Jonathan Pie on the UK Election

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13 comments on “Jonathan Pie on the UK Election”

  1. Louis 1

    Nailed it. I like this brilliant guy very much.

  2. Halfcrown 2

    Just brilliant and true

  3. Philj 4

    The USA has Jimmy Dore, the UK has Jonathan Pie and NZ has …..

  4. adam 5

    Laugh damn near wet myself.

  5. seeker 6

    “We don’t want a Tory Tribute Act as an Opposition.”
    Loved this line.

  6. So cynically and brutally honest yet hysterically funny all in one go.

    The mans brilliant.

    • dukeofurl 7.1

      Thats because hes a performance artist. Its supposed to be funny and political and brutal.

      • Yes, its good hes performing on behalf all of those who agree with him , – which seems to be a very large part of the country and one which has been a long suppressed and very forgotten part of the community that actually , never , ever gave their consent to neo liberalism in the first place.

        And its about time the MSM and their overlords take a hit as well, which we will see increasingly more of as time goes on.


        Long live neo liberalism !!!

        NOT !!!!!!!

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