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Hone to leave Maori Party?

Written By: - Date published: 8:50 am, November 7th, 2009 - 81 comments
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The Dom Post reports that Hone Harawira is considering leaving the Maori Party. Hone told the Dom this before Hone’s offensive email hit the media later in the week.

Firebrand Maori Party MP Hone Harawira under attack for an explosive email says he could quit at the next election over his party’s support for National.honerealsmall

Mr Harawira told The Dominion Post this week that he was concerned the party was too close to National despite the relationship delivering a crucial promise to scrap the Foreshore and Seabed Act.

Meanwhile the Herald says the Maori Party leadership are poised to stick the knife in to Hone over the trip to Paris saga

Hone Harawira’s future with the Maori Party is on the line after he skipped official parliamentary business to visit Paris and then used offensive language in an email on the issue.

President Whatarangi Winiata said yesterday that the party was on the verge of disciplinary action against the MP, whose behaviour involved “serious breaches of the kaupapa and tikanga of the party”.

Either way it looks as though Hone and Maori Party are likely to go their seperate ways. The leadership is probably looking to cut Hone loose before he leaves, to make themselves look tough and dignified. But Hone is the man with the intiative and will very likely walk before being pushed.

We shouldn’t be under any illusions that if Hone leaves it’s because of the Paris and email mistake. Rather, the man is simply too principled to have stayed long-term supporting a “do nothing” right-wing Prime Minister. As such, his relationship with the Maori Party as a partner in a National-ACT conservative government was always bound to fail.

PS. Hone’s departure wouldn’t affect numbers for the government in the House. But it will reduce National-Maori Party supported legislation to a majority of 1. How’s that ETS looking?

81 comments on “Hone to leave Maori Party?”

  1. well put MF 😉
    Hone is the most talented, politically astute and hard working MP in the Maori Party, if they lose him it’ll be a serious blow to their future chances.

  2. lukas 2

    Love the spin you put on things…

    “Meanwhile the Herald says the Maori Party leadership are poised to stick the knife in to Hone over the trip to Paris saga”

    They are not putting the knife to him because of the Paris saga. They are rightly putting the knife to him because of the Paris saga and because he is a racist mofo

    • The Voice of Reason 2.1

      Actually, I think it’s a pre-emptive strike because they know he’s on the way out anyway. He’s certainly given them enough reasons to kick him out of the whare, but at heart, it’s the Maori party’s own gutless rejection of their mandate in favour of personal enrichment that has bought this about.

      Hone is the Jim Anderton of the Maori Party.

      • the sprout 2.1.1

        hear hear

        and this if we’re re-stating comments:

        Government MPs’ travel woes

      • gitmo 2.1.2

        “Hone is the Jim Anderton of the Maori Party”

        What, a troughing mother…… and a waste of space, nah Hones not reached the high echleons of troughing occupied by Anderton, Douglas and the rest of the walking dead.

        I quite like Hone but he needs to pull his head in although if people weren’t so partisan they see it’s just business as usual with white, black, brown, yellow ate piiggies snorting and gotging for all they can get away with.

        The funniest comment Ive seen was Key’s something along the lines of MPs beter watch out otherwise the public might loose confidence in parliament …… Ha ha ha.

        I’m pretty sure the public know parliament is chocka with piggies troughing it up.

  3. prism 3

    I put this on OpenMike yesterday and still think that this would have been the best thing for all concerned. Hone
    continues in the fine Harawira tradition of stirring and rebellion, whether productive or not.
    “Too many Johns around! Now Hone Harawira has added insult to injury. He trots off to Paris with wife , paying their fares, fibs to his leaders and then gives out that Maori bs about white puritanical critics, probably its the fault of colonialism. If only he had, in his disarming way, with lots of chutzpah said how he was all talked out with meetings and couldn’t resist the pull of Paris while he was in that part of the world, which is so far for us to get to. He would have been criticised and then people would say that’s Hone and moved on. But no.”

  4. Winston Smith 4

    sprout: comment deleted. ‘racist scumbag’ indeed

  5. Jim McDonald 5

    For the price of the seabed & foreshore and the prize of office, one can only stomach so many dead rats … they are getting bigger, nastier and, with a year of the shiny new Government that has passed, more rotten

  6. Leopold 6

    Whoah, there!
    You seem to be considering the man as some kind of plaster-saint-cum-martyr!
    Man of Principle, rubbish – Hone was quite happy to be sitting with the MP, despite his complaints, hoovering up any perks available. He’ll only jump to avoid being pushed…

  7. prism 7

    Hey Voice of Reason – Jim Anderton is a politician who left the Labour Party to try and keep the vision of labour politics alive. He left the sinking ship and tried to tow the ship back to harbour. He has gone on to achieve good things for NZ’s. Hone is a different kettle of fish.

