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“New Zealanders will not have confidence in
[a …] bill rammed through by a slender majority without public support
and with the backing of only the bare minimum of parties necessary to get it through Parliament.”
John Key, 2007.
(ht Toby Manhire)

18 comments on “Hypocrite”

  1. pollywog 1

    Jonkey says – Do as i say, not as i do!

    • Tracey 1.1

      I am sure that but for him and the illegal surveillance of the GCSB since 2008 we would be living in a terror attack ridden society

  2. Tracey 2

    Dame Anne Salmon came up with the other oft-repeated quote from Key during the debate…

    It’s what we have needed for a long time… hoist him on his own petard. use HIS words to corner him so that even when he refuses to tell the truth, others can see it.

  3. Linz 3

    And then there’s this:
    Judith Collins: “I felt it was a chilling experience to realise that ministers and staff emails and their right to privacy was treated with what I would say was, frankly, a contemptuous attitude,”

    Key’s comment: It was “the most basic level of intrusion” to look at metadata to determine whether individuals were of interest. “If you can’t meet that level, you wouldn’t make it as a minister.”
    Do I sense division within the ranks?

    • Tracey 3.1

      exactly, so when a warrant is before him to basically intrude on a kiwi, what will he say???? And IF he believes that why is he not telling Collins to release her emails now so we can see if she was the source of the leak or someone in her staff?

  4. dv 6

    “I will not sign off a mass surveillance of NZers’

    Does that mean I will leave the country for a day or so and let Bill do it like I did last time.?

    • karol 6.1

      Or does it mean that mass surveillance can be done without a warrant?

    • Tracey 6.2

      it means he might spy on a large number of NZers that could be argued to not be “mass” but still a very large number, especially if, say, Apple or Warner Bros “suspect” people downloading without paying them.

    • freedom 6.3

      ““I will not sign off a mass surveillance of NZers’”
      he will simply sign off a mass surveillance of systems and the reality that NZers use those systems is purely an operational matter and not really his responsibilty ❗

  5. Plan B 7

    JK’s first words in answer to almost any question put to him lately is “NO…….” or “NO they are wrong…”

  6. Cato 8

    “New Zealanders will not have confidence in a electoral bill rammed through by a slender majority without public support and with the backing of only the bare minimum of parties necessary to get it through Parliament.”

    Sorry, it’s not ethical to use elipses to omit text where that changes the context of the quoted text. Whatever you think of the bill – and there’s a lot of disquiet about it – it does not affect electoral law. That’s relevant because there is (was) a convention that significant changes to electoral law should only occur with the broad consent of Parliament or through referendum. The government of the day defied that convention when it, rightly or wrongly, decided it had to regulate criticism of it by the public.

    The quote above seems to indicate that Key believes that Parliament should never pass any legislation on a narrow vote of the House. That’s misleading.

    I worry a little bit that the left can’t get out of “Paintergate” mode. Everybody remembers when Helen Clark was ‘beleaguered’ in the early 2000s by that ‘scandal’ and others that the Nats were just scoring off her. Quite rightly she just strugged it off and won a further term.

    There are plenty of things that could hurt the government when it actually comes to people entering the voting booth. This isn’t one of them.

    • Tracey 8.1

      yes, cato, passing law to enable spying on NZers internet communications is not nearly as important as the EFAct…

      You omit that the convention you are talking about relates to changes to electoral (voting) systems or ways to vote…. not to party donations.

      Thanks for letting us know what the electorate is concerned about. I wish you’d told us weeks ago we could have just agreed to the legislation. Can you list stuff for us from time to time so we don’t waste our lives?

      • Cato 8.1.1

        No – I don’t mean to say that the electorate is unconcerned – they plainly are. Just not to the same intensity as politically active people are.

        It’s not a waste of time to object to legislation you disagree with in principle, but the manufacturing of phony errors or “gaffes” is, to say the least, weak – besides being a misdirected criticism on its own face.

        • Tracey

          How is it phony when it applied to donations to parties not to changing the actual voting system which is regarded as safe without a 75% majority? I agree the full quote ought to have been posted btw.

          Key wanted to keep high protection for anonymous donations to parties than mandated by a slender majority that is not akin to a voting change by a simple majority

  7. Sable 9

    So what else isn’t new. We all know Keys a two faced toad….

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