Irony overload as English calls some bosses greedy

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The Nats like to accuse their critics of “the politics of envy”, so in the spirit of fair play I think it’s fair to characterise their raison d’être as “the politics of greed”. It’s all about the money, making more money, and never mind the consequences or those left behind in the rat-race.

So it’s kinda funny when they accuse anyone of being “greedy”.

And it’s even funnier when the one doing the accusing is none other than Bill “Double Dipton” English himself:

English: ‘Some employers are greedy’

Finance Minister Bill English says some employers are “greedy” and not paying staff what they could be.

Well yes. Obviously.

His comments come amidst calls for the minimum wage to be increased by $5, as recommended in a report by the Family Centre Social Policy Research. It found $18.40 was necessary as a nationwide figure for a ‘living wage’, as opposed to the current minimum wage of $13.50.

Mr English says living on the minimum wage is tough, and conceded that there are families living in poverty in New Zealand.

“Conceded” it? As well he might, given that poverty seems to be our only growth industry these days.

However, he says the Government cannot force businesses to pay them more.

Actually, they can, it’s called the minimum wage.

Speaking on RadioLIVE, Mr English says “lots of people on low incomes aren’t getting enough income from the market.”

So the market isn’t working? Gracious – this is a day of revelations for Bill.

OK, I could go on and on, it’s shooting fish in a barrel. Bottom line, Twenty Dollar Bill has zero credibility for delivering a homily on greed. English made himself the poster boy for greed, with his dodgy accommodation allowance maneuvers, and his special plea for an extra $20 week to pay for cleaning his large house. Hey Bill – you know those greedy bosses? They’re just following your example. Are you going to do anything about it?

22 comments on “Irony overload as English calls some bosses greedy”

  1. tc 1

    NACT should go with a slogan like “Hypocracy: nobody does it better”

  2. tracey 2

    Didn’t Mr English suggest the wage gap with Australia was an advantage we should exploit??

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    I suppose this is what National looks like with a left wing tinge.

    • Colonial Weka 3.1

      I reckon it’s more old conservative NZ briefly poking it’s head out of the stranglehold that neoliberalism has had it in for the past few decades.

      • Colonial Viper 3.1.1

        yeah there is that too. You’re going to find that National spend the next 18 months looking more moderate and sounding softer on very specific social and economic issues.

        Because they want a 3rd term.

    • I reckon its the next strategy being applied to us.
      Noting that Labour appear to be trying to get more into the centre, they are presenting a few left-wing angles knowing that this is where Labour’s strategy is weak. Puts the cat amongst the pigeons. If they throw a few comments like this in the mix, people, forgetting the accuracy of tc’s astute observation (above: “nobody does hypocrisy better than Nact”), will be fooled into thinking “oh they’re o.k”, they are “for” ordinary NZers interests….
      NOOOOooooo they’re not!!!!!!!

  4. Afewknowthetruth 4

    Wrong word I’d say. It’s hypocrisy. But isn’t that what being a politicians is all about these days?

  5. Talking about greed it seems that the ACC Board paid outgoing chief Ralph Stewart $100k in a “sympathy payment” when he left his position (

    Words fail me …

    • mac1 5.1

      That sum of $100,493 is equivalent to nearly four years salary paid to his office cleaner on the minimum wage.

    • NoseViper (The Nose knows) 5.2

      ms You have my sympathy. Sorry, no money.

    • Colonial Weka 5.3

      When a wage earner leaves a job voluntarily they get put on a long stand down period before they can get the dole. There is something very wrong with this country.

    • bad12 5.4

      Nah Paula Rebstock failed you, after all having helped dream up the rules to make it only ‘fair’ to be docking welfare benefits for those deemed not looking for work hard enough there had to be a spare 100 odd 1000 to toss around the office as ‘fair’ recompense to those that quit because of their lax behavior in management positions…

  6. millsy 6

    We should really be giving credit where credit is due.

    It would be the first time in over 2 decades that a National-ite has made such a statement?

    • Colonial Viper 6.1

      I think English is one of the best, most socially conscientous Ministers that they have. Take that how you will 😛

      • McFlock 6.1.1

        I agree entirely, but I also think that Brownlee shows the inspirational leadership abilities most befitting a tory minister.

  7. Brian 7

    A cabinet of hypocrites and Bill is right up there in the top echelon.

  8. NoseViper (The Nose knows) 8

    I feel that Carter had bovine steadfastness with a real grip on his agricultural portfolio, and now he has transferred to Speaker will transfer those skills to get a grip on various MPs (possibly around the neck.)

  9. RedBaronCV 9

    Is Bill trying to differentiate “his brand” for the “John Key brand” so that he remains electable and/or can have another go at taking over the Nacts? Anyone know if there are rumblings in his electorate?

  10. georgecom 10

    Good to see that whilst telling others to tighten their belts and cutting back on peoples entitlements, English is ensuring he is maximising his benefits and getting as much cash as possible into his pockets.

    Thanks Bill.

    • Green machine UpandComer 10.1

      Bill is the cheapest minister in NZ’s history as he is now the only one who is outside his electorate without any form of accom supplement, whilst being one of the most credentialled having either had or influenced more portfolios then almost every-one else. He gets paid less then a health and safety manager in Australia in a mid-sized firm. He also has 6 kids, and one of the biggest electorates in the country. Sooooo yeah, sssh.

  11. xtasy 11

    And thus Bill English distracts from the real issue again, turning the “fair” or “living” wage question into a “moral” or “ethical” issue.

    With his comments he can still claim that the market works. As so often, with other matters, he does just single out “some” employers, as being “greedy”. He does not accept that the market does not work “fairly” in at least some scenarios, it becomes to him merely a matter of some aberrations to the golden rule of the market being the best to determine levels of wages and salaries.

    So is he appealing for those “bosses” to come to the party and lift the pay for their lowest paid workers? I suppose next English will say, workers, get yourself a better “boss” and job, that pays better, as if it is all “free choice” and a matter of competition for the best at all levels.

    Nats are running out of answers fast now, that is the message I get out of Blinglish’s media comments. We have right wing laissez faire ideological IDIOTS in charge on the bridge of the Titanic called NZ Aoteaora.

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