s spent 25 odd years slaving away for his shot at being Prime Minister, but he is simply unelectable.

    • swimmer 12.1

      Isn’t this a thread about Ryall’s slash’n’burn of the health system? Phil Goff has a chance of winning the next election, and having a swipe at him is really going off topic.

      • sean14 12.1.1

        Of course I’m on topic. Michael thinks that Kiwis didn’t vote for this “slashing” as he puts it, and I think they are quite comfortable with it. The next election will be the proof.

        Phil Goff does have a chance at winning the next election, but only in the sense that he will be the only other guy in the ring. If you put Steve Urkel up against Mike Tyson he’d theoretically have a chance, but nobody would seriously rate him.

        You might get lucky though, John might lose the plot completely and have a nibble on Phil’s ear on live TV.

  13. Macro 13

    “Kiwis didn’t vote for this.”

    Actually they did! Anyone who knew what NACT stood for would have told them that that was what they were voting for. And if they had bothered to listen they would have heard you, and I, and most commentators here, telling them that very fact. “A vote for NACT is a vote to cut Govt services.” It was said over and over again.

    So we must conclude that what the majority of NZers want is a cut in Govt services. ie cuts in education and health and welfare and military and police and justice and MAF and …….
    Well that is what they voted for.

  14. felix 14

    What a lovely spam! Very helpful!

    [Deleted. We get 99.9% of it – sigh! — r0b]

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