John Carter: sleeper-agent for the Left?

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The last time John Carter did anything memorable was in 1995.

He was National’s senior Whip. One night, perhaps feeling tired and emotional, he called up a talkback show hosted by then minister John Banks “impersonating a workshy Māori called Hone, causing widespread offence” (as Wikipedia delightfully puts it).

Carter was out on his ear then.

Now, the Left would like nothing better than for the silly old loon to keep his job as Minister for Senior Citizens.

I mean, how dumb do you have to be to use your speech at the Grey Power National Conference to have a cry because they’re participating in an inquiry into aged care by Labour, the Greens, and the Progressives? An inquiry that Carter himself has refused to undertake himself even as more horror stories from rest homes come to light.

As TVNZ puts it:

“It is not known why the minister would make accusations against members of one of the most powerful voting blocs in the country, especially at their own annual meeting and at a time when many of Grey Power members are worried about the impact a GST increase might have on their financial well-being amid suggestions by the National-led government that their Supergold Card entitlements might be cut.”

The only explanation, if you rule out Carter being a sleeper-agent for the Left, is that he’s an arrogant and out of touch bully. And a dumb one at that.

Phil Goff has said:

“He’s meant to be Minister for Senior Citizens. He should be addressing their concerns, not trying to close them down by bullying them into silence.”

And that’s the dumb part. You don’t try to bully Grey Power. Along side the unions, the it’s largest democratic organisation in the country with 100,000 members. That’s 100,000 voters who won’t forget some do nothing minister trying to bully them.

I love that Carter says participating in the Left’s inquiry will be showing political bias.As Roger Booth from Grey Power Kapiti said on Checkpoint, Grey Power is going to want to be part of any investigation into improving care for the elderly. Turning down the opportunity to take part into an inquiry on a core issue just because it’s not being run by National – now, that would be politically biased.

I say keep this guy Carter on. The grey vote will be leaving National in droves. The only challenge for Goff will be to win them for Labour, because I’m sure Winston Peters is grinning from ear to ear at the moment.

20 comments on “John Carter: sleeper-agent for the Left?”

  1. outofbed 1


  2. As in the post, from TVNZ.

  3. outofbed 3

    Oh Now i see them 😉

  4. outofbed 4

    All I saw was this

    How dumb was John Carter to use his speech at the Grey Power National Conference to have a cry because Grey Power’s participating in an inquiry into aged care by Labour, the Greens, and the Progressives? You don’t try to bully Grey Power with its 100,000 members. The grey voters will be leaving National in droves.

    Thought it was bit short

  5. the sprout 5

    I did think that was a fairly stunning act of political ineptitude when I heard the story.
    Then again I’m nolonger surprised by National’s ongoing acts of political ineptitude.

  6. illuminatedtiger 6

    And this is why the “hands off” approach never works and doubly so when you fill your alloted seats with morons.

  7. jcuknz 7

    It is obviously stupid to speak about the obvious … Grey Power by nature of its existance is on the left and always will be.

    • Craig Glen Eden 7.1

      “Grey Power by nature of its existance is on the left and always will be”

      Really! Sounds to me like you have never been to a Grey Power meeting jcuknz. Note to Winston don’t show up to Grey Power meeting Winston as they are a lefty organisation. LOL

      I suppose in the current political environment anyone who practices or is involved in a democratic organisation could be considered a socialist. How sad we have become as a nation next thing you know we will be pro whaling.Oh shit to late

      • felix 7.1.1

        Craig, most of these fools think Winston is a lefty (COZ HUR DUR HE WUZ IN GOVT WITH HULUN).

        jcuknz will be struggling to make sense of your comment.

    • Lew 7.2

      JC, old people are more liberal than the population at large? Goodness, if only it were so.


  8. tc 8

    Hilarious…..the standard should set up an online poll for the ‘polly is crackers’ of the month which can have a couple of regulars like barking mad smith and fast n loose browncoal, carter could go in this month and become a regular but the competition would be stiff especially with Tolley/Bennett/Wilkinson/Wong etc

  9. Anne 9

    John Carter once said to a fellow candidate after a campaign meeting in Nothland: “lets tip that old goat out of his wheel chair”. It was said in jest but what sort of cretin is he… to say it in the first place.

  10. ianmac 10

    I believe that the speakers at the Grey Power Conference this week will include Winston and I think Phil Goff. That will be interesting.

  11. Luke.xensen 11

    I would say members Grey Power would fall into the economically left, socially right category. A category that is often overlooked by everyone trying to put people into a left/right box.
    So they could easily vote for either Labour or Nats. Depends on what issue the election rhetoric focuses around. Perfect constituency for Winston Peters really.

  12. peterthepeasant 12

    “The only explanation, if you rule out Carter being a sleeper-agent for the Left, is that he’s an arrogant and out of touch bully. And a dumb one at that.”

    That seems pretty accurate.

    “Hone Carter” seems pretty damn accurate too. It is about all I recall about this clown and his
    “mateship” with (shudder) john banks.

    Do not forget that National promised not to upset the natives in their first term.

    What have they got lined up for us next time around?

    So far the nats are bullying people who are not necessarily nat supporters.
    National standards
    Night classes
    Beneficiaries and a long list of community social groups.

    The nats always support those who value the price of everything, regardless of its value.

  13. jcuknz 13

    I have been to several Grey Power meetings and seen the people running the show. That is what I base my comment on. Admittedly it was in the days of the Alliance and could be different now.
    If liberal means socialist then most New Zealanders are socialists with a few rightwing nutcases yapping in the wings [ Kiwiblog, Crusader Rabbit etc].

  14. jcuknz 14

    Felix — Maori are in government with NACT …. it is better to be in government and get a few crumbs than to be frustrating away in opposition. Though from my slight knowledge of the tribal system I’d think they are in the right company.

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