Huckabee’s subliminal Christmas message

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CNN reports that Republican Mike Huckabee poked fun at critics who said a bookshelf in his new Christmas-themed ad that appeared to highlight the shape of a cross was meant to send a subliminal message.

If you’re reading this Santa, please get me an awesome Christmas present. All I’ve ever really wanted is a pony of my own.

9 comments on “Huckabee’s subliminal Christmas message”

  1. East Wellington Superhero 1

    What’s the big controversy? If you actually listen to the message (instead of looking for a Right-Wing/Judeo-Christian conspiracy) you will also notice that he says “…what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Christ and being with family…”.

    I find it odd that reports were so focused on looking for dog-whistling that they missed the plain comment Huckabee made about Jesus.

    He’s a Christian. Get over it.
    If you don’t like him because he’s a Christian then have the balls to say so, instead dog-whistling to those that might not support a Christian Presidential candidate.

    Actually, this annoys me. I don’t have any particular favour for Christian politicians over others and I vote on the creditials of the man or woman standing. What I do have problem with is the way Christians get vilified by those on the Left. I cannot see how such vilification can’t be described as bigoted. Please explain to me why such vilification couldn’t be described as bigoted.

  2. all_your_base 2

    Well I think whatever the truth, he handled it well – one of the reasons I’m picking him as the most ‘dangerous’ republican for the democrats:

    “Actually I will confess this, if you play this spot backwards it says ‘Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead,'” the presidential candidate joked to reporters in Houston Tuesday. “So the next thing you know, someone will be playing it backwards to find out the subliminal messages that are really there.”

  3. Pascal's bookie 3

    this is interesting

    The Gop establishment also thinks he’s the most dangerous repub, for the GOP.

    I just watched Ann Coulter rip the snot out of Huck on FOX. hmmmm

  4. Policy Parrot 4

    I very much doubt that it was unintentional at any stage. Backdrops to campaign advertisements are tested over and over among supporters and neutrals within the Republican Party.

    Even the claim to be subliminal is really a misnomer. By making it so obvious, isn’t the link really in fact liminal?

  5. East Wellington Superhero 5

    I predict Huckabee will be the next US President.

    Clinton and Obama will start throwing mud and it’ll turn off the voters. And, once again, the media and others will fail to calculate the conservative nature of US voters.

    Huckabee seems like a nice guy who cares about the people more than himself – which I don’t think we can say about Clinton.

    Whether he is competant is another issue. However, Bush got elected twice despite his apparent incompetance so 2008 is going to be interesting.

  6. Matthew Pilott 6

    Whether he is competant is another issue

    EWS (I like the moniker btw) you couldn’t be more wrong.

    It’s not an issue at all 😉

  7. Pascal's bookie 7

    I don’t think Huckabee can do it.

    The GOP establishment doesn’t like him, (he’s an actual evengelical, rather than just someone who knows how to talk to them), he’ll not get the big business money, and while he’ll have the genuine advantages of having the Christian Right’s ground workers and organisation, he’ll be dogged by all the things he’s said (eg, quarantine for HIV folk, woman should accept the leadership of men, openly creationist rather than a fence sitter etc etc etc)

    The dems will be throwing mud at each other for sure, but their fight will likely be over well before the GOP sorts out their nominee. Some people are even talking about a brokered convention for the GOP. And if they nominate Huckabee, the Dem will just eat him alive on national TV when it comes to policy, IMO

  8. East Wellington Superhero 8

    Yeah, you are right about Huckabee’s baggage being incredible.
    However, the Yanks have had a tough 8 years and I don’t reckon they want a big change with black or female President and I reckon they’ll choose the calm and softly spoken Huckabee. I don’t think Clinton on attack-mode will earn voter confidence. Guess we’ll find out.
    2008 wil be a great year for political junkies.
    Merry Christmas from sunny Evan’s Bay.

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    Fair enough EWS, and you’re right that 08 is gonna be a blockbuster for the politic tragics.

    Have a great Chrissy, from a sunny and wind sheltered pocket of the Miramar valley.

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