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How to Put A Stake Through Our Monarchy’s Heart

Written By: - Date published: 2:13 pm, March 8th, 2021 - 31 comments
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No, it’s not how you keep a 99-year-old racist alive in both public and private hospitals while the rest of the U.K. watches the deliberate destruction of the National Health Service.

It’s not how you treat the memory of the most popular royal in a century.

What you do is try to take out the reputation of a popular United States citizen, who followed the Hollywood dream of marrying an actual prince.

That mythology of class and gender mobility is not possible in London, but it is too much a part of the American Dream to be left undefended in Los Angeles the city where such global dreams are manufactured. On that edge the knife of their demise is sharpened.

Once the British royals started launching air strikes in the form of a Buckingham Palace investigation into whether two staff felt bullied by Meaghan – just days before the main interview with Oprah Winfrey was due to go live – you knew the counter-strike was just going to leave a broadcasting Nagasaki behind.

In stepping away from the work of the royal family, it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service.”

Since they were in attack mode, they said:

The royal household has had a dignity at work policy in place for a number of years and does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace.”

Contemplate the history of the British royal family over the last 50 years as you read that aloud.

Then the Queen in her Commonwealth Day speech tries to put a little edge on things, which even Fox News pushes back on.

As CNN puts it, the world is now awaiting a royal bombshell with this interview.

Hey Queen, if you thought you were protecting someone’s dignity about work, you’re not going to get Upper Class British restrained passive-aggression out of Fox News.

You’re going to get steamrollered.

At this point there’s a full-on war between the media of the United States based in California, and the media of the United Kingdom based in London.

The London media will lose more in their international markets than they might gain domestically. In the year to come they will go through the successes and failures of Team Archie in a perpetual gotcha.

More importantly the British monarchy will lose much more than they gain, in an industry built entirely on reputation.

Meaghan and Harry are going to be the renewal of the British Royal Family that England could have had but didn’t. Instead of accepting the fate of being one-family-private-jet-crash-from-the-throne, they have formed their own lives and independent business. In doing so they have weaponised larger media message-carriers than the whole of Buckingham Palace put together.

The net result will be that young people will see this new form of royalty as young, progressive, and media-weaponised to the hilt. Just the way we like young successful people after all. The old form of royalty will die by being ignored by millennials and distained by the old. The middle-aged will pass them by.

Prince Charles will bury his own parents soon, but they dug their own reputational graves first.

31 comments on “How to Put A Stake Through Our Monarchy’s Heart ”

  1. Peter chch 1

    I guess the lack of response to your post Advantage speaks volumes: no one in NZ gives a flying F about the Royal family anymore.

    We have as a society (at last) moved on from tugging our forelocks to the British in general and the Royal Family in particular.


  2. Oh good grief…I’ll take the bait if no one else will…assuming this isn’t satire…which being Advantage I know it’s not…

    If the Royal Family was simply a marketing ploy and a branding exercise you'd be absolutely correct.

    They are not.

    Which is why "The Family" have lasted however many years.

    Its also why the British public have allowed them to exist full stop. Rather than simply (and wisely) throwing them down a mine shaft and selling the Crown copyright to some American hedge fund.

    If you think Harry and Meghan are going to be a marketable brand in 20 years, let alone their children, or that they would ever be allowed to live off the public purse you're dreaming. (I'll give them 20 years ..based on the Kardashians longevity)

    *Disclaimer…I'm no fan of the Royals,…but as a regular reader of the Daily Mail and general fan of Blackadder I have some opinions….

    • Peter chch 2.1

      But, to quote the Sex Pistols song (God Save the Queen): 'God Save the Queen, cause tourists are money', is actually probably pretty much true.

      The Royal Family, and all the bs of trooping the colours and so on, is pure gold (pre Covid) for tourism to GB. Americans, Japanese and in more recent years the Chinese seem to just love this stuff. Must be a huge positive to UK GDP.

      • Siobhan 2.1.1

        oh for sure.

        And, you know, it would be vaguely reassuring to think that's the reason The Firm still exists.

        But the British public* also seem to love and celebrate The Firms voracious sense of entitlement beyond what would be tolerable if they were simply a tourist attraction.

        *The same, slightly deranged, British Public ofcourse, who regularly vote in the sadistic Tory Party; and in the case of the New Labour Centrist crowd, would rather a Tory killing their grandmothers en masse than Corbyn nationalising the Water and Power companies.


        • Peter chch

          Absolutely, and that i cannot understand.

          Prince (oh how I detest that word) Andrew is at best corrupt, or at worst, a pedo, yet the UK press barely touch him. Wheres the investigation into the sale of his mansion? Tax avoidance or a bribe?

          And as for that Nazi loving traitor Duke of Windsor, or the anti semitic Princess Margaret, well words fail me.