    • The Voice of Reason 7.1

      You seem to agree with my basic premise, Prism, though I agree they are very different people.

      Hone is experiencing the same crisis Jim did. He hasn’t had the benefit of twenty years in Parliament to achieve other things yet, nor has he formed a breakaway party yet. The similarity remains however and like Jim, Hone is going to have decide whether the direction his party is taking is tolerable or not. Jim decided, in his case, it wasn’t. Hone seems to be going the same way.

  8. Outofbed 8

    Well there is another party he could join, It just a short waka ride away and the only party that who has honouring the treaty in its constitution , has also Maori leader. and least 4 mp’s in the caucus who speak Te reo
    And strangely they have a vacancy for a left-wing rebel rouser activist
    Come on over Hone!


    You think he is principled?

    I only hope one day he becomes your MP, you deserve each other.

  10. Winston Smith 10

    Winston Smith
    November 7, 2009 at 9:40 am

    sprout: comment deleted. ‘racist scumbag’ indeed

    Which goes directly to my comment (since deleted) – when Hone utters those vile words of his he is lauded by you as a man of principles; when they roll off my tongue you label me as a rascist scumbag…

    sprout, your moral compass is little better than Hone’s

    sprout: oh boo hoo WS, surprise us all and grow a spine

    • lukas 10.1

      being as he is, Sprout will take that as a compliment.

    • felix 10.2

      Winston, that’s because not only are you a racist scumbag, you’re thick as pigshit to boot.

      See here where I explained it to some other slow learner this morning.

      • Winston Smith 10.2.1

        fuck off felix – who are you to be Hone’s apologist? What he said was deeply offensive. He lied to his own party leader. He sucked off the public tit big time. And you defend him?

        Hone’s a lode stone for losers and he’s sucked you and sprout well in.

        • RedLogix

          What he said was deeply offensive.

          I’m white and not the least offended. On the other hand if you are white and a racist mofo… then I can see your point.

          • gitmo

            Quite right I wasn’t offended either, but you and I don’t really count he’s offended those on whose say so his troughing depends.

            “Mr Harawira’s comments in the email were described by Prime Minister John Key as “deeply offensive”, and Labour leader Phil Goff also said the comments were “disgusting”.

            Maori Party officials are understood to be appalled at Mr Harawira’s actions and concerned they could damage the party and undermine its core philosophy of respect for others.”

        • felix

          Hone’s really angered you, hasn’t he Winston?

          I wonder why…

  11. Outofbed 11

    Yes a constituency Mp would be nice
    Come on over

  12. Draco T Bastard 12

    Rather, the man is simply too principled to have stayed long-term supporting a “do nothing’ right-wing Prime Minister.

    But not to principled to wander off from the job. I actually feel that his political career has come to it’s end with this leaving the job to sightsee.

    • Quoth the Raven 12.1

      Agreed. Hone is indefensible now. I couldn’t care less about the inncouous white mother fuckers comments. I’s the part about not doing his job, lying about being ill, wasting taxpayers money on a jaunt to Paris and being so dismisive of his (former) supporters concerns that annoys me.

  13. Outofbed 13

    I see Tumeke says the same

    10 Mp’s now that is a nice round number

  14. Daveski 14

    <blockquote.We shouldn’t be under any illusions that if Hone leaves it’s because of the Paris and email mistake. Rather, the man is simply too principled …
    Who needs the Dim Post?

  15. killinginthenameof 15

    At worst he’s a brown version of Michael Law’s strange they will defend him till they go blue, but all of a studden standards change.

    • RedLogix 15.1

      A pertinent comparison, but even then I’m not really defending Harawira. They were the kind of non-PC remarks people make in smoko rooms and bars all the time. But rightly or wrongly we expect a higher standard from our MP’s… and in this context Harawira has made a mistake, albeit I think a relatively small one… and that he has apologised for.

      All I’m pointing out is that consequences are normally roughly proportionate to the magnitude of the error… but that’s not going to happen here is it? Harawira is going to have the boot put in.

