Is the world voting for.nothing?

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In a perceptive potshot at the perennial broadcasting gnome, Paul Holmes, Jane Bowron in her Dominion Post ‘Televiews’ piece of 13 September described the aforementioned wee fella’s return to TV One with Whatever happen to.? in unflattering terms. It seems that Bowron is unimpressed by Holmes parading a level of opportunism and shallowness, having returned to TV One after having said he would never return. He returned alright, with a show dredged from the depths of a teaspoon & my words not hers.

Does Holmes remind you of anyone? John Key comes to mind. These clever wee guys understand that we live in a world where Paris Hilton is one of the biggest celebrities around & for absolutely nothing. In fact Paris has no talent, does nothing and is.nothing!

The same goes for John Key. He’s replaced a ‘hollow’ bugger by the name of Brash, but at least Brash said he stood for something. So when confronted with one of the most successful governments in our history, what does Key propose? NOTHING. Or at least he won’t change very much because…well maybe voters quite like what Labour has achieved.

Do you get the picture? The Labour-led government is being boring and predictable. It is formulating ideas and policies, as it always has, to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to find favour with some people and they’d like to give Mr Nothing a go. How cynical is that?

I hear them say, he’s very nice, good on TV. Yes, just like Paul Holmes and Paris Hilton.

So before we start believing that NOTHING is a good idea in politics, consider this. In the last seven years the Labour-led government has achieved unprecedented economic growth, massive reductions in unemployment and put New Zealand firmly back on the international stage, just to name a boring few things. In the previous nine years, the National lot nearly destroyed New Zealand out of a legacy created by Ruth Richardson’s ‘Mother-of-all-Budgets’.

I will bet my front teeth that a Key National government will put the brakes on all the achievements of the last seven years and we will go into serious decline & emotionally, spiritually and economically. To boot, our decline will be worsened by a lack of real commitment to fixing our environmental and sustainability issues.

Why am I so certain about that? Because politics and leadership are about facing some hard choices and having the substance and backbone to honestly present them to the electorate. The opposite of that is.nothing!

The only problem is, Key’s ‘nothingness’ is a vacuum flask fashioned from National’s grubby backroom. It only appears to be nothing because they know that if they reveal their true agenda, that they wouldn’t catch any votes beyond 30%.

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  1. ak 1

    Exactly. I feel a comic strip coming on.
    The Hollow Men, plotting at their round table high in the Remuera Hills, liquidate their wounded Dumbledon Man and produce a shiny new warrior – Flimflam Man. Armed with nothing more than incredible flip-flopping powers and the mesmerising vocabulary of a local-body bureaucrat, Flimflam Man sweeps all before him, but how long before his true identity is revealed? What lurks beneath this mild-mannered close-shaven facade? Is he merely Vacuum Man in disguise?
    Keep watching as the Privatisation Wars continue!

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