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John’s walkabout itinerary

Written By: - Date published: 10:00 am, November 7th, 2008 - 44 comments
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We’ve been emailed a copy of the itinerary for John Key’s last day of campaigning. It looks like he’s doing a last minute dash around heartland Labour seats which fits with their strategy of going into their opponent’s base.

If you are in Auckland later today you should pop along and have a chat with Key as it only seems fair that you should get the chance to question the man who wants to run our country:

7 November 20
7am Meet commuters
Wellington Railway Station

Depart for airport
Palmerston North

Public Rally & Walkabout
Terrace End Shopping Centre

Depart for airport

New Plymouth
Public Rally
Cnr Devon & Currie Streets

Depart for airport

Join Campaign Bus
Auckland Airport

Sylvia Park

Cnr White Swan & Richardson Roads
Mount Roskill

Chancery Lane
Auckland City

West City Mall
Waitakere City

Closing Rally
Settlers Lodge
81 Waimauku Station Road

44 comments on “John’s walkabout itinerary ”

  1. John Stevens 1

    I will be at JKs Waimauku closing rally tonight.

    We all have to pay $5 for supper due to the EFA, what a joke.
    No doubt you will have sneaky camera/microphone operators there making sure everyone pays Irish. We can’t be seen to being bribed now, can we!!!!!

    It is good to see the Labour rabble turning up at these walk abouts. A bit desperate are we? Is Len ‘megaphone’ Richards turning up at all to try and shout over the next PM?

    Tomorrow night at Sky City will be even better.

  2. william 2

    Where’s Helen’s itinerary? …. oh, if forgot, noone gives a fuck about her … it’s not even worth taking the time to go give her the fingers.

  3. Ianmac 3

    Wish I was in the North Island near to a rally. Public Meetings for other than party loyals is something that has gone missing. Remember the riotous noisy meetings where democracy was exercised? And yes the young Labour activists should get to shout at walkabouts. Would be interesting to see how John the smiley won copes with the real world. Go the activists! Have a shout for me!!

  4. milo 4

    So this is the final roll of the dice is it, to dogwhistle up violent confrontations?

    IrishBill: only a particular type of dog would hear this as a call to violence. Most of those dogs seem to be in your camp.

  5. Ianmac 5

    Thanks to all those who have so worked hard to keep this site running so well. Must have taken a great deal of energy and belief. The discussion here is a lot healthier than on say Kiwiblog- some nasty little people there!
    Amyway thanks for growing the age of the internet.

  6. “Where’s Helen’s itinerary? . oh, if forgot, noone gives a fuck about her it’s not even worth taking the time to go give her the fingers.”

    hahahahaha thats funny mate, have you considered a career in comedy? oh, i just realised, your a jackass! people would laugh at you, not with you

    what a mongrel mate, national deserves you

  7. bobo 7

    What was all the fuss about a few Labour supporters jumping up and down at a public meeting, listening to the news over hyping it as some springbok tour clash… hopefully after the election normality will return to the pathetic media sexing up national.. If National can’t win this election I don’t think they will ever win one again they have had the perfect storm to get elected in regards to credit crunch usually going against the incumbent..

  8. Matthew Pilott 8

    We all have to pay $5 for supper due to the EFA, what a joke.
    No doubt you will have sneaky camera/microphone operators there making sure everyone pays Irish.

    Wow, on top of being charged $5, Irish gets all the revenue, if I read your comment correctly. How’d you manage to wrangle that, Irish?

    John, meet Comma. Comma, this is John. He really needs you.

    IrishBill: It’s a little known fact that I am Judy Kirk.

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    “How’d you manage to wrangle that, Irish?”

    Must be that Green Mafia I’ve been hearin’ so much about.

  10. milo 10

    But Irish – what about the scuffles from Labour-linked demonstrators of the last two days? Your assertion is disproved by these inconvenient truths.

    The sub-text is clearly – more of the same please, and this is our last chance so lets give it our best shot! If there is violence at John Key’s stops today, the blame will clearly lie with Labour and The Standard.

  11. John Stevens 11

    Mat Pil – must be the txtn disease. Also, I am a science graduate, not an english graduate.
    Also, my , button is a bit fucked.

    Anyway, despite getting banned several times under differing names, it has been fun rarking up the lefties.

    Have a good day tomorrow, but I am not wishing the left luck though.

    IrishBill: we don’t need luck. I have received advance copies of the election result and it’s a win for the left.