      • the sprout 15.1.1

        and there’s so much institutional racism flying about most people won’t even notice how disproportionate and inconsistent the response will be (cf. Rodney and Bill’s treatment for far far worse)

  16. vto 16

    Who cares what that bloody black bastard says anymore. He just sounds like his typically violent and criminal mates.

    (I love it when politicians lead by example)

    • felix 16.1

      Who are “his typically violent and criminal mates”?

      • the sprout 16.1.1

        all Maori i suppose in vto’s world

        • vto

          Ha ha. Wassa matter? Cant take some of Hone’s own medicine?

          The typically violent and criminal mates are all those maori who reside at her majesty pleasure as a result of rape and violence and murder and crime. You know – black bastards. You know – raping our women (and their own lands) and ripping us off for centuries.

          Or can I not say those things? Is it only Hone who can talk in such vile terms? Ay ? ay?

          • Marty G

            vto. you’ve reduced yourself.

            no-one here is defending Hone’s choice of words, except you by using similar terms are giving them legitimacy.

            • vto

              Mr Marty, I would imagine most can see what I was doing. Exposing the vileness of Hone’s words by repeating them back in the same form but in a manner in which all hell would be unleashed should, say, a nat MP or similar have used them. Ffs, look how everybody shrieked on here when Lockwood Smith referred to the usefulness of small Asian hands in performing certain tasks at work.

              If you compare Lockwood’s innocuous comments with Hone’s “disgusting” comments, and then compare the reaction to each it gives a picture of the rather ludicrous, hypocritical, in-credible issue that ‘race’ is in NZ often.

            • felix


              It still only makes sense if you really believe that all maori are violent criminals.

              Do you?

          • Pascal's bookie

            Da-de-da, clinking the links-checking the threads da-de-da

            raping our women

            Ooh looky here. By which I mean, what the fuck?

            By “our” do we mean “white men’s”? ( possessive mo-foing apostrophe. )

            By “women” do we mean “white women”?

            By “our” do we mean… what do we mean, there, exactly?

            Dude, that is no way equivalent to what Hone said. In any way shape or form.

            2 fucking cents.

            • vto

              mission accomplished..

              The non-reactions on The Standard to Harawira’s now-exposed ignorance and nasty nasty nature are interesting and exposing in themselves.

              The most severe reactions to this issue have been to posts such as mine rather than to Harawira himself. Nutshell.

              And specifically, why do you think there is no comparison btwn what he said and what I said? Both had references to colour of skin, both referred to unacceptable behaviour on the part of each ethnic group against the other, both contain swear words.

              Is it the “raping our women” bit that gets to you? Why? Cut a bi too close to the bone? Truth can hurt ay?

              Harawira has an attitude and approach similar to the West Coast attitude – belligerent, call a spade a spade, etc. My experience shows that those that have that attitude rarely seem able to handle the same attitude thrust back at them – it brings in the next attitude / approach, namely aggression and on from there.

            • vto

              Harawira is a racist.

            • Pascal's bookie

              “Is it the “raping our women’ bit that gets to you? Why? Cut a bi too close to the bone? Truth can hurt ay?”

              Clearly that’s the bit the ‘got to me’ v, cause that’s the bit I asked you to explain. The rest is just you’re usual schtick.

              I don’t know what you mean by cutting close to the bone. I was asking what you meant by ‘our women’.

              When/if you and a non-white woman have sex, do you think of it that you are having sex with one of ‘their’ women?

              Who are these women that you think you have some claim on? How do you identify them? Is their skin colour like a genitic cattle brand that lets you know where it’s ok to put your dick?

            • vto

              P’s b, clearly some things rile some people and some other things rile others.

              You don’t like the implications of the term “… our women…”. Relax fulla – just think of me as a ‘firebrand MP’. Harawira will get away with his shit with a slap on the wrist, so why cant we all?

              Aren’t our politicians great? Provide us with all the excuses in the world to get away with crap – how to get away with lying to the boss, how to skive off work, how to be a perk-buster and a perk-taker at the same time, how to be a racist, how to be an ignorant aggro bonehead, etc.

          • rocky

            vto who are “our” women? With one word you manage to show yourself to be both a sexist and racist fuckwit – exactly the sort of person I imagine Hone was referring to.

            And assuming you were talking about Maori raping Pakeha women, can you provide some examples?

