Is the Prime Minister in the House?

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john key prime minister or not

Also Fran O’Sullivan and The Herald editorial call him out on his lack of accountability.

This cannot stand – Helen Clark may have ‘worn many hats’ but she never took her PM-accountability one off.

14 comments on “Is the Prime Minister in the House?”

  1. Bryan 1

    It is simple really. When John Key was texting/speaking with Cameron Slater it was not as Prime Minister but as Respected Statesman. So he was not acting as a PM but rather he was being an RS.

    • Clemgeopin 1.1

      Respected Statesman. So he was not acting as a PM but rather he was being an RS

      ‘Astonishingly Respected Statesman Esq’

      • Cogito 1.1.1

        Or Pinokeyo.

        • mac1

          Pinot Keyo

          A new release.

          The prime Minister has released news of the development of a new clone of wine making grape called Pinot Keyo.

          For release only to journalists, this Pinot Keyo is a clone that mimics the taste and characteristics of whatever the wine-maker or the consumer wants it to be. In fact, (or not), Pinot Keyo has a DNA profile that allows it to change its very nature. One day, the Prime Minister reports, it can be a chardonnay and then change its hats as it were and become a pinot gris. “There seems to be no riesling for this,” he joked.

          A mendacious little number, Pinot Keyo is suitable for the quaffing classes, and since you don’t ever know exactly what you are drinking, its effects are similarly ephemeral, the Prime Minister concluded.

          Or was he the Leader of the National Party, or the MP for Helensville, or barbecue-ist extraordinaire, or millionaire banker, the boy from the state house or everyone’s selfie subject?

          “In vino veritas,” said the Prime Minister “of his own Pinot Keyo. Hic……”

          • Cogito

            … and Kiwis bought it in droves, persuaded by the shiny blue label…. although commenting on the “odd” aftertaste, which left them feeling cheated.

            • greywarshark

              Very cutting comments. Statesman Esq and all that. That courtesy title was still being used by solicitors when I was young. Now it has been co-opted by boldsirbrian – B. Botany Esq.

              And pinokeyo and Pinot Keyo, are you people good at cryptic crosswords too?
              As for the aftertaste, the fine-wine-tasting buffs have been known to talk about a touch of kerosene. One would think that would reflect that the bilge had not been flushed sufficiently well. But perhaps this has lingered on into the PM’s Cuvee Speciale.

  2. Clemgeopin 2

    The views expressed by the readers is quite revealing. Set the order to the ‘most liked’.

  3. vto 3

    third termitis
    first spoken of to avoid
    has gripped in an instant

    flashing arrogance
    and lies
    deceit and decay

    the entire country sees

    • tc 3.1

      If the MSM did its job the arrogance, lack of accountability or concern for the poverty stricken in this country would have been nailed on through their 2nd term.

      I find all this whining about it now from the MSM as displaying the same hypocracy as the nats expecting folk to forget they never did their job and still dont.

      • David H 3.1.1

        And when the next election rolls around, the MSM will be back to their nasty back stabbing best. The character assassination on Cunliffe was breath taking

  4. les 4

    Hooten just made the point on Q&A that Key said re Williamson/Collins..when you’re a minister,you’re a minister all the time!

  5. Dave Thomas 5

    Teflon dons love to talk in soundbites which sound suspiciously like manufactured nonsense from a pr firm – such as belittling what he did as a matter of wearing the wrong hat that day. Belittling much in the same manner as his flippant responses in an earlier radio interview (details below) where from my understanding it must be okay to hack Labour’s campaign funding database because they had not secured it adequately enough for his staff to not be able to get in there. Did Nixon appeal to the public claiming he ordered the attack and it was okay because the security their rival political party had on their party documents was inadequate, so its just fine?
    John Key Interviewed about Dirty Politics – August 18th 2014 [Matt Ward]

  6. Treetop 6

    When a person does not answer a question which requires an answer what is it that they are hiding?

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