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27 comments on “ImperatorFish: That letter”

  1. Tom Gould 1

    I’m not sure if it is a comment on the venal state of the political media or of that in right-wing politics generally, but the extraordinary feeding-frenzy over Shearer’s leadership based on a couple of invented ‘tweets’ is truly bizarre. I guess if your mates own a TV and radio station, the paid monkeys who front it are yours to do with as you wish? As William Randolph Hearst once told one of his senior reporters, you have no idea of the power that controls you.

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      Journalists are just envious of their peers in Australia and want their own Labo(u)r leadership story.

  2. captain hook 2

    This is just the sort of infantile crap that people who have been potty trained on demand think is funny.
    anyway Kevin is whizzing past the idiot and it looks like David Shearer is about to get a head of steam up and Kweewee will go down in the pile of inane nonsense that he thinks is policy.

  3. deemac 3

    just when you thought standards of journalism in NZ could sink no lower, they start a rumour then report it as a fact…

  4. Winston Smith 4

    Seems like something T. Mallard or Claire curran would write.

  5. So what are yall going saying if Garner is proven to be correct?

    • McFlock 5.1

      that he’s finally achieved half the rate of accuracy of a stopped clock?

    • Pascal's bookie 5.2

      So what are yall going saying if Garner is proven to be correct?

      Something like,

      “Fuck me that was a weird dream. You know how on Tuesday night Labour rolled Shearer and Duncan had the scoop? I dreamed that they didn’t roll him, there was no letter, Garner hadn’t checked with Gower before blurting his load on twitter and it all blew up in face so badly that he spent the day in damage control before outing another source live on air and generally losing his shit. Weird fucking dream. What’s for breakfast?”

  6. J Mex 6

    I guess the other question to ask is, why would any National supporter want Shearer to resign?

  7. BLiP 7

    Anyone seen a Duncan Garner or Patrick Gower story detailing the MediaWorks tax swindle, perhaps detailing how John Key is helping ease the process?

  8. Colin episner seems to agree with Garner.

  9. rob 9

    Whoop te doo

  10. Dan1 10

    Whenever I see Gower, I see Alfred E Neumann. Sadly, Neumann’s political analysis was far sharper.

  11. irascible 11

    An update on the new Garner tip-off from Whaleoil and Lusk via a discontented National MP.

  12. IN BREAKING NEWS: NZ public to put forward remit seeking equal representation for Quality Reporting in journalism in nation’s media; incumbents objecting.

  13. irascible 14

    Garner’s breathless interview with his National Party deep throat – Whaleoil (the woodlouse)
    on the planned coup by the ABCs as they combine in an ABK alliance.

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