Holidays in Europe likely to be cut short

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Watch this space!

12 comments on “Holidays in Europe likely to be cut short”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Inside job. Financial forces are attempting to destroy the sovereign integrity of individual countries. The weapon of choice: massive, increasingly expensive debt which is owed to the riches banks, corporations and individuals of the world.

    • grumpy 1.1

      For once I agree with you. Not that it’s new. Keynes tried the same thing on the Spanish economy in the 1930’s.

      We have seen market manipulation for food, oil and capital in the last few years as they build up to something big.

  2. Alex and his colleagues are survivors like cockroaches. Each cartoon portrays some conundrum and I haven’t got my head round them to preempt the solutions yet. I’m trying to read the first two frames and then guess the outcome. When I get my mind tuned right I think I will be ready to seize opportunities for personal advancement in any unpromising event – just ask ‘What would Alec do?”

  3. Afewknowthetruth 3

    Financial meltdowns are normally timed for September-October. That suggests the present hiccup is just testing the waters or is being orchestrated to send false signals that will enable the controllers to maximise their profits.

    Did I hear correctly today? Investors are seeking ‘safe havens such as the US dollar’ ?????

    The drop in oil prices that accompanies severe demand destruction will undoubtedly be interpreted by most NZers as a sign that the crisis is over.

    • Reality Bytes 3.1

      Some of my friends say “I’ve worked and saved, and I deserve it.”

      Yeah that’s the way it should be, but life sucks, and the fairness of our economical system sucks, and there is an elaborate con in effect. I feel sorry for all those that have been ripped off.

      My best advice is to upskill. Economical values and pointsmanship is potentially very fleeting. Capabilities and real world practical skills are priceless.

    • The Baron 3.2

      Sept-Oct huh. Have you got a single shred of evidence to back that up?
      Or is this another moment when we are meant to trust your 30 years of experience, when we don’t even know your name?
      Oh noes September is in a month! You’re as bad as family radio, pal.

  4. Georgecom 4

    The last couple of weeks it seems I have been hearing news about a recovery underway. Confidence up, house prices maybe starting to edge up, better hiring outlook.

    I think I heard something similar around late 2009 and into early 2010. Maybe John Key or Bill English mumbled something about the economy potentially roaring out of recession.

    Then Key and English took the economy back into recession before 2 earthquakes added to the turmoil.

    Wondering if we are about to see another slump in growth and confidence just as people start getting their hopes up.

    • johnm 4.1

      Hi Georgecom

      We have reached a great turning point in history! (Forgive the drama) The End Of Growth no less God Market’s premier poison of choice. The leading fuel that’s powered our trucks, aircraft, cars, tractors, trains for almost 100 years is in permanent supply decline: 56 oil producing nations are producing less and less each year. Maximum oil production worldwide was in 2005 in 2008 The World’s financial system collapsed and has been on pumped up steroids ever since on bailout money and further borrowings.
      The last 100 years have seen exponential growth because of the following self reinforcing loop:

      Fossil fuel extraction – More and more available energy – economic growth with long term debt and interest payment guaranteed by a growing economy – increased extraction of resources and production of food and other goods – population growth – higher energy demand – and back to square one more increased fossil fuel extraction more barrels of oil every year.But in 2005 the increasing supply stopped.

      That loop has maxed out and is reversing or contracting : so there won’t be a recovery to our best times ever, we much manage a new world order of decline.
      Current debt in the World can’t be paid back because we can’t grow out of it anymore. Therefore creditors are doing there best to extract what’s owed by selling a countries’ assets and privatization.
      The World can no longer support the greed of the speculators such as want to take over all of Greece’s assets or to privatize for their own selfish gain essential social service assets in the U$$$, Ireland the UK and NZ and so on.
      Link below gives a prosaic talk by Richard Heinberg as to why growth is at an end.

      Here in NZ we shouldn’t be wasting money on Motorways for sure.

      Refer link:

      • prism 4.1.1

        @johnm Motorways are government built for the benefit of private operators. Railways are government built for the benefit of the government supplying services to the people. Under a NACT government, roads rule!

        Heard part of an interview today on radionz about rubber and the observation that every new technological development brings suffering to large numbers of people. Also mentioned was that synthetic rubber is of course made from fossil fuels, I think oil. It is so convenient to forget all this stuff and I don’t want to know it either. Talk about head in the sand, wait a mo I have to come up for another breath of fresh air but I want to return to my burrow quickly. Or is that my bunker I mean.

  5. vto 5

    Now that the peak of the current wave has well and truly passed we need to watch out for the trough …

  6. marsman 6

    Get rid of English as Minister of Finance immediately, replace him with a soft toy or anything less destructive than Double Dip Bill

  7. @marsman Don’t you know – Binglish is a soft toy, or the modern version of one all made out of synthetic goo requiring regular battery replacement. As the batteries get old there is an observable slowness of response which indicates a need for quick fitting of new batteries to ensure there isn’t complete cessation of function.

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