            How about an example of Pakeha men raping Maori women in the state-ordered invasion of Parihaka in 1881? Those Maori women were later confirmed to have contracted syphilis as a result.

  17. JD 17

    “Hone is the Jim Anderton of the Maori Party.”

    Given that the Progressives are a personality cult masquarading as a political party what is this comment suppose to say about Hone?

  18. Olwyn 18

    A bit of perspective might be in order here. Firstly, the guy took a day off to go sight seeing, and one must assume that he made a judgment as to the meeting he missed out on to do so – that it was one of the less important ones. It is not exactly a capital offense, nor did it cost the taxpayer thousands of dollars. Not only that, if he had been one of the entitled class it may well have gone unnoticed and unremarked upon. Then when challenged he threw a hissy fit, which is not so remarkable either. And he may not have lied to Turia – you can look at the Eiffel Tower while feeling poorly. Give the guy a break for heaven’s sake. A streak of racism does seem to arise whenever a Maori does something a bit presumptuous, in that the level of outrage seems far greater than when a white guy does the equivalent. And in saying this I am neither Maori nor a supporter of the Maori party.

    • gitmo 18.1

      “I agree the honesty is refreshing. Most of them think it but aren’t dumb enough to say it out loud. I can just imagine all the Pakeha MP’s getting together at Bellamys after a hard day in the corridors of power (pffft) and having a good laugh at us stupid taxpayers who pay for their second homes and rental properties, their first class travel with their wives, or gayboy lovers, and their chauffer driven BMWs.

      And down the road at the local fish and chip shop the Maori MPs are all having a good laugh as us stupid white taxpaying mother-fuckers who have raped the country and ripped them off for centuries but have been taking it us the ass ever since. AND we’re paying for THEIR second homes and rental properties, first class travel with their wives (do any of them have gay lovers?) and chauffer driven BMWs too.

      How stupid are we?”

      Ripped off from the comments at Whaleoil … my secret shame.

      And Olwyn, Hone’s no worse or better than rest of the piggies in parliament

  19. gobsmacked 19

    Hone Harawira? A disgrace.

    Unless of course, he holds the balance of power on election night 2011, as leader of the Maori People’s Front, after the break-up of the Maori Party, torn apart by internal strife.

    Harawira would then become “a man of principle” who “speaks his mind” and “you have to respect that”, says Prime Minister John Key.

    • the sprout 19.1

      “Yeah I’m pretty relaxed with that” says PM John Key

    • Pascal's bookie 19.2

      Hone’s mistake was in not saying that the sidetrip to Paris was for business, or raising funds for his party.

      Mogadon John could have stayed quite relaxed about it all then, and if Hone got a bit raw in defending himself, then that’s only to be expected eh.

  20. Steve 20

    I wonder if Hone wants to be ousted from the Maori Party only to come back next Election as an Independent Candidate for Te Tai Tokerau? He has the support.
    That way, if he wins, he answers to nobody, only his people.

    • the sprout 20.1

      that is a possibility i think. Hone has a lot more tactical nouse than most of his current colleagues

      • Daveski 20.1.1

        Hone has a lot more tactical nouse than most of his current colleagues.

        As they say, epic fail.

        At the very time the MP may be about to get the seabed act resolved in its favour, Hone does this and triggers a potential white backlash at the very worst time. And you think he’s “tactical”??

        • Marty G

          “may be” daveski “may be”

        • the sprout

          Daveski your logic turns on the assumption that the Maori Party will get what they want from National for the Seabed and Foreshore.

          Can’t say I fancy their track record on that score.

          Alternatively it might be that Hone is leaving because he knows full well what is coming.

  21. prism 21

    Can this site draw a line in the sand at m……….kers? The swear word is a gutter one and nastily anti-woman. Is this a blog with pretentions to quality thought?

    • Winston Smith 21.1

      Evidently if it’s good enough for Hone then it’s good enough for The Stranded… pathetic bunch

      • Marty G 21.1.1

        don’t be a dork, winston smith*

        The word is part of this issue, we’re not going to censor it.

        * (orwell would be horrified, incidentally, to see rightwingers claiming his work like that).

  22. torydog 22

    Couldnt give a shit about Paris or his skiving off……its his stinking attitude, you are accountable to all tax payers Hone whether you like it or not!

