Jonathan Pie has election anger

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8 comments on “Jonathan Pie has election anger”

  1. Anne 1

    I wonder how many main stream journalists in NZ fall into the same catagory as Jonathan Pie? Possibly more than we know about.

    • b waghorn 1.1

      I’ve seen no evidence that our reporters have the intellect or the spine to lay down how it is like Mr Pie does

      • Anne 1.1.1

        Remember in the skits the report which the public hears from him is the establishment line and quite the opposite to what he really thinks. That was the point I was making. Some of our reporters may well have to say things they don’t really believe.

  2. whateva next? 2

    MAkes alot more sense than NZ MSM

  3. swordfish 3

    Yes, Corbyn’s election has certainly shone a harsh light on the various Courtiers and Bottom-feeders to the UK Establishment. Particularly the ruthlessly ambitious network of Blairite fellow-travellers within the “liberal” MSM and academia.

    Really from the moment the June 2015 YouGov Poll showed Corbyn was the frontrunner, there’s been a relentless campaign (dripping with smug superiority, abuse and derision) to undermine the Corbyn / McDonnell leadership.

    It seems that the moment they sniff a perceived threat to their interests, the UK Establishment swiftly closes ranks – and its those desperate souls out on the periphery of power – the most precarious of hangers-on – who appear to be the most aggressive in their defence of the Elite. Much like the legendary social snobbery of the Aristocracy’s leading Servants.

    The Blairites and Brownites in the PLP – together with their Courtiers in the media – were clearly hoping to see Labour implode at the Local Elections, leading to a deftly-managed leadership coup on the back of a storm of severe criticism from various Party Grandees. The Party’s rise in Opinion Polls a few weeks out (leading the Tories in 2 or 3) must have been a bit of a shock to them but the “Anti-Semitism” witch-hunt (fuelled by leading Old Right and New Right operatives within the Party) was supposed to put paid to that.

    The set-up was to relentlessly push the notion – via a compliant MSM – that anything other than winning 300-400 extra seats would equal disaster for the Party. The expectation – based on some pretty poor predictive models from a couple of academic “experts” – was that Labour could lose more than 150. In the event, they lost just a handful (and less than the Tories). Not brilliant, but a far better result than anyone was predicting.

    That pretty much took the wind out of the plotters’ sails, but it’s been funny to see some of them, having set that arbitrary benchmark, still trying to follow the pre-planned script of impending catastrophe and doom – wilfully ignoring the better-than-expected results.

    One of the more impressive political scientists has, I think quite reasonably, suggested that based on these results, the most likely outcome at the next UK General Election would be a hung Parliament, probably with the Tories still the largest Party. But it’s far from the “exact science” that many in the MSM would have people believe – Ed Miliband, for instance, won far more Council seats than Blair did back in the 90s – and yet it was the latter who went on to victory at the following General Election.

    Fact is: Labour did end up 1 point ahead of the Tories in these Local Elections.

  4. North 4

    Such a beautiful Jonathan Pie presentation of the mindless foulness of it. And thank you for your stuff Swordfish, above. Powerful. Thank you.

  5. ianmac 5

    Paddy has no intention of saying it the way it is. Jonathan should have a word with him.

  6. whateva next? 6

    Just watched this again, still making more sense than anything else I have heard recently, he’s like the court jester being allowed to speak the truth disguised as humour…and he does it well

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