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Happy Gilmore returns

Written By: - Date published: 5:36 pm, February 15th, 2013 - 13 comments
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So Aaron Gilmore returns as ex-speaker Lockwood Smith heads to London.  His Prime Ministerial ambitions can finally continue…

Ever since Lynn wrote his sad goodbye to Aaron after he was knocked out on special votes at the last election, we’ve been waiting for his return.  Finally we have it!  One of National’s brightest talents is back in the fold.  Can he match Hekia’s unparallelled communication abilities?  You bet!  This is the man who has ”been everywhere, done everything, and met everyone”.

For more enjoyment, see this facebook photostream.


13 comments on “Happy Gilmore returns”

  1. George D 1

    I heard that the last National caucus leadership vote was anything but unanimous.

  2. Northshoreguynz 2

    Holy shit! Things are that bad in the National Party. Whoo hoo.

  3. IrishBill 3

    Another Collins vote in the caucus, eh?

  4. xtasy 4

    Oh, a “smart young man in a suit”, and with a Masters degree of Commerce in Economics.

    After working in public service under National led governments in the 1990 he went into the “bean counting” business as “advisor” for Ernst and Young and other enterprises. He also worked as corporate development manager, and already in the 1990s worked under Tony Ryall to prepare state owned enterprises for privatisation.

    So another aspiring “Slippery” careerist, who went back into politics under Key as leader.

    Just reading his CV and background is enough to tell me about the man, and what he stands for. Nothing new for that lot.

  5. sam 5

    still a right wing penis.

  6. bad12 6

    Yes but can you identify the piece of dead animal currently stapled to the middle of His cranium,

    Other noted dead animals to feature in the Parliament attached to Members heads are:

    (1), Skunk, what gives the Hairdo from Ohariu Peter Dunne that multi-faceted look,

    (2), Raccoon, attached to the cranium of Maurice Williamson this is said to often provide Him with the itch to paint a target on the back of Slippery the Prime Minister,

    (3), The soft hairs plucked from the anus crack of a blind donkey called Brucie, worn as the favorite of none other than Slippery the Prime Minister, who has yet to figure out why they are all laughing when He hasn’t cracked the first joke yet…

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