  23. Deus ex Machina 23

    Harawira’s skiving off the Paris in no different to what the vast majority of MPs would have done be they white, brown, yellow or pink. Integrity is clearly in very short supply in Parliament at present.

    What offends me is Harawira’s contention that he is only answerable to “his people”. Does he mean by that his race, his tribe, his fanau, his electorate, the voters in his electorate that actually voted for him, or simply the people who agree with/support his views? The corollary of that is that the views of the rest of New Zealand are irrelevant to him.

    It should be axiomatic that Members of Parliament represent ALL New Zealanders. They might disagree on the best way to do that- on what is best for all New Zealand – but when MPs start representing just a section of society against the rest of the population the outcome can be nothing by divisive.

    For this reason I should be glad to see Harawira, and indeed the Maori Party itself, go.

    • Pascal's bookie 23.1

      I disagree. Individual MP’s cannot represent all of NZ, and they shouldn’t always try, (there may be some things where they should, I don’t know) The people of NZ not only have different needs, wants, and ideas, but some of these are irreconcilable with those of other NZers.

      How can you ask for votes based on some sort of representation for something, and then, once in the house renounce that? Partisanship is a feature, not a bug, and it stems from the fact that we disagree with each other profoundly, in many different ways. Representatives for those differences in an elected parliament is a comparatively good way of dealing with that fact. But it only works if they represent, and that means they are accountable first and foremost, to their voters, I reckon.

  24. prism 24

    PB We need MPs that take an interest in all of NZ though they may support some particular group, otherwise we end up with bone-headed individuals locking antlers. Having a semi-united party system with a coherent
    vision is better than a lot of individuals each serving a particular constituency, they are merely elected lobbyists.

    I think that the USA political system is considered a pluralist one where groups lobby and push their own barrow. Minority or low-income groups then don’t have much of a chance being heard. Hope they can get a form of socialised medicine through there, the poor can’t afford treatment and the middle class have to sell their houses. That’s what happens when there is no inclusive vision.

    • Lew 24.1

      There’s an important distinction to be drawn here between Harawira’s role as an electorate MP and his parliamentary role as head of a delegation. It’s all well and good for him to nick off while on electorate business, since he can then legitimately claim that he’s answerable only to his electorate. However when on parliamentary business — and especially as delegation leader — he officially represents the Parliament of NZ as a whole, and in that sense is answerable to that body (though little censure will likely come from that quarter).

      As far as his comments go, strangely enough he’s on stronger ground — those were quite squarely made in his role as an electorate MP, and in that sense he’s answerable only to the people of Te Tai Tokerau and to his party. This doesn’t mean his statements were justified or helpful or anything other than reprehensible — it just means that it’s his call if he wants to fly that particular flag. Bearing in mind that his free and frank remarks will have had a good many heads nodding in certain quarters — just as Laws and Peters and others who make a habit of ‘talking in’ to their racially-motivated bases.


  25. checkmate 25

    Is it the “raping our women’ bit that gets to you? Why? Cut a bi too close to the bone? Truth can hurt ay?

    “Rape’ on any woman, by a man, stems from a ‘male’ inferiority complex. Naturally men and woman have ‘their own’ sexuality built on a (individual) ‘balanced’ physicality-and-mind-set.

    Men that desire to ‘rape’ have what you call an ingrained ‘weakness’, where they are ‘intrinsically’ threatened by woman.

    Usually this ‘fault’ is created or established by childhood trauma/s, or a ‘feebleness’ or ‘weak spot’ in the mind.

    This can cause an over-exertion (an ‘unwarranted’ need) to dominate woman, an unnatural state, self-created to deal with their depleted stance on woman and femininity.

    The ‘normal’ man primarily has no desire to “over’ dominate ‘woman’ as ‘he’ already knows his own masculinity and ‘understands’ HIS ‘difference’ in physicality. When you know you “are’ a ‘man’ in-the-mind, usually this is the ‘crux’ that creates the ‘balance’, which signifies what you would call- ‘a whole man’.

    Same goes for woman, woman don’t need to be ‘feminists’ to ‘lead’, this ‘feminist’ tag is a falsity ingrained in modern woman and girls, as necessity to succeed in the world. Woman should embrace their femininity as this is their natural state (and ‘we are’ talking about woman who are ‘born’ with a balance gene), and a ‘natural woman’ knows ‘intrinsically’ how to multi-task with multi-talents -regardless.