  12. Matthew Pilott 12

    Sorry john, couldn’t resist that one! (but if it were really txt disease, I’d be M@ P)

    Milo, if you read the story about the Wellington Railway station this morning, you’d only be able ot assume the subtext was ‘these angry tories can’t control themselves. Let’s see how bad they get with some organised pressure’, but I think that’s a stretch.

    EPMU member Wayne Ruscoe was chanting anti-National slogans when he the megaphone was grabbed and ripped away from him by a man in a chequered shirt who was in the National camp but refused to identify himself.


  13. milo 13

    Matthew, Irish:

    The demonstrators went there to rark things up. They succeeded. The police also said there were scuffles on both sides. “Pop along and have a chat” forsooth.

    You are clearly calling for agitation and disruption. And more chaotic the result the better you will like it.

    Go on, deny it with a straight face, if you can.

  14. william 14

    Thanks Wake Up….. you’re comments have just proved how easy it is to spark angry behaviour ….. which IMO is really what this original post by Irish Bill was trying to do, despite the protests of the poster. I’d thank you and tell you to sit down now, but I don’t think a rabid dog will do that 🙂

  15. insider 15


    When was the last time you heard of National supporters turning up at one of HC’s events with a deliberate intention to disrupt (or spy)? They tend not to.

    I wonder why that is. I suspect because they recognise her right to campaign freely (as well as basic lack of interest in what she is doing) whereas some on the left believe it is their right to shout down anyone who they disagree with.

    There is no doubt this is a dogwhistle post.

  16. John Stevens 16

    MP – my txtn is not that skilled!!!!!!

  17. IrishBill 17

    I’m surprised that so many of you are against robust political debate. You should try to be less PC.

  18. Higherstandard 18

    Irish Bill – it is indeed a little known fact that you are Judy Kirk – apparently a fact only known to yourself.

    Most people think you’re someone very different indeed – but if you feel the need to pop on heels and a dress every now and then good on you – each to their own.

  19. milo 19

    IrishBill: Can I take that as an admission of a deliberate policy to promote disruption and chaos at National’s rallies?

    IrishBill: no you can take it as a direct admission that people should go and have their voices heard. It’s called freedom of speech.

  20. Higherstandard 20

    “I’m surprised that so many of you are against robust political debate. You should try to be less PC.”

    I quite agree but I’d hardly call EPMU members screeching out of megaphones to be robust debate.

  21. QoT 21

    The mistake in the photo caption in that Stuff article would make me suspicious. Except for the fact that Stuff seems to be staffed by illiterate bonobos.

  22. Higherstandard 22

    Does Clinton work at Stuff ?

  23. milo 23

    Irish Bill: Yes, a good fun shouting match at a campaign meeting is part of politics. But I draw the line at provoking violence. We’ll see what the day brings !

    And for tomorrow, remember: Vote early! Vote often! 🙂

    PS: I loved the fact that Obama’s victory was a classic Chicago Democrat effort, with even dead people voting for him. (His grandmother). All perfectly legal, and no-one could possibly object, but ironic nonetheless, neh?

  24. Higherstandard 24


    Vote often ? Eh what ?

  25. milo 25

    Well, every three years at least. 🙂

  26. Is any one out there going to one of these events prepared to ask some questions?
    If you do let someone else film his responses.

    Here are five easy questions for John Key he should be able to answer them truthfully. If he can’t he’s up shit creek without a peddle even if he wins tomorrow because no matter what he does he will be found out for the banking parasite that he is. As the financial world and our economy will continue to collapse people will want to know how this happened and who did it.

    1.In the NZ Herald you and your boss Gavin Walker both claim that you worked with Andrew Krieger in 1988 and therefore you were not involved in the raid on the NZ dollar in the Ocktober raid of 1997. In fact the NZ Herald states twice that the records will show that this is indeed what happened. Are you sure about this timeline?

    If he says yes, he lies because Andrew Krieger left Bankers Trust NY in February 1988 because he only got a 1% bonus of the $ 338 million he made in that raid. He went on to work for Soros in a senior management position from March until June 1988 after which he left the foreign exchange trade altogether until September 1990.
    According to John Key’s Wiki page he did not leave Elders until August 1988 but according to himself while attempting to extricate himself from the H-fee scandal he states that he left Elders three months before the deal was closed if that is so he must have left Elders in about April, May of 1987. Either way if his Wiki page is correct he can’t have worked with Krieger because Krieger had already left his position at Bankers Trust and if he left Elders bank in april/may 1987 than even with the forced three month grace period he can only have worked with Krieger while raiding the NZ dollar.  
    If he says, “I can’t remember” because he smells a rat the above links can be used to refresh his memory. I’d be really curious how he worms his way out of that one.
    If he says no, the above links can also be used to refresh his memory.

