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hutchsmall.jpgMike Hutcheson has somehow made another appearance, this morning, on TV3’s Sunrise programme.

This is the guy who told viewers late last year that New Zealand’s problems were caused by a “girltocracy” – presumably a reference to too many women running things for Hutch’s liking.

This morning he offered up some obscure research apparently showing that there is no correlation between obesity and bad health. Looking at the man I guess he would say that.

What is TV3 doing with this heap of junk on their programme?

23 comments on “Hutch back on Sunrise”

  1. i didn’t know Big Jezza Brownlee had a brother

  2. Settle down, as a “bigboned” fella myself I’ve gotta say taking the piss outta someone ‘cos they’re fat isn’t really very fair.

  3. outofbed 3

    What about if they are ugly ?

  4. Beauty come from the inside.

    Speaking of ugly captcha is “McNamara graft”

  5. i’m no stoutist either, but he does seem to share Jezza’s intelligent, loving eyes and penchant for saying inane things

  6. Blair 6

    This guy makes my blood boil first thing in the morning, actually the entire sunrise programme is terrible, its bad when you have to turn to breakfast for more balanced news in the morning

  7. Flippin’ heck Robinsod – being XXL myself, I have to agree with you – which is a REAL worry!!

    And Sprout – it’s a bit off to diss Gerry Brownlee and not mention Parekura!

  8. IV2 – perhaps we should start a non-partisan political blog together? I’m thinking I get the feeling we won’t find it hard to find appropriate bloggers…

  9. outofbed 9

    Sounds me to me there is too much sitting around blogging and not running around jogging

  10. deemac 10

    slogan “fat bastards of the world unite”? you have nothing to lose but you lamingtons…

  11. Bro if I jogged I’d have a heartattack…

  12. outofbed 12

    I know but it rhymed

  13. Ex Labour Voter 13

    I’m struggling with robinsod’s new sense of sensitivity. Anybody remember this?

  14. Good point ELV – I’ll make sure I invite Whale onto our blog. You a hefty fella yourself?

  15. “it’s a bit off to diss Gerry Brownlee and not mention Parekura”

    but the Hutch looks nothing like Parekura

  16. Z K Muggletonspofin 16

    Attacking fat people is fair if;
    * they are not eight and a half months into a pregnancy
    * don’t have a medical condition
    * eat too many pies
    * serve no purpose in life other than to convert breathing into methane
    * answer to the nickname of “Hutch.”

    Attacking bald people, on the other hand is grossly unfair (baldism). That may unite David Farrar and the Labour Party Gen Sec in an unholly alliance! Hmmm, maybe not.

  17. outofbed 17

    Talking of Gerry Brownlee he’s been a bit quiet

  18. Z K Muggletonspofin 18

    Brownlee cannot speak with a pie in his face. It is one thing Hutch has mastered.

  19. Talking of Gerry Brownlee he’s been a bit quiet

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.

    Captcha: “casino scam” I don’t know what it means but it sounds cool…

  20. Phil 20

    Clearly you’ve never been to Vegas, Sod…

    ZK, let me relate a personal anecodte;
    I had dinner with some friends and aquaintences a while back, and after the main course one guy excused himself to go outside and have a cigarette. Immediately, a couple of people around the table launched into a tirade about the evils of smoking, how this guy was killing himself, putting a massive burden on the health system that ‘we’ would have to carry the can for, and via second hand smoke damaging ‘us’ too.

    One of those people attacking this smoker was a woman I would describe as being somewhere between very overweight and obese. It struck me that no-one around that table would have had the courage to say the same types of things to her, if she we’re to reach for another spoonful of creamy pasta, or slice of pie at dessert.

    I suspect that we will not begin to make inroads into obesity, until such time as the effective hard-line we have taken on smokers, carries over to the overweight.

  21. here’s an interesting piece on the benefits of “nanny statism” and obesity.

  22. sarah 23

    You people are using this blog to tease people like a school yard bitching session. Grow up and get real lives.

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