John Key’s Lies Since the 2014 Election (UPDATED)

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Its been a wee while since the abridged list of John Key’s lies was updated, so here it is.

There is one, probably contentious item on the list concerning whether or not John Key knew about the brewing trade squabble with China regarding the dumping of cheap steel on the New Zealand market. Its not been possible to ascertain whether John Key did or did not know what he was saying was untrue. However, there is sufficient circumstantial evidence which, as each thread is entwined to form a rope, makes it most likely that John Key did know.

First off, John Key has form. Significant form. So significant, in fact, that it is likely his enduring legacy will be that he is recognised as the most dishonest Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. Second, John Key has been wandering globe trying to frame himself as the master negotiator of international trade, the go-to chap when a deal needs doing. Everywhere he goes, it all about trade. He is all over it and it defies commonsense that he did not know about China flexing its muscle.

Next, the Minister of Trade is Todd McClay and he is a super-charged John Key fanboi. Also, Todd McClay appears to have lied about what he knew when about the China steel dumping issue. Just yesterday, we learned that McClay knew as long ago as May that China was getting antsy about a possible public inquiry into its dodgy behaviour.

And, finally, Todd McClay has form when it comes to covering up lies told by National MPs. Here he is covering up for Shane Reti in a performance which resulted in even Cyclops, The Speaker, shaking his head.

So, with those strands making a rope sufficient to sustain the assumption that John Key was lying, that lie is included in this latest update.

19 comments on “John Key’s Lies Since the 2014 Election (UPDATED)”

  1. I love this list, every time it comes up. Keep it coming BLiP!

  2. Michelle 2

    good election fodder for the opposition parties

    • srylands 2.1

      No it really is not. Do you remember Andrew asked you to stop barking at every passing car? This is what he was talking about.

      Your election fodder should be five (at the most) policy proposals to make New Zealand both more prosperous and more inclusive.

      Just in case I am not being clear, those five things should not include Chinese steel nor Saudi sheep.

      It should be so easy. There is so much the current Government is not doing (or not doing fast enough). Step into that gap and the election is for the taking.

      Keep up with this drivel and you are dead as dead.

      • Garibaldi 2.1.1

        Gosh srylands is it really that easy ? In that case we’ve got it in the bag. National will just roll over as we ride to the rescue of NZ with our five promises.

      • Hanswurst 2.1.2

        This is not “barking at every passing car “, it’s pointing out that the roads in Auckland are full of traffic.

      • Ross 2.1.3

        The defunct economist, srylands, apparently thinks that telling porkies is what PMs do. Goodness I do hope you don’t tell your kids that to get ahead in life you need to lie.

  3. The Library of Key quotes ( LIES).

  4. adam 4

    Is it just me, or is this list also starting to show a lot of ministers that key is lying for?

  5. Siobhan 5’s John Keys Birthday today..

    Maybe we could all take a moment and imagine that little boy, waking up, warmish and secure in a nice State House on his very special day.

  6. srylands 6

    It is a load of tedious, random drivel.

    • dv 6.1

      Exactly so Str – all driveled by Key

    • Macro 6.2

      If that is how you view the consistent and undeniable deceit of the man who is supposed to be the leader of our Nation, it says a lot about your moral development (or lack of it).

    • Ross 6.3

      And yet, srylands, you continue to come here and feel the need to comment.

  7. One or two blemishes on a perfect skin is worth fretting over, but when coverage is almost total, they’re only freckles and endearing enough to the average Joe.

  8. mosa 8

    Any worthy leader who had a thread of decency and respect for the country and the office of PM it would be and should be untenable to carry on with an appalling list of deceptions and should have been made to resign over misleading parliament and New Zealanders.

  9. North 9

    There’s an extraordinary note of childishness around so many of Key’s responses. The effete little prick really is an embarrassment.

  10. Muttonbird 10

    Found another one, just today…

    We’re not ruling out that there will be more police but it won’t be because Winston Peters wants them.

    – John Key

    An outright lie. These clowns froze the Police budget and they are now scrambling to react, but only under political pressure.'working-through-figures'-for-police-boost

  11. righty right 11

    your all just john key haters haters your all jealous of john key the genius greatness and awesomeness of john key you don’t seem to understand john key has to lie he lies for new new zealand he lies in the public interest ,he lies to save the economy ,he is a hero and all you traitors want to do with articles like this is destroy new Zealand an attack on john key is an attack on all property owning new Zealanders john key will rule for ever

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