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26 comments on “ImperatorFish: This Week’s Political Gallery”

  1. bad12 1

    Winning electorate seats is the politics of the dinosaur in the modern age of MMP politcs…

  2. aerobubble 2

    Just heard a great summery of ACT party policy from their leader of the student ACT.
    He is quite happy to let government keep guns to defend NZ but that’s all!
    so should we trust ACT when they say we should not trust government, or just trust
    them when they say we should only trust a government when its purely military? confused..

    See Backbenchers ‘student’ edition. He then goes on to say (indirectly) that only
    the wealthy should breed, since welfare (in all its forms – think pokey machines for sky and cube)
    are only for the rich. People have children when there is no government, but ACT policy is
    to have a government of purely the military who then enforce a policy of ?abortion
    or adoption? of all children born to the poorest? Interesting perspective from the ACT
    student leadership. Shades of military junta S.Americian 70s.

    • Kotahi Tane Huna 2.1

      ACT: lipstick on a pig. Minus the lipstick. Minus the useful parts of the pig.

      • aerobubble 2.1.1

        But she was serious, the lady in the audience, she would not have kids if she could not afford to, it was a privilege to have to wait for the wealthy to trickle down profits to her. Not a right to have kids, like we stop people or something.

      • North 2.1.2

        So you take away the lipstick and then the useful parts of the pig, what are you left with ?

        Pig shit ? Sounds very much ACT !

    • bad12 2.2

      We got a good laugh out of that edition of BackBenchers, parked between the young-Nat and young-ACTor on the ‘set’ was the young NZFirster,

      When asked as the program does ”what they had been thinking of” the young NZFirster in an inspired bout of Winston-ese piped up that He was just there to” keep these idiots from making bigger fools of themselves” at the same time indicating with thumb gestures the youngsters from ACT and National to His left and right,

      Pure humor…

      • felix 2.2.1

        I half expected Winston Peters would be the “Young NZFirst” rep.

      • one of the best Back benchers ever .There is no doubt the young Labourite Glen Riddell was the most informed and the best debater , If this is typical; Labour Youth well the party’s future is in excellent hands, However I must admit the young NZ1st fellow was by far the wittiest ,I felt
        quite sorry for his “victims” the young Nat and the young
        ACT idiot. They were outclassed on both sides.
        It was a delight to this old Leftie old codger,

        • alex

          The National guy would have done very well in a leader’s debate, however in a show that demands some substance over style he was a but weak.

          • fender

            Didnt he look like Key! Illegitimate son I wonder?
            Hes clearly been given the rhetoric CD to play while asleep in order to spontaneously regurgitate as required.

            • felix

              You know the sad thing? He looks like Key because he’s styled himself on Key. It’s all in the mannerisms and the delivery.

              Awful. Just awful.

              • bad12

                Heaven forbid they have a clone factory somewhere churning the little f***kers out by the dozen…

  3. Stanley 3

    I reckon Russel will have a chance in the Rongotai by-election next year depending on who Labour pick.

    • Te Reo Putake 3.1

      I reckon he’ll have two chances; none whatsoever and eff all. NZ doesn’t have the density of inner city population required to get a Green elected in an urban area. Even in OZ, it’s been a 3 decade struggle getting the numbers to make even one Green MP electable and it required a massive swing against the rest of the left (ie Labor) for it to happen.
      Just for the record, though, I did once help the Greens win Coromandel by voting for Jeanette Fitzsimons, but those were different times, maaan.

  4. bad12 4

    We cannot see the point of differentiating whether an MP or a Party has electorate seats or not,it would seem as if those who feel such a ”need” are clinging onto the tattered remnants of a First Past the Post electoral system that Has recently been firmly cast into the dustbin of history…

    • aerobubble 4.1

      MMP is suppose to create constituent and list parties because the voters would quickly realize that split voting gives them more influence. i.e. vote Labour in the constituent and Green on the list.
      Essentially means that parliament would be 150 MPs. But for some reason voters haven’t cottoned on

  5. QoT 5

    Nice to see Scott continuing in his lovely vein of screaming “splitter!” every time someone on the left attacks Labour (the time he used the Underpants Gnome meme remains a fond memory) yet … taking the boot to the Greens, to whom Labour owe so many of their most popular policies, for no reason at all.

    • Scott 5.1

      every time someone on the left attacks Labour

      That would surely involve a lot of shouting. Are you sure you have the right person?

      • QoT 5.1.1

        Scott Yorke? Imperator Fish? Underpants-Gnome meme? Yeah, pretty sure, actually.

        • Scott

          So where is all this shouting of mine then? Maybe I left caps lock on again (damn keyboard!). Was it the content of one post that offended you so? Two? Three? (out of almost two thousand blogposts to date).

          Your comment suggests I go about the blogosphere attacking anyone who has a go at Labour, which if true would make me quite a sad person. Thankfully I have better things to do with my time.

          In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve written many more posts critical of Labour than I have the Greens.

          It’s no secret which party I support, but it’s not an uncritical support, and I quite like a lot of the Greens MPs and Green policies. Does this make me a “splitter”?

  6. outofbed 6

    I think Grant Robertson Should step aside in WC as Labour came third in the Party votes Greens would then win WC

    • Tigger 6.1

      So the electorate wanted Grant as MP but wanted Greens to have votes. That’s MMP. Why would Labour step aside when they won the electorate vote.

      You’re making the cartoon’s point. The Greens have no winning candidates at present. They’re lauded for a lot but it’s a huge hole in their performance.

      • bad12 6.1.1

        The Greens have a number of winning candidates at the moment and gee if one opens ones eyes one can see the biggest contingent in Green Party history sitting in the parliament,

        To top that off the Greens are still going up in the opinion polls and can in our opinion an even larger contingent of MPs after the 2014 election,

        The Greens have no real need of electorate MPs as if you havn’t noticed its the Party Vote that counts,

        Likewise We see no reason for there to be a star personality or ego in the Greens line up,what we want is for the Green Party to deliver the practical message of the Greens to the Parliamentary wing and for that Parliamentary wing to deliver on such policy where possible…

        • Colonial Viper

          The Greens have a number of winning candidates at the moment

          Which ones, if any, do you think are capable of winning an electorate seat?

          The Greens have no real need of electorate MPs as if you havn’t noticed its the Party Vote that counts,

          Do the Greens not believe that citizens would benefit from having Green MPs as their constituent MPs?

  7. I thought John and Bill were wispering to each other “by the time the taxpayer of New Zealand realises we are really into asset stripping NZer’s then it would be too late”, which is why they have such smug smiles on their lying dials.

  8. I thought John and Bill were wispering to each other about “the time the taxpayer finds out we are really just into asset stripping the NZ public it will be too late anyway”.

    That accounts for the smug smiles on their lying dials, this is their loophole that will allow them to asset strip NZ’ers of their assets.

    Many of us knew this type of thing would happen, but those greedy people who could not see past that nice man Mr Key who will make so much money for us. Well I am glad they are going to have their faces rubbed in it, and they deserve every bit of it.

    Shame we all have to suffer for their greed.

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