Hide shoots the messenger

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Hide says his comment that Key “doesn’t do anything” was “taken out of context” by the reporter.

It’s a direct attack on van Beyan’s professionalism. Reminiscent of Key’s smears after his “we would love to see wages drop” quoted was reported. 

Van Beyan should stand up for himself and his profession by releasing his full notes of Hide’s comments.

17 comments on “Hide shoots the messenger”

  1. i wonder what defence Hide will fabricate for his little trip to Disneyland?


  2. greenfly 2

    Did he ever return?

    Mickey Mouse outfit, Act.

  3. Razorlight 3

    Lets all say it together


    • kaplan 3.1

      Why? Because you think if we all say it at once it will make it true?

      • felix 3.1.1

        Hey do you think that might work? Let’s try. All together now:

        “Fuck off back to the bog Razorlight you tiresome troll”

        Or does it only work in allcaps?

  4. tc 4

    All this is pretty predictable from the pinstriped little dictator but where’s the opposition members siezing upon this as yet another example of a shambolic, disconnected, self serving coalition without effective leadership rushing around with no cross checking or robust critical analysis on the likes of Wodney and others.
    The comment about showing up with papers and not being reviewed as everyones too busy should be stacked up against the overseas trips and other snout in the trough activities to paint a lazy gov’t…….the royal commission already visited the super cities so what did they miss that wodney needed to personally visit them for……perhaps one for question time.
    Hide’s let the gennie out of the bottle on the inner workings and it explains why Tolley/Smith and others manage to start fires just like kids left alone with matches.

    • “manage to start fires just like kids left alone with matches”

      nice line

      • mickysavage 4.1.1


        It actually explains a lot. This may be a “beltway” issue but the perception is of a bunch of Ministers doing their own thing with no coordination and no overall management. The worse the Minister is the more bizarre their policy is.

        And nice Mr Key is in overall control. Kiwis may like him because he does not appear to be a politician and is relaxed about everything but the chaos of his government is only going to get worse.

  5. Lew 5

    Not sure who this van Beyan chap is, but if you mean Martin van Beynen, the whole affair is idiotic — both Hide attacking him, and not knowing he was there in the first place. He’s not exactly anonymous, but a senior and very well-respected investigative journalist with a knack for the documentary, and given that the whole breakfast was so well-publicised it was damfoolish to assume no media would be in attendance.

    And I’ll bet you a breakfast of your own that he registered and paid his $45 under his own name like any other punter — giving him every right to discuss what transpired.


  6. NO posts on the Standard about Hone, funny that.

    Yet you guys accuse the Herald of being bias.

    Oh at kiwiblog they have done posts about both the corrupt Hyde and Hone.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 6.1

      Its a Labour blog, of course they are ‘biased’

      You see to be confused about what partisan blogs do

      • Eddie 6.1.1

        A few things.

        1) We’re not a “Labour blog”, though the posters here obviously favour Labour over National. A few used to favour the Greens even more, but they’ve either departed or lost the taste for it since the Greens’ descent into Normanism.

        2) Of course The Standard is politically biased, read the About. We have never claimed to be an objective, non-partisan news outlet like the Herald does.

        3) I don’t see why not criticising a Maori Party MP would make us biased, unless you’re claiming that we’re shilling for the government.

        4) There’s actually a post scheduled for later today that touches on both Hone and Hide. You’ll just have to learn to be patient Brett.

    • yes pilfering $25,000 to pay for your girlfriend so you can have a love trist is totally comparable to taking a self-funded day off

    • felix 6.3


      Why don’t you post about it on the open mic thread?

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