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A bit of weekend trivia. On the 12th September 2008 we did a post about rocky and her google-bomb on John Key. This resulted in the amusement of almost everyone apart from some rather humourless wingnuts, and some technically illiterate political media who tried to portray it as being ‘political dirty tricks’.

While idling about today, I checked the current status of the bomb.

Well John Key is still clueless in New Zealand and today is supporting a clueless appeasement of the Act party with the three strikes bill. As you can see below, searching ‘clueless‘ in New Zealand gives you his website as the first selection.


But then I got the real shocker. When I do the same search for the worldwide web like this..


Yep, John Key is now clueless at number seven in the world. Just after a online copy of Jane Austens ‘Emma’ on Google books.


Ok – it may be juvenile even at my advanced age but it still gives me a sense of vast amusement. Like many others around the local web, I do my best to assist the campaign whenever I remember. It’ll be interesting to see if we can push him up to number one in the world rankings. This is starting to be one of the most sustained google-bombs I know of.

Many of the links in this post, including the screenshots, are now assisting the googlebomb  😈

Update: Greg in comments correctly points out that Google changes the ‘world’ rankings according to country of origin (something that I wasn’t aware of). However he was incorrect to say that the Google bomb wouldn’t work in the US.

A brief look revealed that the keyword ‘clueless’ looking at on Google for different countries.

  • From the US 98th. It isn’t in the bottom, but is pretty high for the US.
  • From the UK 48th. That is pretty high.
  • From Aussie 64th. Odd?
  • From India!  65th. Really odd.

Useful site

  1. Wikipedia on google bombs. Interesting to note the following in here.

    By January 2007, Google changed their indexing structure[2] so that Google bombs such as “Miserable failure” would “typically return commentary, discussions, and articles”[2] about the tactic itself. Google announced the changes on its official blog.

  2. More google bombs.

24 comments on “John Key – still clueless”

  1. I still find that mildly funny… All though John Key is not (in my opinion) clueless, it is still mildly amusing.
    May I ask, Lynn, what you were doing looking at John Key’s site at 10.36pm last night?

  2. lprent 2

    Duh, that was when I started to write the post. These blog sites have schedulers, so I scheduled it to come after OpenMike this morning.

    I wasn’t particularly interested in his actual site. I was looking at Google to see if rockys google-bomb was still running. Look at the first Google image, read what it says.

    John Keys website – where is says “Policy Bulletin: Three Strikes”. I clicked on that to see if the site had died yet. I’d have checked a couple of times while writing the post to make sure that the linking works. Don’t you check your links while writing posts?

    I’d guess that some political lackey knows my home static IP, can read site logs, and is once again fluffing spin for covering. As I said humourless. Who is it this time?

    Update: Ok – I just figured it out after a morning coffee – it is the timestamp on the google puts on the link… Oh well time to do the household washing

    • Just a question… Did you really need to check it twice?
      Good on you for doing the washing, though!

      • lprent 2.1.1

        I’d just woken up and was running on sluggish brain function – I was playing in a MMOG until 5am.

        Lyn has been somewhat busy over the last few months. So I’m doing most of the household chores like cooking, rubbish, dishes, and washing. Well apart from cleaning – she thinks that my cleaning standards leave a lot to be desired.

  3. PT 3

    this is why labour will lose next eelction prentice, stupid stunts means you have no idea, what a joke you are

    • lprent 3.1

      As I said – humourless wingnuts… Say anything even mildly detrimental against their Dear Leader, and look – one appears in a puff of smoke.

      PT: You still can’t type – how about improving your diction. IrishBill nailed you perfectly the other day in The joy of tory trolls

      …but nothing lets you know you’ve threatened the world view of the arrogant right better than their misspelled, badly punctuated, ad hominem frothing.

      • PT 3.1.1

        like you werent defensive about clark, dream on prentice

        • The Voice of Reason

          Never thought I’d suggest banning a contributor, but PT really makes a good case for some time off. Not just for the puerile comments, the outright assault on the written language is deserving of a sanction before the site is swamped with similar atrocities.

          Nxt thg peeps wl cmnt txt stylz n den weze all fkd.