    Sexism and misogyny – (as the Greeks would say- is a ‘fear of woman’- so true) – is basically an ‘inferiority’ complex made up of a multitude of weaknesses.

    A man’s ‘body and mind’ should be enough to ‘understand’ his position in life and the world, as goes for the ‘woman’ (with her body and mind) As they ‘actually do have’ physical differences (obviously), and because of these ‘obvious physical differences’ they do not “need’ to be ‘threatened’ by each other.

    Each to their own, and ‘naturally’!

    • prism 25.1

      Lot of thought in there checkmate, but don’t diss feminists or say that their actions weren’t needed even though those actions may not have been wanted by some men, and women.

      • checkmate 25.1.1

        I am not dissing feminists, I am merely stating a ‘female’ in general -doesn’t need to turn into a ‘radical man hater’ to get what she wants. I am all for woman’s rights and equal rights, but I am ‘aware’ that men and woman are ‘built’ differently and these are the issues that cannot be ignored. A male and female aren’t the same, and never will be.

        • felix

          What’s all the ””””””””””””””””””””” about?

          I can’t understand a fucking word you wrote because I have no idea what your quote marks mean. Honestly.

          • Pascal's bookie



            The ‘normal’ man primarily has no desire to “over’ dominate ‘woman’ as ‘he’ already knows his own masculinity and ‘understands’ HIS ‘difference’ in physicality</blockquote

            What's 'that' all "about" '?'

          • Pascal's bookie


            The ‘normal’ man primarily has no desire to “over’ dominate ‘woman’ as ‘he’ already knows his own masculinity and ‘understands’ HIS ‘difference’ in physicality

            “What’s ‘that’ all “about”?” asks a bookie.

            • checkmate

              I’m just trying to emphasize certain words, I’m sure you get the jist! If you have a problem- just read the words- in a row.

              I will lay off ‘stressing’ the point next time, eh?

  26. barry 26

    Hone get punished by the maori party – as the Tui billboard says – yea right

  27. prism 27

    Dover Samuels came on Morning Report to speak about Hone. He said that others in parliament feel exactly the same, and even mentioned Taria Turei and some of her pointed comments. His point was that any apology from Hone would not be worth its soundbite space because it would be untrue, forced from him and therefore hypocritical.
    Seems to me that when people get powhiri’d onto Marae they may not agree with everything that that marae does and says. However there is a ritual and protocol that is being followed and discussion follows then some understanding or agreement can be reached even though there isn’t total agreement on everything. I think that is called consensus or something, it is also productive for political and planning movement.
    So Hone should apologise especially to his party leaders, the dork.

  28. Chen 28

    “Hone told the Dom this before Hone’s offensive email hit the media later in the week.”

    Why don’t you use the word racist to describe the email? Do you really think that a white politician using those words would simply get away with describing the email as “offensive”? It’s blatant racism and should be described as racist.

