I’m not a UF fan, but…

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Today’s stuff Dilbert cartoon seems very apt:


16 comments on “I’m not a UF fan, but…”

  1. MikeG 1

    Dilbert is not a cartoon – it’s an illustrated documentary!

    On the subject of United-Future and Peter Dunne I do find it interesting that Mr Dunne would like us to believe that he was not the leaker of the Kitteridge report – we have to take his word for it, even though the evidence appears to point to him*. However, he is now not happy that the Electoral Commission doesn’t take his word on the number of financial members he has. A matter of trust perhaps?

    * I’m not convinced that Dunne was the leaker (and I know I’m in a small minority on this one), but it is very convenient for Key to go along with this otherwise the leak came from either another Minister, this time in his own party, or from his own office.

  2. KJT 2

    Leaks should be encouraged, if not made compulsory.

    It is the only way we get to know the things we have a right to know about what stupid things our politicians are going to do next.

    One of the few things Dunne, dunne right.

  3. amirite 3

    Will Peter Dunne do a honourable thing for once and vote against the GCSB bill?

    • ghostrider888 3.1

      well, that appears to be his position as stated on RNZ 5 O’clock just now. Doesn’t want the GCSB to be a-spyin’ on citizens willy-nilly.

  4. Rich 4

    What Dunne and others are asking for is for the Electoral Commission to take a report from his “party” computer systems as evidence of financial membership.

    There are numerous things wrong with that, and it isn’t luddism to be concerned about them:

    – It is possible for a web-based membership process to have integrity approaching that of paper signatures, but to ensure that involves many things being correct (entry of correct details, matching with credit card payments, validation against electoral rolls, integrity of entered data). The EC hasn’t the skills or the funding to specify and/or audit any of that.

    – While it’s an offence to knowingly submit incorrect data to the EC, there’s the same loophole as for anonymous donations – no duty of diligence to enquire into new members. So a misguided party supporter could create tens or hundreds of bogus members, and there would be no ability to prosecute the party and quite likely no ability to identify the miscreant.

    – Equally, an opponent of the party could create many bogus members in an attempt to sabotage the parties membership process. Again, this would be undetectable.

    Some of these problems would go away with the government’s new RealMe programme – but do we really want to be providing personal identification to an increasing range of websites and helping the government create databases of our thoughts and actions?

    Personally, I’d rather live in the 19th century and have to mail a form off to join a political party.

    • Peter 4.1

      A look into what Richard Prebble and his mates did with Labour in the 1980s will show you how easily political party systems can be gamed.

  5. Adrian 5

    Why is Dunne now expressing doubts about quite a few Nat policies that he seemed to previously support ( GCSB etc). Maybe he knows who dropped him in the shit and how high up the leaker was but as you know the PM can’t leak can he.

  6. karol 6

    There seems to be a misconception here that United Future must send membership records by snail mail for re-registration.

    The electoral Commission will accept membership forms submitted electronically, as long as they have members’ details and signatures on them.. But what the UF initially submitted was just a list of names.

    • DavidC 6.1

      Yes they will accept a scanned copy of a signed original which has been emailed into UF Central and forwarded by email but they will not accept a forwarded copy of electronic registration with corresponding proof of electronic payment.
      So they are only about 10 years behind.

      • Rich 6.1.1

        You probably think the cardholder name is validated for a credit card transaction. Per the DPS FAQ, it isn’t. You can put “Michael X Maus” and provided the number, expiry and CVC match, it would be accepted.

        The Electoral Commission is perfectly justified in rejecting a block of computer data that evidences precisely nothing.

        I’d prefer we were a hundred years behind the times than gave a free run to electoral fraudsters.

        • Nordy

          Agree completely Rich.

          I am surprised at the lack of analysis of Dunne’s self-serving attacks on the integrity of the Commmision. We are fortuante to have an independent group charged with the task of overseeing the electoral process.

          All the so-called experts are rushing to criticise the Commission for requiring Dunne, or anyone else for that matter, to provide some evidence that is credible.

          Dunne has displayed the typical arrogance of someone well past their use by date, who confronted with their own failings, simply lashes out wildy blaming anybody who suggests they calm down, stop being childish, and get on with what they have to do.

          Further, he had the gall at the weekend to claim he was the victim. Simply pathetic.

          ….and to think he was a Minister until recently, in charge if IR……..

  7. vto 7


    did the nats just make an enemy of hair?

  8. Rupert 8

    There’s an Oatmeal on that:

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