          • PT

            this is a puerile post reason, youre too stupid to see that so you should be banned

            [lprent: At least your diction improved, a small victory for the English language. It was a rather pointless comment bearing in mind that the moderators are the only determinants on banning decisions. ]

  4. mike 4

    “Say anything even mildly detrimental against their Dear Leader”

    Its a one way street eh lynn. You guys can give it but when hels is joked about you go all righteous..

    • PT 4.1

      say helen is a big toothed childless leftie acadmeic and prentice pops an eyeball

    • lprent 4.2

      Are you equating a google-bomb on John Key with some of the vile rumors that the wingnuts were pushing around about Helen and Peter? Should I go back and display what you thought was ‘humour’ in 2007/8?

      I suspect you need to get a bit of perspective about the difference between humour and unsubstantiated and vile speculation.

      • PT 4.2.1

        prentice at 12pm ”
        As I said humourless wingnuts Say anything even mildly detrimental against their Dear Leader, and look one appears in a puff of smoke.

        prentice at 108pm ”
        Are you equating a google-bomb on John Key with some of the vile rumors that the wingnuts were pushing around about Helen and Peter? Should I go back and display what you thought was ‘humour’ in 2007/8?

        I suspect you need to get a bit of perspective about the difference between humour and unsubstantiated and vile speculation.

        so predictable prentice, here you pop an eyeball just like i said. you want unsubstantiated speculation, REMEMBER H FEE prentice

  5. Sam 5

    I love how much this upset(s) them! It’s really quite pathetic.

  6. BLiP 6

    Clueless . . . . Clueless . . . . Clueless . . . . Clueless . . . .

    Just to keep the ball.

    [lprent: That is the unsubtle approach. Try using title=’clueless’ as an additional tag. ]

  7. Greg 7

    The reason Jk is 7th is that google gives preference to NZ results when searching from within NZ (even when you click search entire web) . Do the same search from the states and he won’t feature.

  8. Greg 8

    My choice of words was poor. What I meant was he won’t feature prominantly. Obviously he will always be in there somewhere no matter where you do the search from. Interesting to see the rankings though!

  9. graham 9

    Yawn … are you people still congratulating yourselves over this childish prank from over a year ago?

    Seriously, Iprent, you got it right when you said, “it may be juvenile even at my advanced age”. Yeah – it is. Amusing? Yes, in the same way fake vomit and whoopee cushions are, I guess, to certain people.

    I’m just surprised that anyone who wants to be taken seriously as an activist, like rocky apparently does, would waste their time on infantile little stunts like this.

    Captcha: minds (as in maybe you should find something more worthwhile to occupy yours with …)

    • lprent 9.1

      Your reaction shows that you really don’t get it. Modern activists use all of the tools available to them, and the net is the perfect environment to cooperate to get results – even amongst disparate groups. I’d expect that you’d argue that sitting in boring meetings arguing about doctrinal differences is what they should be doing. But it is the perfect way to avoid social change – and is going the way of the dinosaur.

      Pranks like this are amusing, takes very little effort, allows many people to participate, and allows cooperation to develop. It also presents a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the difference between the generations that grew up with the net all around them and those who didn’t. Perfect for young and not so young activists with a sense of humour.

      Perhaps that ability to cooperate in a gentle joke is what annoyed the humorless wing-nuts the most. I often get the impression that they are too anti and angry much of the time to cooperate on anything positive, let alone cooperate on a joke.

      • BLiP 9.1.1

        Yep. Quite right. The RWNJ’s are far too concerned with what’s best for “me” rather than what’s best for “us all”.

  10. lprent 10

    Greg: After you mentioned it, it was obvious that google would localize the search.

    It was good finding a site that did the rankings by country. That was the fifth one I tried, and the only one that did the task cleanly.

    But what was interesting was that the google bomb was even featured in the countries I listed within the first 100. I’d take a bet that it wasn’t remotely there 18 months ago. In the nz ‘world’ it was somewhere between 20 and 30 in my vague recollection.

  11. illuminatedtiger 11

    I think all the wingnuts are just having a cry over not coming up with anything better themselves. You have to remember that the best National has ever come up with is “Luke I am your Lesbian Father” and nobody found that the least bit funny.

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