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  • Relativity adjustment for Waikato-Tainui and Ngāi Tahu
    An adjustment payment has been made to Waikato-Tainui and Ngāi Tahu under the relativity mechanisms in their 1995 and 1997 Treaty of Waitangi settlements, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little announced today. The latest payments to Waikato-Tainui and Ngāi Tahu are $2,700,000 and $2,600,000 respectively to ensure the ...
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    2 days ago
  • Auckland rail upgrades pick up steam
    Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Transport Minister Phil Twyford today kicked off the start of the Auckland NZ Upgrade Programme rail projects which will support over 400 jobs and help unlock our biggest city. Both ministers marked the start of enabling works on the third main rail line project ...
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    2 days ago
  • PGF support for Wairoa creates jobs
    The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investment of $3.78 million in Wairoa will create much needed economic stimulus and jobs, Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau announced today. PGF projects announced today include: $200,000 loan to Nuhaka Kiwifruit Holdings Ltd (operated by Pine Valley Orchard Ltd) to increase the productivity ...
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    2 days ago
  • Public and Māori housing to trial renewable energy technology
    Tenants in public and Māori housing may be benefiting from their own affordable renewable energy in future – a fund to trial renewable energy technology for public and Māori housing has today been announced by Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods and Associate Minister for Housing (Māori Housing) Nanaia Mahuta. ...
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    2 days ago
  • $2.7m for Hokianga infrastructure
    Hokianga will receive $2.7 million to redevelop four of its wharves and upgrade its water supply, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced. Far North District Council will receive $1.8 million from the Provincial Growth Fund for the work on the wharves. “The work will include the construction of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • New fund to support housing and construction sector
    A $350 million Residential Development Response Fund is being established to support the residential construction sector and to minimise the economic impact from COVID-19, the Housing Minister Dr Megan Woods has announced. “The Residential Development Response Fund will help to progress stalled or at-risk developments that support our broader housing ...
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    2 days ago
  • Government investment to boost Auckland’s community recycling network
    As part of a broader plan to divert waste from landfill, the Government today announced $10.67 million for new infrastructure as part of the Resource Recovery Network across the Auckland region. “This key investment in Auckland’s community recycling network is part of the Government’s Infrastructure Reference Group ‘shovel ready’ projects ...
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    2 days ago
  • Te Papa transformation starts at Cameron Road
    The Government is investing $45 million in the first stage of an ambitious urban development project for Tauranga that will employ up to 250 people and help the region grow, Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced today. Phil Twyford says the funding has been allocated out of the $3 billion ...
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    2 days ago
  • Low-emissions options for heavy transport a step closer
    Getting low-emission trucks on the road is a step closer with investment in infrastructure to support hydrogen vehicles, the Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has announced. The Infrastructure Reference Group has provisionally approved $20 million for New Plymouth company Hiringa Energy to establish a nationwide network of hydrogen-fuelling stations. ...
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    3 days ago
  • New training centre to upskill workers
    A new trades training centre to upskill the local workforce will be built in the South Waikato town of Tokoroa through funding from the Government’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, Education Minister Chris Hipkins and Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones have announced. The Government will contribute $10.84 million from ...
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    3 days ago
  • Subsequent children legislation to change
    The Government has agreed to repeal part of the Oranga Tamariki Act subsequent children provisions, Minister for Children Tracey Martin announced today. “There are times when children need to go into care for their safety – the safety and care of children must always be paramount,” Minister Martin said. “But ...
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    3 days ago
  • Funding to expand mental health support for Pacific peoples
    A $1.5 million boost to grow primary mental health and addiction services for Pacific peoples in Auckland, Hamilton and Canterbury will lead to better outcomes for Pacific communities, Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa says.  Pasifika Futures has received funding to expand services through The Fono, Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest by ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Funding boost for sustainable food and fibre production
    Twenty-two projects to boost the sustainability and climate resilience of New Zealand’s food and fibres sector have been announced today by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. The $18m funding will deliver practical knowledge to help farmers and growers use their land more sustainably, meet environmental targets, remain prosperous, and better understand ...
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    3 days ago
  • Mature Workers Toolkit launched on business.govt.nz
    Employment Minister Willie Jackson welcomes an initiative that assists employers to get mature workers into New Zealand small businesses. The disadvantages that older people face in the workplace was highlighted in the whole of Government Employment Strategy.  In order to address this, a Mature Workers Toolkit has been developed and ...
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    3 days ago
  • Trans-Tasman cooperation in a COVID-19 world
    New Zealand and Australia reaffirmed today the need for the closest possible collaboration as they tackle a global environment shaped by COVID-19, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said. “In these challenging times, our close collaboration with Australia is more vital than ever,” said Mr Peters. Mr Peters and his Australian ...
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    3 days ago
  • Pike recovery efforts now in unexplored territory
    The recovery and forensic examination of the loader driven by survivor Russell Smith means the underground team are now moving into an area of the Pike River Mine that has not been seen since the explosion, Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry Andrew Little said. “The fifth and last robot ...
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    3 days ago
  • Government confirms CovidCard trial to go ahead
