In search of Pansy’s legacy

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In the Herald yesterday, there was a half-page ad thanking Pansy Wong for her “significant contribution” to National’s coffers the country. John Campbell went in hunt of that contribution. Worth watching all the way through for Duncan Garner’s assessment. As a bonus, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi gets his first media mention that isn’t about corruption.

You have to wonder who paid for that ad, the cost would be in the tens of thousands. One mate wondered if its come out of the $200,000 Wong raised for National in 2007 that (according to the NBR – behind paywall) is thought to be still held in an account controlled by Pansy and Sammy.

H/T Trev on Red Alert

28 comments on “In search of Pansy’s legacy”

  1. ghostwhowalksnz 1

    Was the ad one of those ‘sponsored’ ads ? Was this yet another way of raising money ?

    next they will be selling the carpet squares in her office. All for a worthy cause !

  2. BLiP 2

    Who made her a minister?

  3. Tigger 3

    A rugby ball? Really? Someone’s trying far to hard to appear butch.

    • bobo 3.1

      yeah I thought Garner tossing the rugby ball was a bit like a clip from Pulp sport, a bit too blokey hokey… but I enjoyed the swipe at wong and Bakshi as token MPs, the scary thing is they have so many useless MPs but that didn’t stop them getting voted in because John Key is like the Glad wrap of the National party.

      • As opposed to the dynamic and successful Ashraf Choudray, Su’a William Sio, Rajen Prasad, Raymond Huo…

        Both the old parties stack their lists with people who, as Garner says, are there to draw votes based on what they look like, not their competence.

        Act, on the other hand, gerrymander their list so a competent Asian candidate gets bumped down in favour of a rabid nutcase… but it’s still shameless pandering to a minority.

        I read something the other day about a party somewhere imposing an IQ test on would-be candidates. That’s a start. Then fit them with one of those gadgets that measures energy output over time. Anyone who flatlines on both doesn’t get in, no matter how many minority votes they bring with them.

        • BLiP

          In all fairness, Su’a William Sio does not belong on your list. Sure, he represents South Side, but he is actually very competent. As for ACT, I assume you are referring to Shawn Tan?

          • The Voice of Reason

            Nah, BLiP, can’t be Shawn Tan. Rex said a ‘competent’ asian candidate. That’s the last adjective you’d associate with a bloke who managed to get himself fired from a job where he was advising people, amongst other things, on how not to get fired.

          • Rex Widerstrom

            Good lord no. I mean Kenneth Wang. Who, ironically, stood against Wong in Botany.

            As for Sio, amongst his press releases I can find only one that isn’t cookie-cutter Goffice “waah waah National are mean” empty rhetoric (something advocating bilingual education programmes for Pacific students).

            Perhaps he’s more active amongst Pasifika communities (not that there’s much evidence on his website) but he’s not the MP for Pasifikans any more than Wong was the Member for Asians.

            I’m not doubting you, BLiP, but if he’s competent and energetic he’s hiding it well.

            • BLiP

              Yeah, fair enough. My observation goes back years prior to Su’a entering parliament when he was Deputy Mayor of Manukau, doing wonderful things there, and then watching him repair the Mangere electorate after the Fields fiasco. He’s only been in parliament since April 2008 and has done more work in those two-and-half-years than Wong did in 14 years. Its early days for Su’a. Watch this space.

              • pollywog

                That reminds me, i wrote a letter to Winnie Laban’s office, quite a few months ago, seeking a list of achievements as a legacy of sorts for her time as Minister for PI affairs during the Helen years and as NZ”s first Pasifikan woman MP…I’m still waiting.

                I know we Pasifikans operate on Island time but this is ridiculous.

                perhaps those in the know here might like to help a brother out ?

        • Francisco Hernandez

          What are you talking about Rex?

          These are forgivable given that Labour is in opposition and National keeps shutting down Labour private member bills.

          Raymond, Ashraf and Rajen post on the Red Alert blog – so you can ask them to defend their record if you want, but it’s a hell of a lot more substantial than what Pansy Wong – an MP for 14 years and a minister has done.

          But don’t let facts get in the way of your anti-Labour hackery.