    2.Did you live and work in New York during your tenure with Merrill Lynch?

    If he answers no, he lies. According to this speech he gave on September 11 2007 for the American New Zealand partnership association he states categorically that he lived and worked in Wall street from 1995 until march 2001.
    If he answers yes than this would be my next question:

    3.Were you involved in the bonds and derivatives trade?

    If he says no, he lies. According to the NZ Herald interview he was the manager of the department involved in the development of new financial products, derivatives, hedge fund speculation and emerging currency markets . According to his website he was both Global head of foreign exchange and “European” head for bonds and derivatives for Merrill Lynch.
    If he says yes, my next question would be:

    4.While working for Merrill Lynch were you involved in the SIV (structured investment vehicle) trade?

    SIV is general term for derivatives and financial products based on amongst others the subprime mortgage market the banking exposure to which is now triggering the biggest financial collapse in human history. Leaving the collapse of the Roman Empire for dust and that was a spectacular collapse.
    If he says no he lies. According to this link he was the managing director of debt for Merrill lynch in 1999. Two years into the selling of huge amounts of subprime mortgages and after the repeal of the Glass Steagall act.
    This is not a debt collecting department but the department that trades in debt based financial products such as mortgaged backed assets and other debt backed assets. If he was managing that department and talking with big finance companies such as Saoudi pension funds (pension funds are save places to dump this crap because they don’t ask awkward questions and they want long term investments so it will take a long time before anyone finds out how they have been ripped off.) and huge US finance companies now buckling under the toxic junk bonds he was doing so while selling or buying toxic junk.

    If he says yes, he is basically confessing to having taken part in the build up of the financial turmoil which has cost thousands of New Zealand mum and pop investors that lost their savings and retirement money when those financial investment companies collapsed last year due to the fact that banks would not lend money to them for fear of lending it to investors with a high exposure to subprime mortgage derivatives etc.

    In the US 12 executives (past and current) of Lehman bros have been served with subpoenas in connection with their banks collapse.

    5.If you had been the NZ Prime minister in 2007 and you had as you did in October 2007 met with your former colleagues for a working breakfast in the Merrill Lynch offices in London and you had found out about the dire state of you former employer (as you confirm you did in this interview) what would you have done to protect the people of New Zealand? And if you did know as early as October 2007 why didn’t you do the bipartisan thing you want so much now and warn Cullen at the time so he could protect the NZ population from the oncoming financial tsunami.

    Bear in mind that he did know that there were serious problems in October 2007 as he confirms only in July this year and he still promoted an irresponsible policy of wanting to borrow 3 billion dollar on top of what Labour wanted to borrow. (He now accuses Labour of spending to much money in light of the crisis.)

    This could be the beginning of someone’s career as an intrepid political journalist, we have all worked so hard to give people information this could really be a potentially big thing if a video of these questions being asked or alternatively if he tries to avoid answering them. it’s a win win situation.

    Go for it

  27. Qot,

    Bonobo’s are intelligent apes who never fight but always f….
    They are your typical “lets make love not war” sweeties.
    Please do not compare a bunch of ignorant uneducated dumb asses with these our better cousins. LOL

  28. milo 28

    Oh, c’mon travellerev – what is this, the 20th time you have whored this on The Standard ?

    You ignore the fact that John Key was not aware of the Australian H-Fee transaction until last week. His statement about when he left refers to the NZ H-Fee transaction, and the timeline of his departure was thoroughly gone over last week and confirmed.

    You are simply repeating yet another discredited smear.

  29. Felix 29


    ev is pointing out that if Key’s timeline excludes him from being involved in the H-fee (and you seem to agree with that) then he must have been involved in the raid on the NZ dollar.

    He was either in one place or the other. The dates don’t allow for any other possibility.

    It’s a bit of reading, I know, but he does want to be the PM.

  30. I’ll be there in chancery, thanks! 🙂

  31. Felix 31

    Hey writingright,

    What’s that post on your blog about? The one that says “From the secrete taping of Jeanette Fitzsimons: “I’m Pro-Life””

    I don’t get it. What’s the irony?

