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Last year a new TV show HungryBeast ran a check on how gullible the news media were. They generated a bogus institute, website, and a rather dodgy press release about a survey on how gullible different cities in aussie are.

Here is the video describing what happened.

At least our media wouldn’t be taken in like the aussies.. yeah right… They fact check everything… damn… Please tell me that they aren’t that gullible?

Am I getting fed bullshit spin instead of news.

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7 comments on “Gullible media”

  1. bobo 1

    I would love to know what percentage of MSM daily news are actually press releases, the MSM media are like a lazy student who has to write an essay the night before just copying someones essay with a few word changes here and there, then marking it themselves with an A.

  2. Rex Widerstrom 2

    Hungry Beast is a strange beast — a collective of hip young things visibly straining to be cool; the most unfunny, drawn out, laboured attempts at sketch comedy ever to make it on screen; and some of the best, pithy, behind-the-news stuff I’ve ever seen – the above being but one example.

    It’s well worth a look (just grit your teeth through all the hipsterishness) and is available to NZers thanks to the ABC’s excellent iview site (I’m assuming they’re not wankers like TVNZ and thus don’t block overseas IP addresses from accessign content).

    • lprent 2.1

      No such luck… Blocked at ABC and at the shows website.

      • Rex Widerstrom 2.1.1

        That’s such bullshit. I can understand blocking overseas access to imported shows (ABC also streams a lot of BBC etc shows for about 2 weeks after their airdates. Great way to catch up if you missed it and, like me, your increasing senility means you know how to program your PVR, you can just never remember to do it) because of rights limitations.

        But blocking locally made stuff?! I have to rely on Youtube for Eating Media Lunch, Russell Brown’s excellent show, and other stuff… why, when shows like Colbert Nation and The Daily Show et al make free with their clips?

        The irony is, aside from the odd gem as I’ve named above, I’d rather pour bleach in my eyeballs than wath most of the crap on TVNZ or TV3, especially the imported stuff.

        Actually come to think of it, I can understand the ABC being blocked in NZ… it’s probably to keep the peace with TVNZ because if NZers got to see what real current affairs looked like (7.30 Report, Insiders, Lateline, Australian Story, Four Corners and heaps more) they’d realise what a mangy flea-ridden dog of a public broadcaster TVNZ actually is.

  3. Cnr Joe 3

    I just got lost following the hungrybeast mini clips after the main one, Thanks Lp, never heard of the show b4, and yes Rexy – hip but cool, and some essential material there for the young uns like the piece on our digital afterlife..

  4. freedom 4

    The lazy student pilosophy is rampant and when newspapers from different hemispheres, let alone different cities, are printing word for word AP and Reuters ‘articles’ you realise pretty quickly there are no longer any Editors fighting, but if there are still one or two left in the wild, it looks like they are only getting weaker

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