          • Rex Widerstrom

            Anti-Labour “hackery”?! Is it just that you’ve not noticed my anti-National “hackery” or that the truth only offends when levelled against your “side”.

            I’m not defending Wong, Francisco. You’ll find me elsewhere lamenting the fact that her long term incompetence and lack of achievement wasn’t enough to get her fired well before her dishonesty was uncovered.

            And person-for-person, I’d say Labour’s team outclasses National’s. It’s just that it too has it’s fair share of deadweights, picked on the basis of ethnicity and not competence.

            • Francisco Hernandez

              That was a parody post lol sorry should’ve added a smiley face.

              Honestly, I think you’re being too harsh on Rajen, Ashraf and Rajen.

              Tell me – can you speak Mandarin? Can you speak Urdu? Can you read hindi?

              Because a lot of their work goes ‘under the radar’ of mainstream media attention. My friend can speak fluent Mandarin and he can testify that Rajen has been quite active in the Chinese community in terms of engaging with people and he even writes a few columns in ethnic community newspapers.

              Don’t fall into the trick of just because you can’t see it it isnt happen.

              For Jesus said “Blessed are those who believe without seeing”

              • Well Jesus would say that, wouldn’t he, given his entire cargo cult is built upon such a foundation 😛

                Fair point about not reading hindi etc. But:

                1. It’s only sensible politics that they inform non-native speakers about what they’re doing in their communities.

                2. (and most importantly) MPs are there for all of us. Aside from the Tangata Whenua I don’t see that any ethnic group has a right (or should even have an expectation) of capturing one or more MPs to represent them. If that’s what we want, then let’s have a referendum on it.

                And if it’s fair that Chinese have their own MP, who devotes herself exclusively to them (as Wong did) then what about the increasing number of people of African origin in NZ? What about the older immigrant groups like the Yugoslavs?

                The appropriate way to gain minority representation in Parliament is to form an ethnic party. Several have tried, all have failed, because most people realise that all our interests are bound together, and vote for a mainstream party.

                It’s not in having the major parties stand ethnic candidates with a nod and a wink that they’re only going to give a damn about a minority of NZers.

        • bobo

          I’m surprised you never mentioned the newest MP, I might have agreed with you on that, most of the others on your list seems harsh, Prasad has come over well the few times ive heard him debate in the house, hardly reading prewritten speeches.
          Lee, Coleman, calder, quin, henare dynamic and successful i’m sure.

          Since when did a high IQ = politically smart?

  4. Adrian 4

    Was it even paid for? A story going around a media class at a Wellington tertiary institution is that the Herald in the week before the last election gave the Nats free advertising because “they were the underdogs” . My girl has come home from Uni with this story and I’m trying to get more confirmation. Has anybody else heard about it? Of course if it’s true it is highly damaging simply because of the illegality.

    • Vicky32 4.1

      Good grief Adrian, I would love to know more!

        • Jilly Bee

          Blimey – me too! I must confess that I did a coach tour around the UK in 1992 and my fellow Kiwi travel buddy was, guess who – Pansy Wong. I also contacted her when she became an MP sort of congratulating her, but lamenting that she had joined the wrong party. I didn’t get a reply – wonder why!

  5. higherstandard 5

    I read the title and thought it was another Chris Carter post ………. da ding

    • BLiP 5.1

      What are you talking about . . .

      • Jim Nald 5.1.1

        Re title: starting to look like Pansy’s legacy might have been inextricably tied up as having ministered Sammy’s and Shipley’s affairs?

        Question 11 in the House today.

        • ianmac

          Thanks Jim I was away and missed that. Curioser and curiouser. Wonder if there is another shoe ready to drop?
          Did John Key later describe it as muck raking?
          Or did he refuse to answer questions?

  6. john k 6

    she would have paid for and placed the ad herself
    to save face in her own mind

  7. Irascible 7

    A great advertisement inserted by “ficticious” supporters of a self serving and incompetent MP. What has she done for NZ? Zilch! What has she done for Botany? Zilch!!
    What has done for herself? A lot. What has she done for her husband? A great deal more.

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