Hooten has “loose lips” syndrome as well

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It is always amusing listening to Matthew Hooten being a spinster on politics. It was rather ironic for him to be in a conversation about John Keys “loose lips” over his Tuhoe remarks in NatRads political section in 9 to noon this morning. During it, he talked about this site posting conspiracy theories about John Key ‘cannibalism joke’ and North Shore voters.

After this got drawn to my attention in OpenMike comments I investigated Hooten’s assertions.  I usually do this when claims are made about the site or its authors, because some of the bullshit that gets floated around is pretty amazingly idiotic. I was also puzzled as I couldn’t even remember anything about North Shore voters coming into the debate here. We have done a couple of posts on the subject.

Joke? Or deliberate insult? was written as a first response post, before John Key pronounced on it himself. What I questioned was if this was a deliberate shift in policy based on earlier revelations of John Key seemingly arbitrarily shifting the states negotiating position in the wake of blowback at National party regional conferences.

Marty G wrote a subsequent post looking at the ‘wedge’ effect that the ‘joke’ would inevitably produce. His opinion was written about the leverage that just such a ‘joke’ would give to the government negoitiating with Tuhoe would have.

All of the other posts have been about the international fallout from John Keys ‘joke’.

So where did Matthew Hooten get ‘conspiracy’ theories from, and such specific ones? Well it appears likely he was talking about a post from Bomber at Tumeke – “National denied Tuhoe justice because white North Shore focus groups told them to“.

It appears that Matthew Hooten has the “loose lips” syndrome as well. It is nice for him to give us a mention on the MSM, but a lot less nice to attribute the opinion of an author in another site to the authors here.

Speaking directly to Matthew; I’d accept that you probably just made a accidental screwup. But I can just see those mindless wingnuts that follow your words as gospel. They’re going to tirelessly repeat this inane stupidity over and over and over again. If that happens, I’m going to get irritated at you.

Please, smarten your act up – and while you’re at it, see what you can do about that clueless PM making us a laughing stock overseas. He could use some help…

26 comments on “Hooten has “loose lips” syndrome as well”

  1. Bright Red 1

    I love the way he called it a ‘conspiracy theory’. Does no-one understnad what that term means?

    There was no implication of conspiracy in the posts I read – just an analysis of the underlying message to Tuhoe.

    • ‘conspiracy theory’, the term obviously misunderstood, seems to be the only ‘defence’ available to the right on these occasions.
      can’t use PC gone mad, can’t use Labour did it, so… must be a conspiracy!

  2. Lanthanide 2

    You expect the media to understand what a “conspiracy theory” is? Don’t forget, these are the people that like sticking the suffix “gate” onto any political scandal, regardless of how minor or imagined, and the fact that it simply doesn’t make any sense at all (since the hotel wasn’t called “Water”). “Corngate” in particular is pretty ridiculous; as far as I can tell it is referring to John Campbels ambush-interview of Helen Clark, and nothing more.

    We’re just lucky we got “winebox inquiry” and not “wineboxgate”.

    Wikipedia even has an article on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scandals_with_%22-gate%22_suffix

    • felix 2.1

      Yeah the only time that ever made sense as a play on words was “Whitewatergate” – and that was probably an accident.

      Every other utterance of “*gate” has been from the lips of illiterate, historically ignorant fools.

      • Maynard J 2.1.1

        When oh when will there be a scandal about a gate. You konw, like if English demanded an extra half hour of his cleaner’s time to polish the gates.

        Then we would get Gategate, and that stupid saying would die the pathetic death it deserves.

      • I really don’t remember Whitewatergate. Whitewater, or the Whitewater Controversy, but not Whitewatergate.

        What you need is someone like Murray McCully. He went after the “Lying in Unison Scandal” and called it the “Lying in Unison Scandal”. Sounded much more serious that way.

        • Pascal's bookie

          They should do them like chapter synopsis teaser thingies in ye olde timey books.

          In which there is a surprising tale from an unlikely source. Three cats and a cormorant come a calling and a Minister becomes unstuck.

        • Loco

          Funny Mitchell and Webb talking about Watergate gate. 🙂

      • How about Luxton/Creech BlueChipgate,
        Why did this incompetent Right-Wing government put Creech in charge of the Canterbury Shambles .
        After the BlueChip scandal of which Creech was a director any government would have avoided such people like the plague ,even if they were old time National Party members.

  3. Hardly surprising Hooten can’t tell the difference between The Standard and Tumeke. After all, he can’t tell the difference between John Key and a real leader.

    BTW, if Farrar is The Penguin, can I suggest The Owl for Hooten? Geddit?

  4. Anne 4

    What about Hoot’n Toot’n? Got a nice ring to it.

    anti-spam ‘irritate’

  5. greenfly 5

    Hooten needs shootin’s been done

  6. illuminatedtiger 6

    Anything you can do about this lprent?

    • lprent 6.1

      Not much in reality – well apart from writing a post to set the record straight.

      Tumeke deserves the credit, and I’d hardly even call that a conspiracy post. It is just Bomber being slightly over the top.

  7. Anne 7

    Trouble is people won’t know which “Weasel Twat” we’re referring to.

    The Right’s got so many of them.

  8. lprent 8

    Bloody hell, I go away for a few hours, and it starts to head to the sewer..

    It is all quite amusing, and so far hasn’t dropped into anything I need to moderate. It’d better stay that way. Time to cook dinner.

  9. ianmac 9

    Often Matthew sounds quite reasonable but in every session has at least one wound meant to hurt.
    Notice that he described the Tuhoe plan as “Privatisation”? x2 then Andrew had to refute Privatisation thus cementing it in.
    Matthew Baldrock, “I have a cunning plan!”

  10. randal 10

    lying comes naturally to politicians whose main and in fact only objective is stealing off the poor.

  11. Rodel 11

    Hooten is better than the comedy channel
    He should be working for the retards’ choice ‘Fux News’
    They wouldn’t laugh at him

  12. Bomber 12

    Sorry, I’ve walked into this debate late – what was he claiming? I based my post on the claims made in The Nation on TV3, and those claims made by The Nation were that National made their decision to screw Tuhoe after white focus groups from the North Shore told National that they were giving Maaaaaaaaaaaree too much.

    If it is a conspiracy then it’s been inspired by The Nation, why would they lie about this?

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