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I am going to miss the real Aaron Gilmore

Written By: - Date published: 3:06 pm, December 10th, 2011 - 6 comments
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Someone told me the other day that Aaron Gilmore is a lowly National list MP. I didn’t believe them – but it is true! Way down on the National party list and today dropped out of parliament by the specials. It was like a blast of icewater in the face – and I still don’t really believe it.

Before that, the only person I’d known and fallen under the spell of was the godlike being of the Aaron Gilmore for Prime Minister facebook page. Sure someone said that that it was a spoof page. But it was just a journo, so what would they know. After all they they even tried to tell tell us the Don Brash was a viable Prime Minister in 2005 and that Winston Peters was finished in politics after 2008.

The gentle divine wisdom of Aaron Gilmore, Prime Minister in waiting with the blessed interpretation by his worshipful acolytes was something to behold. But evidently they did not. 🙁 The final message (at the time of posting) is shown below.

You may go to the Facebook page to add your own grief stricken comments at the anticipated passing of the blessed one from the material portal

How could others not see it… I have taken some snapshots of the Aaron wisdom for all to see. So in no particular order..

But no-one heeded the blessed ones call over the last weeks to take affirmative action to rectify horrible result.

Alas the dream is gone.

Damn I need a bath after writing that cloying crap. Danyl is sooo much better than I am at this. I guess he has a much more acid personality to keep the bloody goo off.

6 comments on “I am going to miss the real Aaron Gilmore”

  1. ropata 1

    gilmore’s ego is inflated enough without this sort of thing, he might take it seriously 🙂

  2. kriswgtn 2

    its very very witty- i put it oin my fb page hahahahha and knowing the groups i belong too it will be getin alot of visits hahahahahah

  3. Billy Fish 3

    I had actually heard he thought the FB page was fine and a bit amusing, I kind of hope so as its was a gentle parody and hardly ever got nasty and when it did it the nasty was stomped on, a rare thing on the intertubes nowadays,

  4. lprent 4

    I always thought it was gently amusing. The only nasty bits I ever saw were the right complaining…

  5. Roy 5

    Well it looks like Aaron got what he deserved. What goes around, comes around. Perhaps if he hadn’t [deleted] things might be different.

  6. henry olongo 6

    What a pencil. Never seen in A-Town…

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