  32. Ianmac 32

    travellev: You have clearly spent a great deal of time on this. Congratulations.
    It is unlikely that you could get the in depth time to ask these questions on the trot, but the questions would still be valid tomorrow and next week and next year. Ignore Milo.
    Of course John would read your post and have a team to unravel and confuse the issue. Pity the MSM wouldn’t investigate the story. Eugene Bingham at the Herald suggested that there were still questions to be answered.
    His column from the lasat Key/Williams story is here and has e-mail at the bottom.

  33. Milo,

    John Key can’t have been involved with the H-fee scandal. The timeline as asserted in the three separate NY Times articles written years apart and by three different journalist exclude the possibility that John Key could not have been working with Andrew Krieger in August 1988 and therefore must have done so in 1987.

    If he has nothing to hide than why doesn’t he just tell us he was well away from Elders before any contract was signed. In this interview he actually tells us he left Elders in early 1987 so why not stick to that. It would have been instant vindication.

    Yet a year later he tells us that even though he worked for Elders in 1988, he had nothing to do with the scandal and and he did not work with Andrew Krieger during the attack on the NS dollar and therefore he was mister squeaky clean.

    In this interview from February this year he tells us that he can’t remember whether Andrew Krieger put deals through him during the attack.

    Hell, he was the sole dealer responsible for the Bankers trust Krieger account so you would think with all these millions and millions of dollars going through his account he would remember wouldn’t you? What’s more John Key saw nothing morally reprehensible in betting his countries currency and economy for selfish profit.

    So why lie about it now?

    Anyone with a camera and microphone go out there and ask him.

  34. Ianmac,

    You’re a true gentleman. Have you any idea how much time I spend trying to get this e-mail. I so want to give Eugene Bingham a piece of my mind.

    And yes, these questions will only become more urgent as the financial crisis progresses.

    I really would not like to be in his Shoes as the prime minister when angry farmers and rich entrepreneurs find out it was the very man they voted in who is partly to blame for the bankruptcy of this country.

    What you reckon, is that why he bought that condo in Hawaii?

  35. Billy 35

    I’m with Ev.

    I encourage as many questions to Key as possible about the H-fee. It makes Key’s opponents look like obsessed loonies.

  36. randal 36

    looks like the rabid right are really pissing themselves at the moment
    what ever they do is no use and their campaign is about to go belly up
    and all their rancid ruminative ramblings will be like some some winos ramblings drifting on the wind
    their whole nasty schtick is about to founder on rationality and decency and they will slink back under their stones
    good riddance

  37. Gary R 37

    If you lefties spent as much time generating wealth for this country as you did working up non-existent conspiracy theories and/or organising lackies to turn up and disrupt campaign meetings/rallies (because no one bothers to go tothe labour party ones anymore), this country might have a hope.

  38. milo 38

    randal – thanks for that stellar example of “rationality and decency”.

  39. Billy,

    JK was not involved in the H-fee scandal. it would have been impossible. I encourage people to ask questions about when he worked with Andrew Krieger.

    Gary R I’m extremely wealthy I just don’t count it in money. And no I’m not on the dole and I do generate wealth with my community. So I don’t know what your on about.

  40. giggles 40


    I’m pissing myself (laughing at you). hehehehe

  41. Robin Grieve 41

    Main difference between left and right is behaviour. Left behaviour is disgusting especially watching the maturity and dignity with which the US election was held. It is disappointing that lefties seem to feel they have the right to shout over others, they are rude, their parents did a crap job teaching them manners, they are arrogent, but most of all they are dumb.
    This is a democracy, people hold different views, a political leader is entitled to stand and talk, an opponent is entitled to hold a banner. But the moment they try to speak over JK with a megaphone they go from protestor to thug.
    All the thugs seem to support Labour which says a lot about labour policies.

  42. Robin Grieve,

    It was as I recall, John Key trying to shout down Helen Clark in the debates.

    Thugs? I’ll give you something for nothing, If JK gets into power in a year from now you’ll be praying for aunty Helen to come back

  43. Alexandra 43

    The press coverage of the clashes is hardly surprising and the use of megaphones is a no brainer! The tactics are a turn off for the undecided and the many non activist labour supporters. Fuck, I cant believe it, its dumb,dumb, dumb and doesnt achieve anything except turning away votes and giving the tories fodder. Some elements of the left movement need to consider the context of what we are dealing with and who we are trying to reach!!! FUCK!

  44. Alexandra – are you advocating “small target” campaigning?

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