Hollow Men new season at Circa 2

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Good news for Wellingtonians. It looks like Dean Parker’s play The Hollow Men (based on Nicky Hager’s Don-downing book) has got a new season at Circa 2 for almost 3 weeks in early November. More details when we have them.

Good news too for National Party blogger David Farrar who said the reason he hadn’t been to see the play was that he couldn’t get a ticket. Shall we have a whip round to buy him one?

3 comments on “Hollow Men new season at Circa 2”

  1. Robinson 1

    Look, if David can afford to stump up $500 for a National party donation laundering exercise… I mean fund raising dinner (sorry).. then he can pay for his own bloody ticket to the Hollow Men.
    refer: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2007/10/the_hollow_men_review.html

  2. ahod 2

    Buy him one… Though I doubt he’ll learn anything there… After all, it was HIS party who dabbled in the disgusting trade of dirty politics.

    Only three National candidates in the 2005 general election did not accept campaign money from the Exclusive Bretheren… Katherine Rich, Simon Power, and another one whose name I have forgotten.
    That indicates to me that Mr. Farrah is more than aware of the interesting communication covered in Hager’s expose.

  3. all_your_base 3

    Quite right ahod. I think I feel another post coming on…

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