If you can’t take the heat…

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The National Party have been complaining about the increasing scrutiny on John Key’s business dealings. First, his association with the “Earl of Auckland” property development firm that’s attempting to go into liquidation to avoid leaky building costs and second the nature of his involvement at Elders during the Equiticorp scandal of the 1980s – both of which would appear to speak directly to the kind of company he keeps. Paul Henry interviewed Helen Clark this morning on Breakfast.

Here’s what she had to say:

“As one who has been constantly viciously personally attacked for many many years I find it a little strange now the National Party’s bleating when somebody who puts their hand up for wanting the top job comes under scrutiny directly from the media”.

“Prima facie, if a leader of a political party is a business party with people who are alleged to have liquidated companies so they are not held responsible for leaky homes, which have caused so many homeowners so much grief, that’s an issue that the media itself should be taking up”.

5 comments on “If you can’t take the heat…”

  1. Nonsense. The Nats aren’t complaining at all. John Key has said himself he’s got nothing to hide, and his life before politics is an open book.

    What is disturbing is that the Health Minister, while his portfolio is plagued with incompetency and failure, has made it a mission to attept to distract the New Zealand public from the real issues facing New Zealand. All the Labour Party have got is the fact that John Key was involved in a business venture with one of New Zealand’s most distinguished architects. John Key has had nothing to do with leaky homes, and there’s no evidence of it.

    If that’s the best that the Labour Party can come up with after months of digging, to try and smear John Key’s character, then you socialists should be very, very afraid.

    Here’s some neutral political advice. If you want the Labour Party to save itself from the biggest political annihilation of recent history, then start focussing on the issues that matter. If you want the Labour Party to implode, keep digging. You won’t find anything. But New Zealanders deserve a government that actually cares about the issues facing New Zealanders.

  2. Robinson 2

    Nah IP, what’s worrying is that Key can stand up in front of a bunch of folk and go on about democracy just a few years after being some kind of a bagman for a religious cult and yet no-one pulls him up on it.

  3. all_your_base 3

    Cheers for the neutral political advice IP. You’re right that New Zealanders deserve a government that actually cares about the issues facing New Zealanders. “Having a decent job” would seem to me to be a pretty big, real issue and a quick look at the unemployment stats would suggest that the current government hasn’t done too badly. There are a lot more such examples. Continually trying to paint them as not having delivered just doesn’t stack up to scrutiny. Add to that the fact that the Nats seem unable or unwilling to release any substantive policy and I can’t help but think that you’re crying crocodile tears.

  4. tom-tom 4

    Refreshing, refreshing site, well written counterpoint to Farrar’s over-spun horror. Hone Harawira tells us straight what he sees and it meshes nicely with what the writer/s on thestandard are saying. Watch your traffic increase as the flints from the right swarm in for the attack! Nice site.

  5. ak 5

    Yes, well done, what a relief to have some wholesome sustenance for political junkies at last.
    Unfortunately the putrid hatemongering over in Farrarland has an unhealthily mesmerising effect: kind of like a public hanging or an obscene freak show where the participants will parade ever more grotesque posturings and contortions in their efforts to spread their filth. You know its disgusting, but you just have to see what extremes they will go to next!
    The latest perversion is typical and stratospheric in its hypocrisy: after years of hurling incessant slime and flithy juvenile inslults at the PM, these cretins now have the unbelievable gall to rear up on their hind legs and pretend to be puffed up with outrage at the tiniest “personal attack” on their current golden boy – the same flim-flam artist that would have taken us into Iraq and had this country a target for terrorists for generations.
    Sadly, the tory ethos and background of privilige breeds a brazen and nasty arrogance, and as tom-tom notes these creeps will no doubt soon bring their filth here. I look forward to watching you give them the respect they deserve!
    Keep up the good work.

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