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Here’s the footage from 3News last night on the fresh National Party cocktail revelations.

Bill English’s comments again serve to reinforce the message of The Hollow Men: this is a group of people who are about winning at all costs, principles be damned.


11 comments on “In case you missed it”

  1. Tim Ellis 1

    “In case you missed it”

    I don’t think there’s much chance that any of the Standard’s readers would have missed it ayb. It has been the subject of four of the last five posts here.

  2. Dom 2

    No, I missed it so glad to see it here.

    Wow, John Key’s hairline is receding faster tnan you can say ‘secret agenda’.

  3. Mick Wrighton 3

    Well I missed it Tim.

    cheers ayb.

  4. Matthew Pilott 4

    Yeah I missed it too. Unfortunately I don’t get streaming video so I still can’t see it, but I’ll live.

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone started mentioned that there have been too many posts on it, turns out not long.

  5. Matthew Pilott 5

    Jeez did we all miss it? What happened to the Labour Dirty Tricks Hotline, it’s meant to tell all participants when the next tape is coming out. Kind of like the BatPhone, but more sinister, and fewer effective.

  6. Dock 6

    Say what you like.

    Can you hear the infernal jabbering on the 9th floor trying to think about what bribes they can offer even tho there is no more money. Helen and Michael have let the most prosperous times in my lifetime slip by with social spending to trap the voters into voting Labour and unfortunately for them the world economy is going to trip them up.

    It looks hopefully like Helens historic 4th term will not happen. If it does this country is buggered.

    [lprent: Ok, there is actually nothing in any of this troll’s comments to justify leaving them on the system. Boring, repetitive, offers no new information, doesn’t even use their own lines, and evidently doesn’t read my notes. I’ll toss them into moderation for a while. If the troll doesn’t get the message to upgrade their standard, I’ll add them to the anti-spam bot.

    What is the bet that the lines from this troll about the moderation will be as boring as the rest of their comments.]

  7. Stephen 7

    Seems like you ARE a little obsessed with winning at all costs Dock – ‘Labour Bad, National Good’, whatever happens?

  8. Matthew Pilott 8

    See Dock, yesterday you were pretending you were an ex-Labour supporter but don’t like them now because Clark signed a painting for charity or was in a fast car, and all that other bollocks.

    Today, you’re saying that social spending was a huge waste.

    As I said yesterday – trolls like you are just not credible.

    As for this comment – WfF wasn’t social spending in any real regard, apart from the fact that it was targeted to a specific group. Smart thinking. Reducing debt is not social spending, nor was chucking huge amounts of money into the vital Cullen Fund, and starting Kiwisaver.

    The last three terms have ensured we will not be buggered when the baby boom retires, and when financial chaos hits, as it is now. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’ll be buggered as a country if National wins, bit that certainly seems to be the case for certain vulnerable sectors of society if the latest signs are a reliable indication!

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    “I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’ll be buggered as a country if National wins..”

    We’ll be fewer unbuggered

  10. JanF 10

    I’m new, so I hadn’t seen it either. Thanks for the link. Is it true that TV3 chief exec has said they know who the tapes are from and they’re not from anyone connected to a political party?

  11. JanF 11

    Sorry – just checked that one – I’m told it’s Duncan Garner who knows.

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