  3. Sanctuary 3

    All Megan has to say is she felt uncomfortable with the prospect of raising her child around an accused sexual predator who won't answer questions.

  4. mickysavage 4

    I have always thought the problems were because Meaghan was black but was too polite to say it …

    • Anne 4.1

      Racial prejudice which is a British pastime of pandemic proportions among the UK media and the tabloids in particular.

      From the Guardian update this is what Harry had to say about it:

      “I’m acutely aware of where my family stand and how acutely scared they are of the tabloids turning on them.”

      There is an “invisible contract” between the royal family and the tabloids, says Harry. If you as the family are willing to wine and dine the press, you will get better coverage, he says.

      There is a level of “control by fear”: the tabloids controlling the family, he says. “The institution survives based on” their relationship with the press, Harry says.

      Meghan says the coverage in the press, because it had racial overtones, changed the level of threat to the couple. “It changed the death threats,” she adds.

      Now we know why they fled and who can blame them.


    • Peter chch 4.2

      You don't think maybe flying in a private jet to New York for a baby shower was maybe a reason public and Press sentiment changed?

      Or ordering an entire section of Wimbledon to be cleared out so she could sit in the middle alone was a contributing factor?

      Or her (and Harry) obsession for hiding details about the birth of the child from the people funding their lifestyle might pass a few taxpayers off?

      Or, or, or. I could site a hundred examples, but you seem to be focused solely on pushing an outdated and frankley absurd notion that its all nasty old white men and racists who are at fault.

      I am leftist, but despair at the old outdated stereotypical extreme British left views.

      • bwaghorn 4.2.1

        Ooh common shes a black women fuck that makes her 100% the most honest decent person th walk the earth. .

        The fact she couldnt handle royal life and left and is going to shit all over them from state side is irrelevant.

        Hell I hate the concept of royalty but the girls trouble.

      • Anne 4.2.2

        …but you seem to be focused solely on pushing an outdated and frankley absurd notion that its all nasty old white men and racists who are at fault.

        So you consider racism is an absurd notion? You really are ignorant of a significant portion of British society. Are you a nasty old white man?

        • Peter chch

          Neither nasty or old or white (well partly yes).

          No, racism is not an absurd notion. As always Anne, you seem to struggle to see the point.

          Whether Chinese against Japanese or white against black or Samoan against Tongan, ALL racism is abhorrent. But I really do wonder Anne, are YOU racist, or ashamed of your race? You surely post like that is the case.

          • Anne

            … are YOU racist, or ashamed of your race? You surely post like that is the case.

            Oh yeah. I'm often ashamed of a certain type of 'white' person. From personal observation it seems to me they have what could be referred to as an inferiority complex, and by projecting that image of inferiority on non-white people makes them feel better about themselves.

    • joe90 4.3

      The dude who flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to accept a bogus award had royal 'experts' comment on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview two days before they'd seen it.

    • joe90 4.4

      the problems were because Meaghan was black

      Pretty much.

      Imagine a society founded on a class structure with the (white) British royal family at the top as determined by birth and by blood. A biracial woman enters the top of the pyramid by marriage, negating both the birth and blood requirements society had previously been told were preconditions. Because she lacks those prerequisites, she’s considered unworthy. Because she’s proud of her own heritage and regards herself as equal to others at the top of the pyramid, she’s considered ungrateful.


      For society to maintain order, she must be reclassified and her elite status conferred by marriage removed. But, the society is trapped in a conundrum. Her husband and their children are at the top of the pyramid by birth and by blood. Removing titles, military honors, and patronages won’t remove her from the top of the pyramid. The only thing that will reclassify her is to remove her from her husband…and the society has been working diligently, though unsuccessfully, to that end since the day they learned that Harry and Meghan were a couple.


  5. Reality 5

    Advantage, I am not especially a supporter of the royals, but your spiteful post towards the Queen and other royals is disturbing and sad. The Queen has given many many years of service to her country, possibly putting that ahead of her family. She and the Duke should not be having a spoilt, petulant grandson and his neurotic wife behaving as they have, whatever family problems they think are real or imagined.

    From what I have read of Meghan Markle, she is an extremely flawed woman who is never ever satisfied. She moans incessantly on and on and is forever blaming others. She had her "white" wedding costing millions, had millions spent on their mansion. She had hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on designer clothes and jewellery. She even had Prince Charles escort her on her wedding day when she had nobody there except her mother. She seemed to want to waltz in and do whatever took her fancy. Has now waltzed out for a "private" life and still moans.

  6. AB 6

    British aristocracy – you can privately enjoy enormous taxpayer-funded wealth provided you give public displays of humility and 'service'.

    American aristocracy – you can publicly and ostentatiously enjoy enormous wealth because you can (erroneously) claim to have 'earned' it. In the trailer for the interview Oprah’s place looked like a royal estate.

