Have a coffee and a yarn with Andrew Little on Labour Day (Auckland)

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This invitation’s gone out to Labour members in Auckland earlier today.

Are you free for a coffee and a yarn with Labour leadership candidate Andrew Little this Monday?

He’ll be at the Servo Cafe in Te Atatu from 2:30 for an informal get-together to share his vision for Labour and New Zealand and to answer your questions.

What: Coffee and a yarn
Where: The Servo cafe, 458 Old Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu
When : 2:30 pm Monday the 27th October

If you’ve any questions about the event (or anything else) you can reach Andrew at

Look forward to seeing you there.

PS: If you haven’t already done so, please help make a stand against National’s attack on New Zealanders’ right to a tea-break at work by signing our petition at http://action.labour.org.nz/save-our-breaks

17 comments on “Have a coffee and a yarn with Andrew Little on Labour Day (Auckland)”

  1. Chooky 1

    He looks a nice guy….will Nanaia Mahuta be there with him?…and David Cunliffe?

    • Chooky 1.1

      i would prefer to have a coffee with Little (and Mahuta and Cunliffe)…than that jumped up w…er Parker or the pret..der Robertson (and Adern)…

  2. ankerawshark 2

    Chooky @1 The “A” team. Better without the B’s and the ……………C’s (creeps, I can’t use the other c word).

    • Chooky 2.1

      lol…as a new $5 Labour Party member i would go along …except I am a long way from Auckland!

  3. whateva next? 3

    Having attended the husting in wellington, I left feeling pretty frustrated that I had to to choose between 4 excellent candidates, any one of which I would have been happy to see as Prime Minister.
    Also the fact they are being put in a position of having to compete against each other seems counter productive, but I imagine they are big enough to also cooperate when the time comes.
    I hope people take the opportunity to meet with Andrew and be as convinced as I was by his substance and sincerity. He already has connected with NZers, and met with many workers, and spent alot of his career behind the scenes finding out what troubles NZers, and what will help to increase a sense of security/ stability.
    I remain concerned that this will become a personality contest, and we will forget that running the country is a serious business.
    Andrew is doing this for all the right reasons, and I appreciate he is prepared to take on this challenge, all the very best to you Andrew.

  4. Chooky 4


    There is a need for a strong Labour Leader and policies which appeal to the Labour voting public

    interesting that in a National radio doc this morning on why Labour failed to win the Election…it came across loud and clear from people in South Auckland that they wanted another strong identifiable Labour leader like Helen Clark

    ….what also came across loud and clear from Jim Anderton is that you dont bring in controversial policies for your own voting constituency while in Opposition

    eg raising the age of Super … many in South Auckland wanted to retire back to the Pacific Islands…and raising the age of Super by two years was not a winner!..(.and they dont read the detail on implementation)…Nor was Capital Gains Tax a winner!…according to Anderton you do this while in government where you can explain and cushion such policies with others



    • Cave Johnson 4.1

      Yes, Chooky. Agree. When you’re in oppo trying to get in you need a flagship financial policy (like raising the top tax rate) and a flagship social policy (I would class increase in min wage as a social policy) to show your colours, and then you talk in general terms about improvements in various areas. From your 2 headline policies (one financial and one social) the public will judge your approach. Also having CGT and 67 (pitched as a financial policy) without enough public understanding was 2 headline financial policies too many. It might be OK if there was widespread unrest out there, but given that middle NZ thinks they’re doing OK at the moment, major changes were not going to be welcome. It’s not about embracing neoliberalism either, it’s about getting elected and bringing the centre of public opinion with you as you expand your program.

  5. whateva next? 5

    Yep, I spoke with plenty of people who voted Labour for local candidate (caring for them) and National for Party vote (caring for their wallets)

  6. lprent 6

    The servo cafe is chocka with people.

    I am sure that there are even a few non NZLP customers.

    • lprent 6.1

      Phil T and Carmel here. Along with about 60+ others.

      Talking about the change in vote – downwards.

      Good on a stump speech these days. One thing about a leadership campaign. Makes people get better fast.

        • lprent

          It is in his electorate. I suspect that if Jacinda wasn’t sick she would have been at the Parker meeting on Friday.

          I also suspect two things.

          Audrey makes up lots of crap, and doesn’t understand STV.

          Most MPs aren’t commited, or not commited to all four votes.

          They have also finally realized that they damn well need to desilo factions. I suspect that there was an interesting laying down of the rules of this campaign.

    • lprent 6.2

      As he points out, he has a track record in reforming organizations.


    • lprent 6.3


      Housing and rest of the economy. CGT is further down line – losing votes at present.

      Interesting, he has separated on that…

      Caucus? MMP campaign in party?

      Pulling anyone through in caucus who has talent.

      Looked at silos inside the party.

  7. Anne 7

    I turned up late having gone the wrong way along Te Atatu Rd and closing in fast on Henderson. Knew something was wrong.

    I like Little’s plain, no nonsense approach. Would go down well with Mr and Mrs Waitakere.

    In answer to a question on Dirty Politics he claimed the Nat MPs have been told to steer clear of Slater. Thinks the only one still talking to him is Collins. He also seemed to think Key has been more damaged by the revelations than the election result might suggest – words to that effect.

    • lprent 7.1

      I was reasonably impressed. He was pretty down to earth about things that need to be done.

      • Anne 7.1.1

        Yes. And we know from his management of the EPMU that he will actually do what needs to be done and in double quick time – no farting about with philosophical debates and focus groups!

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