Hitting a nerve

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In this afternoon’s debate Gerry Brownlee tried to have the word “slippery” ruled unparliamentary in relation to John Key. Proof, if any were needed, that Cullen had hit a nerve perhaps?

Also interesting to see John Key leading off General Debate in the House – the Nats have done this before when Key’s been in trouble – the last time may have been the privatisation of schools and asset sales debacle, before that it was the “we would(n’t?) have sent troops to Iraq” episode.

True to formula Key even led off in much the same way as on past occasions – with a flat-footed attack on Phil Goff.

21 comments on “Hitting a nerve”

  1. Murray 1

    The ex-pat POM couldn’t hit a neuron with a telescopic sight. He is however fucking good at stiffing tax payers for all they are worth.
    The man is a nasty little cretin. Go home POM.

  2. Tamaki resident 2

    Thanks for that insightful comment Murray. btw, do you think John Key is slippery? If not, why not?

  3. dave 3

    unmmm.. the names Gerry. Jerry is a mate of Tom.


    Gosh with the level of debate this evening you’ll all be finding your way into parliament in no time.

    As a counterbalance to the bitching between the right and left views blogging this evening it was nice to see the class of the two rowers today both in how to win and loose with grace. Doubt we’ll see much of that come election time.

  5. Murray 5

    Tamaki, wouldn’t have a fucking clue, I’ve never touched the man, nor do I have a desire to do so. [deleted: desparaging comments about people’s sexuality are not encouraged here, take it to kiwiblog]

  6. Tamaki resident 6

    Agreed HIGHERSTANDARD (or is it LOUDERSTANDARD!). It’s a shame one of them had to lose.
    Captcha: Despite election

  7. higherstandard 7

    Sorry Tamaki didn’t mean to shout

  8. the sprout 8

    christ with a guy as invertibrate as Key I would hate to think how he’d play hardball with any corporate or foreign power – let alone the US.
    my guess is he’d just roll over and claim an attack of not remembering what his position was.

  9. the sprout 9

    Key does so much better when he gets others with a bit more experienced standing up for him in the House.

  10. Tamaki resident 10

    “experience” – something that’s only important when it’s a fault with your opponent!
    paraphrased from kiwiblog:
    I think Key’s experience, or lack of it, is going to become more of a factor. It got me wondering if any other PM (I am assuming he becomes the PM) has had as little experience at executive level.


  11. Phil 11


    Apparently you’re not old enough to remember David Lange…

  12. AncientGeek 12

    Personally I’m just wondering how the ‘right’ is going to feel after having another election ‘stolen’.

    I’m afraid that Key reminds me of one of the more shifty type of used car salesmen. You get the distinct impression that it is impossible to get a policy that makes any sort of sense out of him.

    Please could the Nat’s please find someone to elevate the level of debate……

    captcha: gangsters the
    yep – even it is getting into the act…

  13. out of bed 13

    Slippery John
    Has a ring to it I reckon

  14. Rexel 14


    We have finally got the slippry prick where we want him. Cullen has flushed him out and he has finally broken and shown his true dispicable colours.

    There is not one New Zealander who wants what Key wants. He is a first grade looser on the Political front and now that he is been honest his support will drop to single digits.

    Brash was smashed in 2005 with these politics, now its Keys turn

    Bring it on

  15. higherstandard 15


    Who is we ?

    There is not one NZer who wants what Key wants – Clearly you don’t but that’s a rather all encompassing comment and doesn’t seem to refect any of the evidence to the contrary. I’d query whether he’s a first grade looser on the political front as the most recent poll has him neck and neck with Helen who is the most capable politician of recent times not bad for someone who is new to politics.

  16. higherstandard 16

    Sorry rOb

    I’ll revert in due course

  17. Tamaki Resident 17

    Phil – I certainly do remember Lange (and Muldoon, Marshall and Holyoake). My comment was intended to be a light-hearted one, showing how lack of experience will be used by all sides of the political spectrum.

  18. Billy 18

    Talk about hitting a nerve. A quick scan down the recent posts lists gives a pretty good indication what it is that is worrying Labour supporters at the moment.

  19. Big Bruv 19

    I love watching Kullen under pressure, he reverts to his nasty little socialist scum bag roots.
    I hope he keeps it up, the public have had enough of this tax grabbing low life, he and Labour are history.

  20. r0b 20

    Careful HS, you are in danger of becoming reasonable!

  21. randal 21

    He is as slippery as all the other “big swinging dicks” as outlined in Michael Lewis’ book “Liars POker” and thats vereeee slippery

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