Hager to speak at Drinking Liberally – Wellington

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This is one not to be missed.

Nicky Hager will be speaking at Drinking Liberally – Wellington this coming Thursday.

Hager, author of The Hollow Men – shortly to screen as a movie at the International Film Festival – is back in the spotlight this week following this article in the Sunday Star Times.

In it, Nicky details the National Party’s continuing associations with controversial political pollsters and PR people Crosby Textor. They’re now helping to brand John Key. In the past they’ve been linked to John Howard’s manipulation of the Tampa incident, illegally push polling on abortion, and some of the more negative aspects of Boris Johnson’s London Mayoralty campaign.

Nicky’s going to talk about what it is that puts so many people off politics with specific reference to Crosby Textor.

Should be a great talk – see you there!

WHAT  Drinking Liberally Wellington
WHEN  5:30pm, Thu 3 July
WHERE  Southern Cross, Abel Smith Street
SPEAKER Nicky Hager (from 6pm)
CONTACT wellington@drinkingliberally.org

13 comments on “Hager to speak at Drinking Liberally – Wellington”

  1. roger nome 1

    I hope that establishment has some good security. I’d hate to see one of the kiwiblog right’s more unhinged members have a go at Hager. I know it sounds a bit alarmist, but some of the comments on that blog about Hager do make you wonder.

  2. Lew 2

    BYO tinfoil hat, Roger.


  3. roger nome 3

    Lew – it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to be worried about possible violent propensities amongst the kiwiblog right. I know of at least one that’s been convicted for a violent offence.

  4. Lew 4

    Roger: Give over. I know plenty of lefties who’ve been convicted of violent offences, including several MPs. If Michael Cullen didn’t bring any goons with him to the Cross, why on earth would Hager have anything to fear?

    In any case, they’d have a bunch of burly trade-unionists and such to deal with if they did. We’re not all wimpy career public servants 😉

    Perhaps instead of a tinfoil hat, you could bring a motorbike helmet. Just the other week I was lamenting the fact that hardly anyone I know owns a motorbike helmet any more. I can lend you one if you like.


  5. mike 5

    I think you are safe Rodger.

    The thought of a crowd of seething lefties in a conspiracy orgy will keep most normal people at some distance.

  6. Tane 6

    Lew, Roger has been threatened with violence from Kiwiblog commenters. Something along the lines of “I know who you are, I know where you live, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t come round to your house tomorrow and beat the crap out of you.”

    I don’t think there’d be any violence at something like this, but I’d give Roger a break if I were you.

  7. Lew 7

    Tane: Ah well, I wasn’t aware of that. Nevertheless, people talk big on the internet, but that talk doesn’t tend to transfer through into meatspace.


  8. T-rex 8

    “I know who you are, I know where you live, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t come round to your house tomorrow and beat the crap out of you.’

    I can’t think of a single good reason. I mean there’s “Because you’ve warned me, so the police will be there to arrest you on attempted assault charges, and you’ll go to prison where you belong” – but I’d say that was a good reason FOR them to do it. At least from my/rogers perspective.

    Lew – I’m not a burly trade unionist but I DO have a motorbike helmet! Not motorbike anymore though 🙁 I miss you motorbike.

    The one thing that always stuck in my mind wearing a motorbike helmet though was just how flimsy the connection between your head and the rest of your body is.

    I don’t know how anyone can argue intelligent design when it’s so obvious that the result is riddled with flaws.

  9. Matthew Pilott 9

    “Mediocre Design”? Doesn’t really fit in that well with omnipotence or omnicsience though.

  10. roger nome – if you’re worried about sdecurity, you’d better make sure they know what Len Richards looks like!!

  11. lprent 12

    SP: The usual alternative is IRL (in real life).. Sort of sounds like you’re normally dead to me

  12. r0b 13

    Also used is f2f (face to face).

    I’m sorry to miss this one, Hager should be fascinating. Heard him speak at another public event a while back, he’s well worth listening to (though very discrete about his sources!).

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