    The Sussexes have simply jumped from one horse to another. A plague on all of them.

  7. Anker 7
    • I think the institution of the monarchy is unhealthy and archaic. Charles marrying Diana all those years ago, Margaret not being able to marry Peter what’s his name etc.

    ok so it seems wills and Harry were allowed to marry the girl of their choice, but both women were treated completely differently by the British (racist) tabloids. I follow the R family for light relief from the real world and the compare and contrast between how Kate was portrayed c/p to Meghan was astounding.

    if anyone doubts the issues of a conversation about how dark Archie would be I have two words. Prince Phillip. I rest my case.

    I myself couldn’t bare to lead such a constrained life. Meghan is at least the second member of the royal family who has developed severe mental health issues during their time as a royal.

    Charles job as a father is to offer his son unconditional love and support. Sounds like he didn’t.

    the Queen comes out of this well, so respect. Kate and Wills not so shabby either.

    The firm look appallingly bad. Fancy hiding and protecting a possible pedo, while using the bullying allegations to retaliate for the Oprah interview. Whatever the truth they didn’t care a flying …about the “bullying” till now. Btw I have a theory about what could have happened there (of course I could be wrong), but possibly staff (who resented a biracial woman) acting in a passive aggressive way. When someone does that it leaves the person on the receiving end feeling infuriated.

    but honestly, complete credit to Meghan and Harry for standing up for themselves and each other. Wish them all the luck in the world.

  8. mpledger 8

    Although the abdication seems like pre-history, it had a profound effect on the Queen's life and very nearly had dire consequences for pre-war England. So, yea, I don't think it's about colour (at this time in British history marrying someone with Black heritage is a plus), I think it's all about being an American women who goes after what she wants.

  9. Foreign Waka 9

    I am no anglo saxon but I admire the Queen greatly. Her sense of loyalty, integrity and duty to the country and its people is in some minds perhaps outdated but has as far as I see not been outshone by anything better elsewhere. Her sense of duty has a huge price and doubtless left scars from the toll this had on her life. The queen is most likely completely preoccupied with the prospect of loosing the love of her life but you wouldn't know by how she presents. As unsophisticated as the American media is, Mrs. Markle ego trip plays so much more into the turnover figures of the TV channel and it wont matter to stamp across another countries traditions and heritage. I don't belief this will be forgotten so easily.
    If any women marries into the royal family they will know on no uncertain terms what that means. To unleash a “revolution” from within is just wrong and misjudged.

  10. Tiger Mountain 10

    There is probably a draft “Constitution of the Republic of Aotearoa” lurking somewhere around Parliament, if not on political party computers also.

    When Queen Elizabeth finally departs, Republicanism will be seriously back on the agenda for New Zealanders.

  11. dv 11

    Just remember that Meagan is an actress, and she also has a stuffed up relationship with her father too.

    • Anker 11.1

      Fb I am not sure what being an actress has to do with anything. Are you saying m and h claims are made up? I found them completely credible

      I think Meghan has handled her relationship with her father particularly well ie no contact. Anyone who goes on tv and says I will keep appearing on tv until my daughter speaks to me is clearly very manipulative and should be avoided at all costs. Meghan, you go gal

      • dv 11.1.1

        Being an actress means she has the ability to play a role, and to make it seem credible.

        Manipulative father like father like daughter?

        I don't know where the truth lies, but i am sceptical about the whole situation.

        • Anker

          Just because you can act, doesn't mean every time you are opening your mouth you are only acting.

          You need to site evidence that she is manipulative. Like father like daughter is a meaningless through away statement. She also has a mother who is a social worker and a yoga teacher.

          It is hard to know exactly what is true and what isn’t but there is evidence in the public domain that Meghan was badly treated. Piers M ran an unrelenting campaign of trashing her a Harry. Someone on twitter complied the articles and it was clip after clip after clip. Someone in the British media showed a picture of H and M with a baby monkey between them when they announced M was pregnant.
          Many other examples of disgusting treatment by the British media.
          We can never know what people truly feel, even those we are close to. We have to make a judgement call based on what we perceive and what we know.
          I believe and support M and H and wish them well.

          • dv

            Thanks for the reply.
            Yes agreed that English media is crap
            But i still remain sceptical!!

  12. RP Mcmurphy 12

    just remember that no matter how drongo they are they are a million times more preferable than upstarts like the last REPUBLICAn potus!

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    2 weeks ago
  • Crown accounts again better than forecast
    The economic recovery from COVID-19 continues to be reflected in the Government’s books, which are again better than expected. The Crown accounts for the eight months to the end of February 2021 showed both OBEGAL and the operating balance remain better than forecast in the Half Year Economic and Fiscal ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago