Has Hillary Clinton hired Bernie Sanders’ social media team?

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Bernie Sanders’ campaign social media has been extraordinary.  Just check out his campaign videos if you want to see why.  Of course the criticism is that these videos will only persuade those who already care about social justice and environmental protection to vote and they were going to vote anyway but dang they are good.

It looks like Hilary Clinton may have tapped into this deep vein of quality.  Because her latest campaign video is superb.

It is based on this video which depicts an intelligent critical Republican who cannot contemplate voting for Barry Goldwater in 1964 because Goldwater was so bad.

The Actor, William Bogert, was interviewed by Tommy Christopher of the Daily Banter revenly and asked about Trump. The article says this:

There’s a really old Lyndon Johnson campaign ad that’s burning up the internet because the guy in the 1964 “Confessions of a Republican” ad sounds like he could be talking about Donald Trump in 2016. The parallels really are quite eerie, but before I play you the whole ad, there’s one section that grabbed me, and also shows the biggest difference between 1964 and today. This is actor Bill Bogert talking about then-nominee Barry Goldwater:

Who are they? I mean, when the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party — either they’re not Republicans or I’m not.

For all the similarities between Bogert’s “confession” and today’s Republican agita at Trump’s rise, there’s a major difference. A Republican in 1964 could fairly claim that Goldwater’s brand of conservatism had snuck up on him, but in 2016, Trump isn’t sneaking up on anyone. He’s been carefully grown and tended like the Death’s Head moth in Silence of the Lambs. Any Republican with the nerve to be surprised by Trump today deserves every pang of discomfort.

So what does Hillary’s team do?  They create Confessions of a Republican version 2.  And here it is.


18 comments on “Has Hillary Clinton hired Bernie Sanders’ social media team?”

  1. miravox 1

    Heh! The modern attention span. From more than four minutes in the Johnson campaign down to one minute for the Clinton campaign. Though I assume Clinton’s ads will be the earlier campaign sliced and diced over a series of ads.

  2. Siobhan 2

    “It looks like Hilary Clinton may have tapped into this deep vein of quality. Because her latest campaign video is superb.” Did you have to say that? They just copied and rehashed an old campaign. You might as well say Melania Trump ‘tapped into a deep vein of quality’ by copying Michelle Obamas speech.

    • Sabine 2.1

      And if Meliana Trump and DA Trump would have said that the whole thing would have blown over into a ‘imitation is the highest art of flattery’. It is the denying and insisting that she did come up with that on her own that is petty and petulant

      Nah, going back to something that was well done and do it well again, makes for a win. So yes, that campaign video is good maybe even superb. Every now and then we should allow the witch the right to actually do something well.

      • Siobhan 2.1.1

        I totally get what you saying, but, no one ever said the Right or Centrists or whatever, lack good PR.
        They are ‘superb’ at advertising, hence our present state of affairs.
        I still don’t feel we need need to complement them.
        Oil companies also run great campaigns. Google, facebook…they are all ‘superb’. I’m sure Goldman Sachs aren’t slackers either. And as every 15 year old boy scribbling graffiti in text books will tell you, the Nazis had the best advertising designers ever.
        The witch’s campaign is all a master stroke..she is an appalling person with a disastrous track record, and yet there she is…Trumps supporters are so far gone, they don’t even care what the man says, hence existentialist statements like “you don’t need to build a wall to build a wall”.
        But Hilaries supporters are supposedly people with some grasp of reality, yet thanks to a great campaign they don’t see the irony of so many of her so-called positions.

        Fun fact, when you spell “Golmansachs” wrong, spelling auto check offers up ‘Egomaniacs’ as a correction.

        • Sabine

          you know what bores me most of all are people that call other people supporters just because they don’t render their garments in disgust every time Hilary does something.

          As i said, every now and then the wicked witch gets something right. It was a well done campaign ad. And it all ends here.

          and frankly does anyone really believe that the status quo in the states is going to change when trump wins? With pence and the republican congress/senate at their sides.

          They are both bad Triump and Hillary, in fact even bernie was useless…he should have run as an independent and could be on the ballot as such this year but no,…..lets run on the democratic ticket.

          All waiting for Godot.

    • mickysavage 2.2

      Agreed it was a clear rehash of the original. But a deliberate one. Melania’s effort was somewhat more sneaky.

      • adam 2.2.1

        But was it, or did they play right into the hands of left wing intellectuals to get the response they wanted.

        I mean look at some of the comments on here, good examples of the kind of fodder the Trump campaign feeds to it supports, with the line. “Those nasty left wing liberals picking on Trump’s wife.”

        This is not a facts war, Trump don’t play that game.

  3. save nz 3

    It’s good. But again the scary thing, is that bad candidates are winning by campaigning on worse candidates getting in.

    It will work for the election. But the long term future of the US and the world, not so sure Clinton is going to make a positive difference.

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    The video is a nice appeal to the older white conservative vote, particularly wavering Republicans who wanted Kusinich or Rubio or Bush or Carson or Cruz or…to win the nomination.

    Problem is, this demographic overwhelmingly dislikes the Clintons more than Trump, so the video is working up hill.

    As for people still bringing up the 7% of Melania’s speech which was plagiarised, I think you’re missing what she was saying in the other 93% of her speech, and also the political message Trump sent by personally introducing his immigrant Slovenian wife on to the podium.

    • McFlock 4.1

      100% of the speech was plagiarised. They initially said that she wrote it with a little help, not that she dictated general examples over the phone to the actual writer who took it from there.

      7% was plagiarised, apparently, from one of those examples that she read over the phone yet didn’t recall reading when she got the draft.

  5. Bill 5

    Any idea what the subliminal image at 39 sec is all about? Unless the version of the campaign add shown here has been badly edited, there’s a frame or two, presumably from the original LBJ campaign ad, spliced into the mix. An odd thing to do.

    • mickysavage 5.1

      Yep it is at least one screen shot from the original ad.

    • Lanthanide 5.2

      I don’t find this ad very good at all. I don’t think it’s going to be convincing to anyone who wasn’t already going to support hillary.

      The little ‘subliminal slip’ is likely to be a nod and a wink for anyone who has seen the original ad on the internet. Which is only going to be a very small number of people watching this ad on TV who even catch the glimpse, most of whom are left-leaning already anyway (shared via social media).

      I was expecting that the ad would fade or cut to the original version and have some tag line like “America avoided a disaster in 1964, lets make sure we avoid it again this time” or something. Like, some sort of direct tie-back to the original ad.

      Unless they plan to do more of a series of these ads, I think this was a missed opportunity.

  6. Ad 6

    Looking forward to seeing more attempts at peeling off soft Republicans.

    Very useful to see what could be applied here:
    “I’ve always voted National, but now…..”

    • Oh, yes! Excellent thought, Ad.

    • Puckish Rogue 6.2

      Remember that can easily be flipped about

      • Crashcart 6.2.1

        Also remember this guy comes from a Republican party that use to be Progressive. I am pretty sure the period referenced was during the Republicans “Southern Strategy” where they deliberately targeted Racist White voters in the South who use to be the Democratic Party rank and file.

        As a republican back then he was probably further left than a large number of Democrats today.

        • Puckish Rogue

          TBH I’d suggest to both National and Labour to avoid the US election as much as possible until its over

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