    The Government has confirmed a community-wide trial of CovidCard technology as it explores options for COVID-19 contact tracing. “Effective contact tracing is a vital part of the COVID-19 response,” Minister of Health Chris Hipkins said. “While manual processes remain the critical component for contact tracing, we know digital solutions can ...
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    3 days ago
  • Enhanced process for iwi aquaculture assets
    The government is proposing changes to aquaculture legislation to improve the process for allocating and transferring aquaculture assets to iwi. Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash has introduced the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Amendment Bill to Parliament. It proposes a limited new discretionary power for Te Ohu Kaimoana Trustee Limited (ToKM). ...
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    3 days ago
  • Bill introduced to fix National’s Family Court reform failures
    The Minister of Justice has today introduced the Family Court (Supporting Children in Court) Legislation Bill – the next step in the ongoing programme of work to fix the failed 2014 Family Court reforms led by then Justice Minister Judith Collins.  The Bill arises from the report of the Independent ...
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    3 days ago
  • DOC takes action to adapt to climate change
    A new Department of Conservation (DOC) action plan tackles the impacts of climate change on New Zealand’s biodiversity and DOC managed infrastructure including tracks, huts and cultural heritage. Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage says extreme weather events around the country have really brought home our vulnerability to changing weather patterns. ...
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    3 days ago
  • Reduced international Antarctic season commences
    A heavily scaled back international Antarctic season will commence this week, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods have confirmed. “Antarctica is the only continent that is COVID-19 free,” Mr Peters said. “Throughout the global pandemic, essential operations and long-term science have continued at ...
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    3 days ago
  • New high performance sports hub for Upper Hutt
    The Government is providing up to $30 million to help fund the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport in Upper Hutt - an investment that will create 244 jobs. “The sports hub is designed to be a world-leading shared service for a range of sports, offering the level of facilities ...
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    3 days ago
  • Govt keeps projects on road to completion
    Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced today transport projects currently in construction will continue at pace due to extra Government support for transport projects to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. To keep the $16.9 billion 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme going the Government has allocated funding from the COVID Response and ...
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    3 days ago
  • First project utilising $50 million ‘shovel ready’ fund for rural broadband announced
    $50 million for further rural broadband digital connectivity has been allocated from the $3 billion infrastructure fund in the COVID Response and Recovery Fund has been announced by Shane Jones, Minister for Infrastructure and Kris Faafoi, Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media. The investment will go to boosting broadband ...
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    3 days ago
  • Ultra-fast Broadband programme hits major milestone with more than one million connections
    The Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media has congratulated the Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) programme on its major milestone of connecting more than 1 million New Zealand households and businesses to UFB. “This milestone has been 10 years in the making and demonstrates the popularity of the UFB network. “Uptake ...
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    3 days ago
  • Vaping legislation passes
    Landmark legislation passed today puts New Zealand on track to saving thousands of lives and having a smokefree generation sooner rather than later, Associate Health Minister, Jenny Salesa says. The Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill regulates vaping products and heated tobacco devices. “There has long been concern ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government repeals discriminatory law
    A discriminatory law that has been a symbol of frustration for many people needing and providing care and support, has been scrapped by the Government. “Part 4A of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Bill (No 2) was introduced under urgency in 2013 by a National Government,” Associate ...
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    4 days ago
  • More competitive fuel market on the way
    Kiwi motorists are set to reap the benefits of a more competitive fuel market following the passing of the Fuel Industry Bill tonight, Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods says.  “This Act is where the rubber meets the road in terms of our response to the recommendations made in the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government delivers on rental reforms promise
    The Government has delivered on its promise to New Zealanders to modernise tenancy laws with the passing of the Residential Tenancies Amendment (RTA) Bill 2020 today, says Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing), Kris Faafoi. “The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 was out-dated and the reforms in the RTA modernise our ...
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    4 days ago
  • New rules in place to restore healthy rivers
    New rules to protect and restore New Zealand’s freshwater passed into law today. Environment Minister David Parker and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor welcomed the gazetting of the new national direction on freshwater management. “These regulations deliver on the Government’s commitment to stop further degradation, show material improvements within five years and ...
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    4 days ago
  • Foreign Minister announces new Consul-General in Los Angeles
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced the appointment of Jeremy Clarke-Watson as New Zealand’s new Consul-General in Los Angeles. “New Zealand and the United States share a close and dynamic partnership, based on a long history of shared values and democratic traditions,” Mr Peters said. “Mr Clarke-Watson is a ...
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    4 days ago
  • Rental reforms provide greater support for victims of family violence
    Victims of family violence can end a tenancy with two days’ notice Landlords can terminate tenancies with 14 days’ notice if tenants assault them Timeframe brought forward for limiting rent increases to once every 12 months Extension of time Tenancy Tribunal can hear cases via phone/video conference Reform of New ...
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    4 days ago
  • Apprenticeships support kicks off today
    Two employment schemes – one new and one expanded – going live today will help tens of thousands of people continue training on the job and support thousands more into work, the Government has announced. Apprenticeship Boost, a subsidy of up to $12,000 per annum for first year apprentices and ...
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    4 days ago