High interest in Ikaroa-Rawhiti

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Labour will hold three selection meetings in the very large electorate, one at Kokiri marae in Seaview starting at 7pm, one at Hauiti marae in Tolaga Bay at 2 pm on Saturday, and the final one in Napier at St Joseph’s Maori Girls College at 10am on Sunday. Labour has a very strong slate of six candidates – their bios are here.

New members are flocking to the party, so the meetings will be full on as well as full. There were just over 20 party members in Ikaroa-Rawhiti when Parekura Horomia was selected in 1998; Parekura was a very good organiser, and there will be over 500 electorate members having a say this time.

Na Raihania will go again for the Maori Party, Te Hamua Nikora for Mana, and the Greens will select their candidate tomorrow. Clare Trevett gives her analysis in today’s Herald: Morgan Godfery’s is here.

All Party members can attend the meetings; only those who live in the electorate and are on the Maori roll can vote in the proceedings. anyone who would like to know the result straight away can register here.

21 comments on “High interest in Ikaroa-Rawhiti”

  1. I do not know any of the candidates but Meka Whaititi has by far the best (and only!) candidate campaign video I have seen. It can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IULwOvYzxGE

    • veutoviper 1.1

      Thanks for the link, MS. I enjoyed that video and hope it works for Meka.

      The Labour candidates appear to all be strong and good people. I don’t know the others, but I worked with Meka some years ago and she remains in my memory as one of the best managers and work colleagues in my working career of over 40 years. Very inclusive of all regardless of ethnicity etc and with strong integrity and work ethic; and a very positive sense of lets get it done as a team but have fun at the same time.

      Meka and Parekura were very close friends and worked together both in the Dept of Labour and then when Pare was Minister of Maori Affairs. She is well experienced in the Parliamentary environment and would hit the ground running. She is also more than able to stand up for herself and what she believes in! Read between the lines there …

      So, go Meka! I really wish I could vote for her but don’t qualify.

  2. Tiger Mountain 2

    Go Mana.

    • Murray Olsen 2.1


    • fatty 2.2


      I think Labour should pull out of this, and the Greens too. It should be left to Mana.
      The voters there told Labour at the last election that they have failed this electorate

      • Te Reo Putake 2.2.1

        “The voters there told Labour at the last election that they have failed this electorate”

        Really? By voting in a Labour MP? Talk about mixed messages, or is it just you who’s confused?

      • kiwicommie 2.2.2

        I don’t mind who wins, so long as it remains in the opposition rather than swinging to the Maori party.

  3. Binders full of women 3

    Henare O’Keefe- “fostering over 200 children” …. aka the hiphop grandad.. a fecking legend around here. Walking the talk 24/7. That is TWO HUNDRED different at risk children he has welcomed into his home & family.

  4. Epping Road 4

    This is a very good line up. I hope there isn’t a stitch up behind the scenes to get Shane Taurima in. The Goffice got their man Shearer in last time in a clumsy way, if reports of head office meddling for Taurima are true it would be a very insulting way to treat Parekura’s legacy and could backfire.

  5. Jenny Michie 5

    I’m running the Hawke’s Bay campaign HQ and can report that this really is democracy in action. It’s tense and tight and nobody knows how it’s going to swing. Looking forward to the final selection meeting on Sunday.

  6. Tai Harawira 6

    Hey SHANE TAURIMA Why bother e hoa, you don’t live in the Rohe. The pakeha labour poofs Are not going to share power with you, look how they treated their most experienced, longest serving MAORI in the party. They took his MAORI affairs portfolio off him and gave it to no one, then kicked him on the back bench. Wake up bro. Time to wake up. Just because you is gay, don’t mean those pakeha will ever share power with your black arse. Just bring it. MANA HAS ALREADY WON THIS BY-ELECTION.

    • Mana Supporter 6.1

      Come on Tai, I’m in the Mana campaign, so please keep the language friendly. Good points, you might lose them in the delivery.

      • Candice Biddle 6.1.1

        ae keep it cool don’t need to be insulting. we support mana too, but that’s not how to do it.

  7. xtasy 7

    I have respect for Shane Taurima, and I think he can only be a great contribution to Labour, but honestly, with the present state of affairs within Labour, he is likely to remain in the minority.

    So it will be the electorate that will decide, but I could live well with a MANA representative, as we need more damned “mana” – and “manna” (from heaven) – in this damned Parliament!

    Give Hone re-enforcement, dear voters on the East Cape and coast, please! Kia kaha!

  8. Candice Biddle 8

    problem with labour as our ikaroa rawhiti voice gets silenced by the party voice, look what happened with the seabed and foreshore! we going with mana they got heart and want to rep for people who really are struggling.

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